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Logic & Interface Semiconductor Devices updated on: 15 Jun 2016

Top Stories  

Full HD over USB: Demo by DisplayLink connecting four 4K HD monitors

Sensor hub chip, a trending component in latest smart phone design

USB Type-C device makers can now get their products SlimPort certified

RS Components shipping FTDIs latest USB3.0-to-FIFO

EtherCAT and OPC defining common interfaces for Industrie 4.0 and IoT

RS Components shipping FTDIs latest USB3.0-to-FIFO

Microchip Licenses EtherCAT

MIfPI SoundWire interface transports audio and control data

Display driver IC market to reach $7.3 Billion in 2018

MIPI SoundWire interface transports audio and control data

Synaptics completes acquisition of Renesas SP Drivers

IHS: Capacitive touch controller IC market to grow by 50%

Total touch sensor area to reach 23.3 million square meters in 2015

Analysis by TrendForce on the latest acquisitions in touch and driver IC market

Cypress to use IDEX' fingerprint tech in its touch controllers

DLNA releases CVP-2 for viewing TV content on multiple home screens

Fairchild names x-TI Chris Allexandre as SVP, global sales

Micrel acquires Discera

USB-IF to develop Media Agnostic USB Specification

Dr. Ted Tewksbury, CEO of IDT resigns

Fairchild Semiconductor appoints Catherine Lego to Board of Directors

Sony BRAVIA TVs use Silicon Image MHL/HDMI chips

MHL launches program to promote its wireless HD streaming tech

Altera demos interlaken connectivity between Cavium processors and Stratix FPGA

4% sequential rise in 2nd Q 2013 revenues of Fairchild Semiconductor

Combination of gaze and touch to control your laptop

Fieldbus demonstrates "digital fieldbus automation experience"

IDT sells its PCIe enterprise flash controller biz to PMC-Sierra

MHL technology adopted by 200 companies

Huawei Ascend P2 touch is powered by Synaptics' touch controller chip

SuperSpeed USB and power delivery specs from USB-IF to enhance connectivity

MoSys GigaChip interface gets Renesas support

Praesum rejoins RapidIO as sponsor

SiS touch controllers powers touch feature of Windows 8 systems

Mobiveil to add support for the RapidIO 10xN specs to its SRIO digital IP controllers

HP's USB 3.0 docking station employs DisplayLink DL-3900 USB graphics chip

Taiwan based ITE gets IDT's timing patent licenses

Touch screen module market: $16 Billion in 2012 to $31.9B in 2018

NGSIS selects RapidIO as a standard for future space-based electronics

SIPI: LCD-panel to LCD-panel interface from Parade

IDT acquires FOX and also to acquire PLX tech

ADI acquires clock expert Mutligig

Touch controller IC market: Unit shipment estimated to grow by 28% in 2012

WHDI, WirelessHD, and WiGig are rated as the three top tech for CE interface

2.5M RapidIO switch shipment record from IDT

Micrel acquires PhaseLink

VadaTech selects IDT RapidIO Gen2 switch

SuperSpeed USB shipments to surpass 1B in 2014, up from 70M in 2011

Gen4 touch screen controllers from Cypress are in production

HDMI device shipments to rise 17% annually through 2015, estimates In-Stat

Emerson, Freescale and Kontron collaborate on I/O connectivity in COM Express

Sensor-on-cover and in/on-cell are emerging tech in capacitive touch panels

StarBridge select IDT's PCI Express to RapidIO devices for its RapidExpress products

6 Billion USB-enabled devices by 2015

Lenovo's IdeaPad uses Atmel's touch interface controller

More than 300 Million HDMI enabled mobile PCs are estimated to be shipped in 2014

MoSys demos interoperability of its Bandwidth Engine IC with SerDes from Avago

Touch controller chip mXT1386 from Atmel supports Windows 8

IDT and Phison Electronics settle patent litigation

USB SuperSpeed is forecasted to grow at 178% CAGR through 2015

Atmel's mXT224E used to design touch control of Samsung Galaxy S II phones

New PC phones from Fujitsu uses Cypress touch chips

WAC Lighting uses Cypress' multi-color LED light controller SoC CY8CLED02 in its tape light sys

