Matter provisioning for IoT devices is made secure and easy by CommScope and STMicroelectronics

Date: 08/11/2023
CommScope has recently unveiled the seamless integration of their PKIWorks IoT security platform with the widely acclaimed STM32WB microcontroller unit (MCU) from ST. This innovative amalgamation provides device manufacturers with a comprehensive solution to effortlessly develop IoT devices that adhere to the Connectivity Standards Alliance Matter standard for security.


The solution streamlines the process of developing and provisioning secure matter-device credentials for manufacturing purposes, while also minimizing expenses and time for IoT device manufacturers. By incorporating this integration, devices can be authorized at the MCU level without the need for developer involvement. This partnership combines the extensive expertise of the CommScope Sentry team, who have been securely integrating cryptographic keys and digital certificates into high-volume manufacturing production for over 35 years, with ST's leadership in microcontrollers and development ecosystem.

“By integrating the CommScope Sentry PKIWorks platform with ST’s popular MCU platform, we’re offering our customers a turnkey solution to alleviate the challenges of Matter adoption, while handling the complexity, scale, and cost,” stated Bart Giordano, president, Networking, Intelligent Cellular and Security Solutions, CommScope. “CommScope and ST have a long-standing collaborative relationship, making it easy to meet growing demand for new Matter IoT devices with the expertise of two industry leaders with decades of experience at the forefront of digital security, semiconductor solutions, and device manufacturing.”

The PKIWorks platform has been refined over decades of experience and billions of device credentials, making it a secure and flexible solution for credential provisioning and management. It has been optimized to create and deliver Matter device credentials, providing a fast track for IoT device manufacturers to ensure security and interoperability with the growing Matter ecosystem. CommScope's expertise in provisioning clients for device credential installation, particularly on resource-constrained IoT devices, is leveraged by the PKIWorks platform. This platform supports a wide range of STM32 MCUs and STSAFE-A and recently integrated a lightweight provisioning client with the STM32WB55, an MCU for IoT device development and ST's microcontroller of choice for Matter devices. Matter is a new smart home standard that offers interoperability and security among smart home devices. It was announced in October 2022 and involves more than 600 technology companies under the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA). Matter improves and standardizes security across suppliers and IoT ecosystems, making smart devices work reliably together and offering consumers a seal of approval for secure and interoperable smart home devices.

Key PKIWorks Features
? The PKIWorks platform can generate over 30 billion device credentials annually and is designed to scale to even greater capacity, providing a solid foundation for future expansion.
? The platform generates Matter device credentials for a wide spectrum of IoT manufacturers and service providers, using the CSA-approved Root of Trust and the CommScope Product Attestation Authority (PAA).
? The PKIWorks Provisioning Client can install various types of device credentials to STM32 and STSAFE-A —including the STM32WB55 microcontroller designed specifically for Matter devices.
? The STM32WB55 Matter SDK integration enables Matter Commissioning without the need for additional integration effort from device makers.
? PKIWorks solutions encompass both factory settings and over-the-air provisioning, providing Device Attestation Credentials (DACs) and Node Operational Credentials (NOCs) to support the security lifecycle of Matter devices.

PKIWorks services are available to device manufacturers designing with the STM32 and STSAFE-A. CommScope is a member of the ST Authorized Partner program, and CommScope’s Sentry offers integrated solutions that dramatically simplifies product development by streamlining device credential provisioning in manufacturing, accelerating time-to-market. The STM32WB with the PKIWorks client is available now and is also offered in multiple configurations to meet the diverse manufacturing environments of IoT device providers.

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