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PLD / FPGA Last update: 15 Jun 2021

Top Stories

Is Xilinx too big for AMD?

Victor Peng to be the CEO of Xilinx and Brian Crutcher for TI

FPGA accelerators on Amazon powered by Xilinx Virtex UltraScale+

QuickLogic is the latest semiconductor partner of CyWeeMotion

Baidu employs Xilinx's FPGAs to accelerate machine learning

Embedded-FPGA-tech expert Flex Logix gets $7.4M VC funding

FPGA ingredient: Must in 4G/5G wireless, cloud and data centers

NAND Flash life enhanced using FPGA

FPGA in data center: Presentation at OpenPOWER Foundation China Summit

7nm FPGAs not far away

Xilinx generates $1 billion revenue from 28 nm FPGA chips

FPGA for IoT, Altera joins IIC

What Intel will do with Altera, a programmable-silicon IP gold mine

ASSP to marry FPGA

Its not microcontroller nor FPGA, it is the popular programmable SoC

A start up turns semiconductor into a gel for SoC VLSI design engineers

FPGA leader Xilinx invests in MCU maker XMOS

Synopsys suggests design service companies for HAPS FPGA protos

NEC employs Single Mask Adaptable ASIC instead of FPGAs

Altera demo FPGA powered Suricata Engine, an open IDS/IPS sys

FPGA nanometer cutting edge: is 14nm sharper?

Altera demos interlaken connectivity between Cavium processors and Stratix FPGA

MoSys joins Xilinx Alliance Program supporting 100G and beyond n/w sys

Nallatech to showcase OpenCL compatible FPGA accelerator cards at ISC

FPGA race: Xilinx'16nm vs Altera'14nm turns into TSMC vs Intel foundry

Altera demos interlaken connectivity between Cavium processors and Stratix FPGA

MoSys joins Xilinx Alliance Program supporting 100G and beyond n/w sys

Nallatech to showcase OpenCL compatible FPGA accelerator cards at ISC

FPGA race: Xilinx'16nm vs Altera'14nm turns into TSMC vs Intel foundry

Altera to acquire power semiconductor SoC company Enpirion

Embedded Systems on Module by Reflex CES using Zync FPGA SoC

20nm FPGA follows successful production of 28nm

BittWare supports Altera's SDK for OpenCL on the S5-PCIe-HQ board

Altera benchmarks complex Floating-Point DSP designs on 28 nm FPGAs

Xilinx acquires Modesat Communications to strengthen wireless backhaul solutions

Xilinx’s 7 series evaluation kits uses SiTime’s programmable MEMS oscillators

The 5th EDA software with analytical place and route for VLSI design, but for FPGA

Microsemi ships 10,000th radiation-tolerant RTAX-S/SL FPGA

Xilinx's 28nm FPGAs supported by Aldec solutions at X-Fest 2012

FPGA based video analytics solution from Altera and Eutecus for video surveillance systems

Indian R&D outsourcers HCL and Wipro are design support members of Altera

TSMC and Altera collaborate in 3D chip tech

Xilinx strengthens its R and D base in India

FPGA and optical transceivers in single package for higher data-speed

FPGA-RLDRAM inteface is demonstrated

Altera uses Mentor Graphics Veloce for verifications of its FPGA designs

FPGA gaining entry into consumer electronics

Xilinx starts shipping Zynq-70000 devices

Lattice Semiconductor has shipped 75 million MachXO PLDs

Altera started shipping its 28-nm Arria V FPGA chips

Stratix IV FPGAs inside CHREC designed supercomputer

Phoenix Tech is authorized distributor for Lattice' chips

Altera to support OpenCL for FPGAs

Xilinx suggests R&D outsourcers for its FPGA buyers

ZTE designs packet-based multiservice bearer platform using Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGAs

Surveillance camera reference design using Lattice' FPGA

Virtual platform for developing sys based on Xilinx' Zynq-7000

Semtech uses MATLAB and Simulink to develop FPGA prototypes

28nm chips from TSMC are in volume shipment

Altera demonstrates floating-point DSP design flow on an FPGA

BittWare's Anemone chips for FPGAs available on FMC card

KaiSemi offers silicon solutions for obsolete FPGA and EoL ASICs with netlist

Xilinx' Spartan-6 FPGAs used in NI's RIO sys

Microsemi achieves AS9100 Rev C and ISO 9001 certifications

Xilinx FPGA chip with ARM cortex A9 wins product of the year award at Electrons d'Or in Paris

SiliconGear and Namsong design their video sys using Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGAs

Digi-Key to distribute Lattice' programmable silicon chips

Araine control to use Microsemi's FPGA in its smart grid products

Xilinx acquires IP provider Sarance Technologies

MIPS-Based soft processor for use in Altera's FPGA and ASICs

Semiconductor vendor ranking in 2010; the movers and shakers as per IHS iSuppli

Lattice opens new support office in Bangalore

Altera to up the inter-chip communication speed by going optic

Japan tremors and tsunami will pass through the global semiconductor industry

More 3rd party software support for SmartFusion FPGAs

Practical online guide on how to use FPGAs for SoC chip design

At 28nm, FPGA designs find exponential increase of applications

Xilinx joins GigaChip alliance

KaiSemi simplifies FPGA-to-ASIC conversion

Altera's Stratix IV GT FPGA passes Ethernet Alliance's HSE Interoperability test

Lithography based semiconductor chip making after 15nm is less certain

Strategy Analytics's tech predictions for 2011

Achronix Semiconductor to make high density FPGAs using Intel's 22nm fab

Xilinx leads the industry in semiconductor chip stacking on Silicon layer

Altera to showcase its latest communications solutions for military apps at MILCOM 2010

Lattice MachXO PLDs shipping counter crosses 50 million mark

Advantech's networking and gaming platforms uses Actel's FPGAs

Cadence and Xilinx release new Xilinx IP Ecosystem microsite for FPGA designers

Microsemi acquires FPGA vendor Actel

NSA approves Xilinx' Virtex-5Q FPGAs for Type 1 crypto sys

Synopsys and Lattice renew OEM relationship for FPGA synthesis software

ADI collaborates with Xilinx to make the base station more programmable and flexible

Mentor Graphics partners EnSilica to develop its FPGA IP platform

Radiation tolerant Flash based FPGAs from Actel now qualified for spaceflight systems

University of Saskatchewan wins Innovate North America FPGA competition

At 28nm FPGA chips ready for more applications

Semiconductor industry sales forecast for 2010: SIA; 28.4%, Gartner; 27%

Webinar on embedded software application using Actel's ARM based FPGAs

Actel provides free access to its VLSI IP libraries

At FPGA Camp it was not Xilinx v/s Altera v/s Lattice Semiconductor

Free vendor-neutral FPGA design learning event in Bangalore

Cavium's OCTEON II and the Lattice' ECP3 FPGA to talk via serial I/O

Webinar by Actel on its Smartfusion FPGA products

Robust market demand for semiconductor devices in 2010

Latest semiconductor market stats from SIA and IDC

The market growth to continue for semiconductor industry in remaining quarters of 2010

Actel partners with Cryptography Research to enhance security of its FPGAs

Stratix IV GT FPGAs from Altera interoperate with QSFP high-speed optical modules

Lattice Semiconductor's ispMACH 4000 CPLD shipment counter crosses 200 million

Tabula delivers breakthrough tech in FPGAs by adding another programming variable

Digi-Key to stock and sell Altera's FPGAs in Asia-Pacific region

Production shipment of 40-nm Arria II GX FPGAs from Altera

Between Xilinx and Altera at 28nm, who is the winner?