USB SuperSpeed 3.0 integrated devices shipments to reach 80 Million in 2011

Galaxy tablet's capacitive touch screen interface uses Atmel's mXT1386 chip

Renesas ramping up USB 3.0 Host Controllers production to 6M units per month

Tablet computer display panel shipment exceeded 5M in April 2011

New interoperability guidelines from DLNA for playback of high quality video

Touch screen display shipments for professional apps to reach 2.97M units in 2013

AMI and Realtek Semiconductor are collaborating on SD 3.0 Card Reader booting

Fiberhome picks Mindspeed's crosspoint switch for use in OTN

HomePlug, HomePNA, and MoCA n/w node shipments surpass 40M in 2010

Semiconductor vendor ranking in 2010; the movers and shakers as per IHS iSuppli

Foldable Android phone from Kyocera uses Atmel's maXTouch touchscreen controller IC

Exar extends its distribution network in Russia

Fairchild Semiconductor reported 1Q 2011 sales of $413 million, up 4% sequentially

In-Stat: Over 225 Million tablet PC image sensors to ship using MIPI in 2016

LG Electronics' G-Slate tablet used Atmel touch controller chip

Touch screens in tablet computers are forecasted to grow 333% by 2011

Japan tremors and tsunami will pass through the global semiconductor industry

ST grows its business across multiple categories

Avago's SerDes handles 30-Gbps speeds

Strategy Analytics's tech predictions for 2011

Samsung's Wave 2 and Galaxy phone use Cypress' touch tech

Symwave and Fresco Logic demos speed of 370MB/s on USB 3.0.

Semiconductor industry sales forecast for 2010: SIA; 28.4%, Gartner; 27%

Touch screen panel market: Capacitive is growing faster than resistive type

Robust market demand for semiconductor devices in 2010

Latest semiconductor market stats from SIA and IDC

The market growth to continue for semiconductor industry in remaining quarters of 2010

Cypress Semiconductor improves the accuracy of its touch interface for 1 mm accurate stylus tip

Trident Micro revenue in 4Q09 is nearly same as previous quarter

CUI launches updated website for AMT Encoder series

WD and NEC partnered to raise USB 3.0 standard with new storage interface tech

FormFactor unveils 300-mm TouchMatrix probe card for NAND Flash devices

NXP Semiconductor and Virage Logic go for a long-term give and take relationship

Semiconductor industry is cautiously optimistic on next phase of growth

EXAR has acquired Canadian fables semiconductor firm Galazar

Gennum to acquire Tundra Semiconductor

New interface technology to connect timing controller IC with LCD driver IC

Exar Corp to acquire Hifn Inc

Q4 2008 revenues freeze semiconductor industry to a dope less silicon

Intel's new processor to pack graphic part and main processor in single chip

FlexEQ technology for signals to travel farther, faster, and error-free

Fairchild Semiconductor's quarterly revenues drop by 25%

Korea based AsTEK acquires display driver business of Leadis Technology

Monster Cable and Gennum partnering to deliver new cable products for HDMI

ST Engineer's book on Domino Logic

Catalyst Semiconductor proves small analog companies can perform well

Fairchild and Zilker Labs partner to manufacture digital power products

TI says its 1394 devices are a continued success

Cypress sharpens focus on PSOC and gets away from PC clock business by selling it to Spectra Linear.


New Products  

QuickLogic' EOS S3 sensor processing SoC in production

Brushless DC Motor driver smartly control the speed of cooling fans in notebooks

CAN FD and programmability featured Leaf CAN interfaces

DisplayPort to HDMI 2.0a converter ICs with on-chip jitter cleaning

Deserializer and Power ICs from Maxim for ADAS systems in automotives

MegaChips shipping its MCDP28 DisplayPort1.2 and HDMI2.0a bridge device

ARINC 429 Line Driver in 8-pin SOIC from DDC

Solution connects USB Type-C receptacle and DisplayPort

Lowest power programmable sensor hub in the market, by QuickLogic

HDMI protection devices from STMicroelectronics

1300 DegC Thermocouple Interface IC alerts if sensor fails in automotives

Low jitter clock synthesizer for serial data communications

DSP audio chips from Dialog optimised for voice control

Clock ICs offer ultra-low phase noise jitter of less than 200fs

Load Switch from Diodes Incorporated Safeguards USB Ports

Digital isolator devices optimized for serial peripheral interface (SPI)

USB 3.0 with 100 meters cable length possible with Cypress controller chip

Analog-to-MHL/HDMI converter ICs for products to support analog video

USB PD controller based on the USB PD specs

eASIC' Nextreme-3 to support MoSys' GigaChip Interface

2 and 4-channel LIN transceiver for automotive body control module

10MHz to 1.5GHz low jitter and power-efficient universal clocks

Atmel extend its maXTouch T for mini tablets

3.12 Gbps SerDes chipsets from Maxim support both STP and coax cables

DisplayPort certified transmitter and receiver from Analogix

Dual gate, ultra-low power CMOS logic from Diodes

10 Gb serial link aggregators with 70% lesser footprint compared to FPGA

High speed docking station chip-set supports dual 2K display and Gb Ethernet

MIPI DSI to DisplayPort interface IC from TI

Tabula' FPGAs to support of GigaChip Interface

HDMI to MIPI DSI converter IC

Three products from Mentor for HDMI 2.0 chip design

24-bit low power piezo resistive sensor signal interface IC

Octal ultrasound transceiver from Maxim saves 40% space and 30% power

Clock and data recovery devices support 28 Gbps speed

USB 3.0 to HDMI adapter from DisplayLink

HDMI 2 compliant communication interface chips from Panasonic

High-speed CAN transceivers from TI feature ESD protection

MHL, LLC announced the MHL 3.0 specification

The MoCA chipset from ViXS passed MoCA 1.1 certification

USB port power controller ICs with high charging current capability

Fast-mode Plus IC-bus buffer for servers

HDMI/MHL to Wireless HD video interface reference design from silicon image

ADC, processor IP, DSP software from synopsis for developing sensor interface

Current-mode boost converter with 10 IC programmable current sinks for LEDs

HD video interface design: Stream HD video to display units over a pair of wires

CSSP ICs from QuickLogic for connecting SDIO to USB

Toshiba expands interface-converter bridge ICs for high resolution LCD display

AEC-Q100-Compliant GPIO for I2C-bus/SMBus applications

Touch controller support gloved fingers, thin stylus and also feature prox. Sensor

high-rel RS-485/422 transceivers supporting data rates up to 20Mbps

Nuvoton unveil new hardware monitoring IC supporting 4 PWM i/ps

2 x 3 x 0.75 mm size and 0.9 Volt operating RTCs from NXP

USB 3.0 hub controller chip GL3520 from Genesys Logic certified by USB-IF

IC as LVDS bridge between image sensors and processors

Configurable 3G-SDI I/O device with long-reach adaptive cable EQ and cable driver

LED driver from Allegro to drive arrays of HB LEDs

Two channel linear LED driver IC from Allegro for interior lighting in cars

Renesas enhances USB3.0 focus by unveiling USB 3.0-SATA3 Bridge SoC

FAH4830 haptic driver with higher response time for touch screen design

1Ampere gate drive optocoupler drives both high/low side gates of the MOSFET buffer

USB3.0 flash drive controller IC from Silicon Motion supports "Windows To Go"

Single-Chip LCD MHL monitor controller ICs from Realtek Semiconductor

Frequency synthesizer with VCO deliver low phase noise

MIPI-DSI to LVDS interface-converter bridge IC for LCD displays

Diodes expands its high-speed CMOS logic ICs with more package options

Active light sensor interface IC from Melexis for designing gesture interface

Single MIPI interface can be shared by both front and rear cameras of smart phones

Robust capacitive touch controller ICs senses o.1 pF finger cap and tolerate water

Two-lane SPDT switches supports PCI Express 3.0

Long lasting I2C interface isolators consume less power

RF clock ICs with absolute broadband rms jitter of 83-fs at 245.76 MHz

PLL clock generator family feature less than 200 fs RMS phase jitter

TouchExplorer app from Synaptics for Android and Windows Phone

SDI reclocker with integrated eye monitor revealed by TI for broadcast video systems