New innovations to improve density and I/O performance of Altera's 28-nm FPGAs

Full qualification of Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA family on UMC's 40nm process devices

Actel FPGAs inside Boeing's 787 Dreamliner

Xilinx to showcase its India team's design strength at VLSI Conference, Bangalore

Interaction with Xilinx-India CTO on FPGA design issues and trends

XtremeData deploy Altera's Stratix IV FPGAs into its dbX Analytics appliances

Advanced semiconductor chips at a price of a dollar and less

Videocast to learn techniques of powering Xilinx FPGAs

Joint collaboration enables ARM processor and intrachip bus IP on Xilinx FPGAs

Altera started shipping 40-nm Stratix IV GX FPGAs

Semiconductor industry is cautiously optimistic on next phase of growth

Barco's JPEG 2000 IP core supports 40nm FPGA platforms

Q&A: The increasing role of FPGA in embedded systems and latest trends

Actel FPGA on-board NASA Lunar spacecrafts

Sumitomo employs Stratix IV GX FPGAs in its LDPC system

Webinar by Actel and Aldec on designing FPGA based aerospace systems

One more PSoC lab in Tamil Nadu, India by Cypress Semiconductor

Harmonic choose Stratix FPGA for its video broadcast encoder

Altera and National shake hands to route video signal inside the car

Q4 2008 revenues freeze semiconductor industry to a dope less silicon

Drop of just 1% in sales revenue for Actel in 4Q08

Cypress revenues are down by 26% in Q4 of 08, but PSoC register record revenue

FPGA based motion -control platform to North American customers

IP cores from IPextreme support Mentor Graphics' PrecisionR Synthesis FPGA tool

Barco's ARINC 429 IP core for ACTEL FPGA is DO-254 certified

Cypress granted with 750 patents related to programmable logic

Actel to hold aerospace focused FPGA design forum

Future Electronics to sell and distribute Actel's products

Xilinx to present tutorials on FPGAs at FPGA Summit in US

SiliconBlue and Magma partnering in providing FPGA design tools

Actel's FPGAs to manufacture from UMC's 65nm low leakage and embedded flash tech

Impulse C-to-FPGA tool is integrated into LynuxWorks' BlueCat embedded Linux OS

Security tools for any unauthorized data transfer through USB flash drive

Silicon Micro System to train Indian electronic engineers on Lattice PLD/FPGAs

Bangalore's Ittium Systems goes for Altera's Stratix II

Lattice products are ISO/TS 16949 certified

Xilinx adds EtherCAT IP core for it's Spartan series FPGAs

Drag and drop solution announced by Altera and Northwest logic for  667-Mbps DDR2 SDRAM interface in Stratix II FPGAs


New Products

LEON5FT and NOEL-V processor available for PolarFire FPGA

Gen2 Lattice Mach-NX FPGA for cyber security in range of systems

Open FPGA stack from Intel for hardware accelerators

Xilinx's reVISION to expand vision-guided machine learning applications

XJFlash enables 20x times faster FPGA flash programming

intoPIX announces availability Of 4:4:4 TICO FPGA IP-Cores

Xilinx Ships 16nm Virtex UltraScale+ Devices

SiP Device that Integrate HBM2 DRAM with FPGAs

FPGA video IP sub-system written C and C++ and leverages Vivado HLS

Flex Logix adds BRAM and DSP cores to its FPGA for SoC product

16nm FPGAs getting shipped

2.5 D FPGA and HBM solution, a 14x speed improvement over DDR4 DRAM DIMM

FPGAs get into open source virtual reality eco

FPGA designed in China with embedded flash memory

Microsemi's RTG4 FPGA development kit for satellite electronics

Programmable logic based voice interface for IoT wearables and mobiles

Lattice’s FPGA based sensor hub in Star 2 Smartphone from ZTE

An embedded engineer's delight: 16 nm SoC FPGA with 4 ARM Cortex A 53 cores taped out

eASIC reprogrammable technology with Intel Xeon processors for cloud sys

Vendor independent HDL code for image processing using FPGA/ ASICs

FPGA solution for reliable Video-over-IP

Xilinx beats Altera through more than Moore 3D path; FPGA can pack 10 ARM Cortex A9