UFS Host and MIPI UniPro Controller IP from Synopsys for storage applications

Tiny, low-power and low voltage single gate logic ICs from Diodes

Octal source driver ICs for aero-space and high-rel power-electronics

RS-485 transceivers operate from supply voltage of 1.8 volts

Linear LED driver for automotive-interior, signage and general lighting

STs audio/video converter SoC bridges DisplayPort and HDMI interfaces

HT1380A/HT1381A real-time clock chips from Holtek

Integrated capacitive touch and display driver IC from Synaptics

USB-to-UART bridge controller from Cypress for printers, cables and industrial applications

Two high-speed multiplexer switch ICs from NXP for Intel Thunderbolt interface

High speed CAN transceivers from Infineon for automotive network applications

450mA Integrated LED driver modules from TI in a single IC package

3.3V linear Hall-Effect sensor IC from Allegro for automotive and industrial markets

LED driver from New Japan Radio for backlighting of medium/small sized LCDs in cars

Flat Panel Display-Link serializer from TI for tablets, ebooks and laptops

Reset IC for mobile devices for resetting hardware lock ups

Ingenico iWL200 series uses Atmels touchscreen controllers for portable payment terminals

ARM tech based display controller from Evatronix for smartphones and tablets

Digital LED controller with two color mixing from Cirrus Logic for better color temperature quality

30W fast-startup constant current LED driver from Microsemi for linear lighting fixtures

HT7943/HT7945 WLED backlight driver devices from Holtek

Smart high-side switches from Fairchild for automotive applications

HDMI over IP broadcasting technology introduced by LevelOne for multimedia displays

SOT1226 package with 0.5 mm pad pitch, the world's smallest logic package revealed by NXP

HDMI Jitter reduction/purifier IC chip from Parade

Single channel gate drivers from TI for high density switching applications

2 Terabits/s crosspoint switch from Mindspeed for broadcasting and telecom apps

Antenna-sharing IC from STMicroelectronics for 4G phones

Automotive gate driver ICs from Fairchild for driving Inverter MOSFETs

4-Channel CCD vertical driver from Holtek for surveillance cameras

LED lamp driver IC compatible with TRIAC Dimmer

Low-noise and low-jitter clock buffers from TI

World's smallest push-button-reset IC from Micrel

100 Watt capable buck boost type LED driver from Linear for range of apps

Cypress lauch improved touch controllers for low cost phones

Smart LED driver produces light effects for phones and tablets

Chip for single wire interface from phone to battery pack

New version of reset ICs from ST

LED driver compatible with triac dimming

ST claims a share of 80% in semiconductor chips powering AMOLED

VFD Controller/Driver ICs for your design

Larger screen supporting capacitive touch screen controllers from Cypress and Atmel

RS-232/485/422 serial tx/rx IC allows single connector for multiple serial protocols

28G VSR-Compliant ASIC SerDes for faster networking apps

Capacitive touch controller with proximity sense range of 25cm

Single chip touch controller from Cypress for large screens

Touch-over-AUX DisplayPort 1.3 TCON with touch screen controller from IDT

RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 serial transceiver chip with internally switched cable termination

SLIC protection device with peak pulse current upto 75A

Chips from Triad for interfacing high voltage sources to processors and FPGAs

Clock generator ICs from ON Semi manages EMI and RFI at the clock source

Isolators from ADI achieve minimum creepage distance of 8mm

2.5A "optocoupled" Gate Drive with VIN of 15V to 30V

Optocouplers for onboard chargers and other HV systems in hybrid and electric vehicles

Clock translators ICs o/ps 2 kHz-1.25 GHz with sub-400-fs RMS jitter on 12 kHz to 20 MHz

PSoC 3 capacitive touch-sensing solution for buttons, sliders, touchpads

4x4 capacitive touch interface keypad device from Cypress Semiconductor

Clock generator with 50 fs rms jitter at 312.5-MHz output frequency

IC, SMBus, or SPI interfaced GPIO Expanders

Frequency translator ICs from IDT translate 8kHz-710MHz to 1MHz -1.3GHz range

Touch screen controller chip from Semtech senses touch in 4 dimensions

Single-wire 5 channel I/O expander with STSW tech

2.4-GHz wireless USB chip for use in Human Interface Devices

USB 2.0 protection device for portable apps

Intersil's high speed, dual channel 6A MOSFET driver

30A active current drain GPIO controllers packs programmable logic/PWM

USB 2.0 switches with multiplexing, port protection & battery charger detection

No-offset I2C-bus buffers supports Fm+

8-channel constant current LED display driver IC from Holtek

Hall effect based fan driver IC can drive fan using PWM or anlog signals

Avago adds 30V line drivers for industrial automation apps

Cypress launches USB 3.0 West Bridge peripheral controllers for mobile devices

High voltage capable LED driver can drive 32 strings of LEDs

TTL compatible 74AHCT1Gxx logic ICs from Diodes replaces bipolar/CMOS parts

SAS/SATA backplane controller chip from AMI

ST's touchscreen tech detects atto-Farad capacitance variation with noise immunity

Cypress' touch screen controllers supports waterproofing

16 Gbps PCIe Gen2 to 16 Gbps RapidIO Gen2 bridge chip from IDTI

Serial RapidIO development platform using new switches and clocking chips from IDT

HD display driver IC from Orise made using TSMC's 80nm HV process

Two port processor and transmitter ICs supporting HDMI 1.4a

Single-chip 5-kVrms signal- and power-isolated RS-485 data transceivers

22V latch-up proof quad switches from ADI for industrial and automotive apps

Resistive touch panel controller from Fujitsu supports dual touch

Parade expands USB 3.0 product line with dual repeater/redriver chip

3mmx3mm 18-V hot-swap controller with programmable FET SOA protection

ICs and software for designing capacitance touch interface to TI's MCUs

Atmel launches capacitive touch controllers with integrated haptic effects

Dot matrix LED control driver IC from Holtek for LED panel display/control design

Acer choose Atmel maXTouch touch controller chip for its Android tablet

TI receive certification from the USB-IF for its USB 3.0 4-port xHCI

RapidIO switch IC from IDT supports eight x4 ports at up to 6.25 Gbaud per lane

High speed logic gates families from Diode Inc

10 Gbps CMOS Multiplexer/Demultiplexer switch from NXP

Class H VDSL line driver with adjustable quiescent current

DisplayPort 1.2 Dual Mode HDMI Demultiplexer ICs from Parade Technologies

Increasing use of MIPI interface between camera and processor

10-bit magnetic rotary encoder with integrated wake-up & power-down feature

LVDS to DisplayPort converter ICs compatible with WUXGA resolutions

Signal repeater ICs for SATA

Key-input LCD control & driver IC

New devices for galvanically isolating interface between MCU and power switch

Touch screen controllers from Atmel supports button, slider and wheel functions

Three phase sensorless fan driver IC from Allegro

Design capacitive touch screen displays using single-layer multi-touch controller from IDT

Hittite Launches 14 Gbps 2 x 2 crosspoint switch for fibre channel & infiniband networks

DisplayPort-to-RJ-45 Adapter jointly by IDT and ICT-LANTO

MHL/HDMI-to-HDMI Bridge chip from Silicon Image

2D to 3D video conversion chip for smartphones and tablet PCs

ELMOS unveils high-speed partial CAN transceiver

Clock buffer families from TI with additive jitter of less than 100 fs RMS

Universal TFT/OLED LCD display driver board from Amulet supports up to 800x600 resolution

Microchip launches stand-alone I2C Real-Time Clock/Calendar family

Two UARTs from Exar with integrated level shifters

SX8122 from Semtech enables popular 555 timer IC to operate from AAA battery

Display controller platform from Epson for electronic reading devices

USB 3.0 device controller from Faraday obtains USB-IF certification

ST releases a single chip widescreen capacitive touchscreen controller for slim phones

New IC interface clock IC from Holtek

TI introduces two new hotswap devices

Single channel equilizers from Intersil delivers video images over a distance of 1.67km

New USB UARTs from Exar

Digital monitor IC from Linear monitors system temp, voltages and currents via I2C interface

Fujitsu adds new member to its USB 3.0-SATA bridge IC family

Two new gate driver IC families from IXYS

High voltage gate driver ICs from Fairchild Semiconductor with improved noise immunity

8 channel ultrasound Tx/Rx chipset from National Semiconductor for portable medical electronics

1 microsecond to 33.6 seconds pulse generator IC from Linear Tech

2-channel proximity/touch sensor IC for passive RKE systems from Maxim

New CAN/LIN ICs for in-vehicle networks from NXP

New LED dot-matrix driver from austriamicrosystems can drive 144 LEDs

Hot swappable, dual I2C digital isolator from Analog Devices

6-Gbps single-lane SATA redriver/equalizer with active power consumption of 290mW