Security in Silicon: Microsemi FPGAs feature PUF

Low cost Xilinx FPGA-based MIPI interface IP for embedded systems

FPGA based new ref design for IEEE 802.3 MDIO interface controllers

An FPGA in every mobile device, Lattice way of biz

2x performance improvement by using Altera 14 nm Stratix 10

20 nm Kintex FPGA from Xilinx achieve PCI express compliance

Enhanced FPGA software Vivado is 25% faster and support HL synth

Hardened IEEE 754-compliant floating-point operators in an FPGA

Hybrid Memory Cube Controller IP optimized for Virtex-7 FPGA

Fine-pitch copper bumps packaging for Arria 10 FPGAs

FPGA powered data plane programmability

Small form factor FPGAs from Microsemi

First 100G Ethernet functionality using hard IP on FPGA

Less than $1 priced 2.5x2.5mm MachXO3 FPGA is getting shipped

X-ES launches COTS XMC modules designed using Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA

Altera releases the Quartus II software supporting 20 nm FPGA design

Software support for Xilinx' Zynq to design machine vision faster

Tabula' FPGAs to support of GigaChip Interface

OpenCL expanded to BittWare's Stratix V FPGA half-length PCIe x8 card

Xilinx ahead in the race by shipping 20 nm FPGAs

On-chip JESD204B ADC-FPGA signal integrity check tool from ADI

Kumamoto University adopts Aldec’s SoC and FPGA prototyping tool

FPGA based OpenVPX System for mil/defence electronics

JPEG2000-RAW IP-cores from intoPIX for FPGA

UHDTV JPEG 2000 cores supporting 28 nm FPGAs and SOCs

FPGA-based reference designs for media interface in mobiles

$24.99 USB FPGA development board/kit for mobile app development

Synopsys extends its FPGA tool support to Lattice Semiconductor

Agilent's FPGA kit for advanced sys design is supported Mentor's software

CSSP ICs from QuickLogic for connecting SDIO to USB

Altera to sample its 14nm FPGA test-chips by end-2013

SoC prototype from S2C based on Xilinx’s 28-nm Kintex-7 FPGA

Xilinx offering new release of real-time video engine to run on Zynq SoC

28nm FPGA SoCs from Xilinx for commercial avionics with certifiable solutions

FPGA fabric and ASIC core twined in a chip/module, a recipe for smart systems

New version of IO Checker from SynaptiCAD to verify FPGA I/Os

FPGA for mobile/portable electronics with footprint of 2.5x2.5mm

Configurable SoC tech from Toshiba as a low cost FPGA replacement

TI TMS320C6678 featured FPGA mezzanine card for mission critical apps

Altera launches FPGA reference design for bi-directional power grid automation

Gb speed 1024QAM PtP microwave modem IP based on Xilinx latest FPGAs

Artix-7 FPGA AC701 evaluation kit with 10+ reference designs

BittWare offers specially priced FPGA board for OpenCL development

WebPACK Edition of Xilinx' Vivado is available

FPGA IP core enables interoperability between Xilinx Virtex-6 and Altera Stratix IV/V