New PCI-104 board with CAN bus interface, 24 channel digital I/O and SRAM module from Acrosser

Two new high voltage latch-up proof, quad SPST switches from ADI

LED backlight driver IC from AnalogicTech can drive string of 88 LEDs

Configurable bi-directional voltage translator for I2C interface apps

New wireless USB port replicator from Toshiba

TN/STN LCD driver ICs from Holtek

Signal encoder ICs for remote control system applications from Holtek

2:1 multiplexer/switch from NXP Semiconductor with speeds of up to 8Gbps

New single-gate logic family with open drain logic from Diodes Inc

Evaluation board for laser diode driver IC from IXYS

IXYS and Clare introduce family of 4A dual-channel gate driver ICs

A signal conditioner with a line driver for sensor applications

ARINC 429 Line Driver from Holt powered by a single +5V supply

5 Amp hot swap controller from Linear

Reset timers with time select pin from Fairchild for Smartphone applications

Discrete SuperSpeed USB tranceiver from TI offers 5 Gbps speed

New programmable pulse generator chip from Nippon provide high speed of 6.5 Mpps pulses

Octal high-voltage protected PZT and CMUT buffers from Maxim

RS-485 transceivers with switchable termination resistor

New ANT IC with USB interface from Nordic for USB dongles

New spread-spectrum clock generators from Maxim deliver 2MHz to 134MHz

Auto-selecting Hi-Speed USB switch from Fairchild for mobile handsets

Maxim adds new member to its deserializer family

SerDes family from National Semiconductor for FPGA based designs

Symwave's new USB 3.0 storage controller chip consumes low power

Dual hot-swap controller from Maxim for systems with two 0-16V supply voltages

Low-power EM touch processor from SiS

USB transceiver and USB accessory detection switch from Fairchild for mobile design

8-bit, auto direction, logic level translator from Fairchild for multiple range operations

Half-duplex RS-485 transceivers for industrial applications from Maxim

Clock ICs from ADI to improve performance

Atmel enhances its touch interface technology to support big screens

Interface IC from Maxim connects directly to UARTs and 5V RS232 systems

High-speed LVDS serializer from Maxim for gigabit multimedia designs

2:1/1:2 active multiplexer from Maxim to switch and redrive SAS/SATA signals

2:2VGA crossover switch for switchable-graphics apps

6.5kV ESD-protected RS-485 and RS-422 receivers from Intersil

ICs to drive MOSFET/IGBTs in automotive electronics systems

Hot swap controllers for backplanes with the supply voltage range of 1V to 13.2V

Dual-channel buffer for re-driving SAS/eSATA/SATA signals

Hall-Effect latches withstanding extreme environment

BOM saving clock IC from National for video equipment

Magnetic rotary encoder IC with automatic power-down and wake-up modes

2:1 VGA multiplexer IC for notebook and consumer video applications

USB-to-UART interface conversion made easier by Microchip

3.3V/5.0V single-chip RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 serial transceiver

IEEE 802.3af/at-compliant interface controller chips for Power over Ethernet devices

Haptic piezo controller for touch-screen and touch-button apps

ON Semiconductor expands its clock management portfolio with new clock and data driver ICs

Multiprotocol data transceiver/clock transceiver/termination ICs from Maxim

A single IC with SPI/IC UART interface with built-in oscillator

52 Mbps single-chip multiprotocol serial transceiver IC from Exar

Dual-channel buffer from Maxim redrive SATA I/ II with cable detect and high ESD

RapidIO 2.1 spec IP core from Altera for FPGA based system developers

Piezo electronic sensor interface from AMS for automotive unbiased capacitive sensors

NXP's CAN/LIN ICs for automotive in-vehicle networks

Quad-channel digital power-supply controller with PMBus interface from Maxim

Switch multiplexes USB data, audio, microphone, and UART on a single connector port

2-bit Digital Step Attenuator for 4G LTE applications

NEC launches USB 3.0 SOC Design Solution

Smart switch devices TDA19997 and TDA19998 from NXP support HDMI 1.4 specs

Memory-card switches from Fairchild Semiconductor for mobile phone and portable apps

Multiplexer ICs to switch video display across DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI ports

Pericom's family of 5 new products for SuperSpeed USB 3.0 apps

Integrated 3-Channel video filter from Fairchild Semiconductor

Mindspeed's dual-channel backplane equalizer and re-driver for serial digital interface

Atmel launches new family of maXTouch touch screen controller devices

New TrueTouchT touchscreen controllers with programmable system-on-chip

Dual die magnetic rotary encoder IC for microcontroller-based automotive apps

LED blinker with TinyWire interface for handheld apps from Fairchild semiconductor

150V high-side driver IC for automotive applications from IR

Maxim's dual-channel RS-232 transceiver with in-built 70V fault protection

New LVDS serializer for low-power embedded processors

Maxim's 1Gbps to 10.3Gbps quad linear equalizer for copper interconnects

Maxim's multiple-output clock generators for high-speed networking applications

Maxim's touch-screen ICs with integrated infrared-based proximity sensing

Resistive touch screen controllers for large volume small formfactor embedded systems

New PCI Express to PCI translation bridge IC

Low priced new MB86C30A USB 3.0-SATA Bridge IC

Small size High-ESD withstanding USB 2.0 multiplexer operates from 1.8V

USB 2.0 and 3.0 power measurement features in LeCroy USB analyzer platform

0.55 mm thick RTC chips for low-voltage and portable applications

TI's new isolated CAN transceiver

Low-Jitter four-lane, bidirectional PCIe SATA transceivers for backplane extension

Exar's new USB 2.0 compliant UART interface IC works at 12 Mbps

ESD protected logic level translators for memory card apps

4bit and 8bit voltage translators with automatic detection

DDC adds ARINC 575 support for its new ARINC 429 products

Precision clock generators to support multiple standards and designs

New dual channel synchro/resolver PC/104 Card from DDC

12V hot swap controller with integrated hall-effect sensor

USB 3.0 integrated PHY and controller IP for SoCs

New positive emitter-coupled logic (PECL) buffers ICs from TI

New clock generator produces multiple precision clock frequencies for networking

Voltage protection device family for data communication lines

Temperature-stable and stress-resistant Hall-effect switches and latches

Single-channel multi-supply voltage UART series with VLIO bus interface

Low distortion high-speed voice and data switches

Synchronous clock multiplier IC supporting 10G line encoding rates

Real-Time Clock (RTC) module for recording and storing time and date

Common mode, 70V, fault-protected RS-485 transceiver family

Self-protected, hot-plug switch for 12V back-planes

Clock and data recovery transceiver for video broadcast applications

Programmable clock multiplier for Networking and consumer applications

8-channel analog multiplexers for high-voltage systems

Low-cost, low-power dual-SCART video switches for set-top-box designs

Quad hot-swap controller with integrated I²C voltage and current monitor

Small and fast single-channel UART devices

Programmable multi-output clock generators

Atmel's 6-channel touch controller with integral LED driver

New transceiver from Intersil can switch between RS232 and RS485/422

Intersil's ISL59450 multi-format video multiplexer with integrated sync separator

Texas Instrument's new four-channel SerDes Device

New clock generator from Analog Devices for networking apps

Pre-calibrated Real Time Clocks from ST Microelectronics

Real Time Clock IC from Intersil does more than a timing IC

Samsung announces mass production of 256 channel display driver for plasmas

LED driver from Analog Devices for brighter camera flash in mobile phones.

New switch from Fairchild multiplex high speed USB2.0 and audio into a single connector.  

Intersil has released 2:1 multiplexers(ISL54415) to multiplex high-quality A/V and full-speed USB Data

Fairchild"s 1.2 volt load switches in WL-CSP/MLP packages.

Cypress released industry’s first dual port Address/Data Multiplexed Dual-Ports..

Inductor free, charge pump type LED Driver from Catalyst saves board space.

Sipex RS485 transceiver withstand 15 KV of ESD and are hot swappable.

Cypress has improved the performance of capacitor sense interface devices.

Intersil has improved accuracy of RTCs by compensating drift in time with temperature.

New radiation hardened clock driver from Aeroflex

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Aerospace & Defense
Security/ID chips
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