Defense grade 7-series FPGAs from Xilinx available in volumes from Q1 2013

High bandwidth 28-nm midrange FPGA unveiled by Altera

BittWare’s Stratix V 6U OpenVPX COTS FPGA board is now available

Altera releases broad set of 28 nm FPGA Dev Kits

FPGA module from CommAgility for wireless and general purpose applications

Radiation tolerant RTAX-S/SL FPGAs from Microsemi are QML qualified

Shipment of MachXO2 PLD from Lattice Semiconductor touches one million mark

Production release of mobileFPGA device families from Lattice

Deep trace debug feature in Synopsys' HAPS FPGA tool

Ready accessories from S2C speeds up FPGA prototype development

Reference design from Maxim to protect Xilinx' Spartan-6 FPGA

Achronix packs high-density logic in FPGA by leveraging Intel fab

28nm FPGAs supported by Barco Silex's JPEG 2000 IP

Latest Synplify FPGA synthesis tool from Synopsys accelerate runtime by 30%

Xilinx ships 28nm Virtex-7 X690T FPGAs

Altera delivers its 28-nm Production FPGAs

Riviera-PRO from Aldec enhanced for complex FPGA & ASIC coding

Active shutter 3D video camera using Lattice' low cost FPGA

Xilinx launches reference design material and kits for its 28nm FPGA chips

Lattice announces mini FPGA for image processing apps

Altera interoperates its 28-nm FPGA with PLX's PCIe Gen3 switch

Lattice continues to play its role as cost-optimized FPGA solution vendor

Synopsys updates its FPGA prototyping tools to work faster

Lattice releases Windows-based ispLEVER Classic 1.5 design software

Bandwidth Engine FPGA companion kit and characterization kit from MoSys

Altera launched SoC FPGA chips with ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore processor

iPhone app by Xilinx for FPGA designers

Synopsys enhances its FPGA tool to reduce design errors

Micro/sys uses Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA to build COTS SBC

Altera ships 28-Gbps-enabled FPGA for next-gen 100G systems

Altera's first 28-nm FPGA development kit

IP and a reference design for IEEE 1588 PTP on Microsemi's cSoC

Unclonabe security IP for flash-based FPGAs from Microsemi

SmartFusion chips from Microsemi supports FreeRTOS

Radiation hardened space-grade Virtex-5QV FPGA from Xilinx in production volumes

2.5 x 2.5mm measuring micro plastic BGA packaged mobile FPGA chips for mobile apps

BittWorks II Toolkit from BittWare for signal processing apps using FPGA

Probe Visualizer for verification and debug of FPGA-based prototype boards

The new floating point co-processor from BittWare for FPGAs

FPGA development kit for $99 from Lattice Semiconductor

Altera sampling its 28nm FPGA packing 3.9 billion transistors

Improved FPGA module with USB2.0 interface for system prototyping

HD video surveillance chipset jointly by Altera, Apical, AltaSens

Xilinx sampling its 7 series 28nm FPGAs

FPGA development learner board for embedded system applications

Xilinx updates its FPGA software 'ISE design suite' to support 7 series

Tools from Synopsys and Mentor for Xilinx' FPGA design synthesis

FPGA platform for 100G OTN both by Xilinx and Altera

ARM Cortex A9 and FPGA in single chip for embedded board design

Genode version 11.02 supports softcore CPU in FPGA based SoC chips

Update on the kits and boards for FPGA based DSP board design and development

Dual voltage supervisory ICs from Analog Devices for dual supply processors and FPGAs

Mixed signal FPGAs from Microsemi operate in temp range of -55°C to +100°C

Xilinx launches two new aerospace and defense qualified FPGA families

Lattice releases PAC-Designer 6.0 design software

Cyclone FPGA based industrial networking hardware kit and IP cores

Lattice's new chip cuts cost and complexity of on-board power management

New IP cores from Xilinx meets AMBA 4 specifications

Synopsys ups its Synplify FPGA Synthesis Software With 4X faster runtime

Video display interfaces suites from Lattice Semiconductorfor HDMI, DVI and 7:1 LVDS interface

New signal processing board from BittWare based on Altera's Stratix IV FPGAs

SmartFusion FPGA reference designs from Actel for motor control applications

New design tool from National Semiconductor to optimize power supply for FPGAs

New SmartFusion development kit from Actel

Actel FPGAs with cryptographic cores offering DPA Resistance

RoweBots' Linux compatible RTOS for Actel's SmartFusion FPGAs

Windows 7 compliant Libero IDE from Actel

ADI creates platform to bridge its ICs with Altera's FPGAs

GE to release digital receivers and trancievers based on Xilinx' FPGAs

New hardware programmer for Actel's flash FPGAs

Altera introduces Stratix V FPGAs with support for RLDRAM 3 memory

Radiation hardened FPGA from Xilinx enable last minute design changes

Lattice Semiconductor introduces 90 reference designs for processor interface apps

New Diamond software for FPGA design from Lattice

New FPGA variant from Altera with 6.375-Gbps transceivers and 1.25Gbps LVDS support

New development software for FPGA boards from Altera

Virtex-6 and Spartan-6 FPGA reference designs from Xilinx support PCI Express

Synphony HLS product from Synopsys now support Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGAs

Altera's Stratix IV GT FPGA selected by NEC for handling 100-GbE traffic

SerDes family from National Semiconductor for FPGA based designs

H.264 reference design from CAST implemented on Altera/Xilinx FPGAs

New 6Gbps dual SerDes IC from TI saves from costly FPGA with high-speed interface

Low power demonstration boards by NXP using FPGA boards from Lattice

BittWare readies roadmap for Altera's Stratix V FPGA based boards

FPGA with ARM processor from Xilinx

FPGA expansion board from TI for evaluating M2M parallel interface

Microtronix's DMA Engine for Altera's FPGA

Altera's new 28nm Stratix V FPGAs for silicon hungry applications

Actel packs programmable analog blocks in its FPGAs called SmartFusion

Altium's new FPGA board for embedded system designers without FPGA skills

Instant deployment enclosures for Altium's NanoBoard 3000 FPGA development board

Actel's high configurable DSP IP cores expand its RTAX-DSP FPGAs

Actel and Pigeon collaborate to deliver FPGA IP for xTCA platform management apps

Xilinx' IBIS-AMI FPGA transceiver models save simulation time

Low cost Cyclone IV FPGA from Altera with high-speed serial comm. transceiver

New Video Over IP add-on kit from Microtronix for FPGA development boards

Low power Cyclone III LS FPGA development kit from Altera with security features

Enhanced MAX II CPLD family from Altera for power sensitive apps

New Spartan-6 FPGA from Xilinx with PCIe 1.1 specification for single-lane config

FPGA based broadcast connectivity targeted design platform with DisplayPort IP core

MDDR memory controller IP core supporting 200 MHz Cyclone FPGAs

Stratix IV FPGA series with 820K logic elements

Virtex-6 HXT FPGAs from Xilinx supports high-speed serial interface

Actel's RTAX-DSP prototype FPGAs for aerospace systems

New Virtex-6 FPGA evaluation kit with TI's power management technology

Altera's RapidIO IP core qualifies RIOLAB device interoperability testing

Actel's RTAX-DSP prototype FPGAs for space-flight systems

Altera's 6.144 Gbps CPRI v4.1 IP Core for wireless applications

Stratix III FPGAs can now operate in military temp range of -55 Deg C to +125 Deg C

Altera and Xilinx announce FPGA devices with PCI Express transceivers

Arria II GX FPGA development kit with high-speed transceivers

Free MPM power management tool for FPGA design from Actel

FPGA kit allows to synergize your DSP and embedded skills with least FPGA exposure

Xilinx crypto powered Virtex-5Q FPGAs targets Indian aerospace and defense market

40 nm FPGA chips and development kits

FPGA based free reference designs for display applications

Altera's new Stratix IV GX FPGA member EP4SGX530 with 48 transceivers at 8.5 Gbps

SoftConsole Version 2.2: new version of embedded system SDE from Actel for FPGAs

FPGA based embedded systems development kit using Atera's Cyclone III family

FPGA based embedded system development kit with analog function blocks

Actel unveil low cost IGLOO nano FPGA starter kit

New low cost Spartan FPGA family for low-power applications

Altera released Quartus II software version 9.0 for FPGA and other prog logic ICs

New Stratix and Arria FPGA families from Altera with integrated transceiver

ispLEVER 7.2 FPGA design tool suite with advanced route algorithms

FPGA design tool suite with advanced place and route algorithms

Xilinx's Virtex-5 FPGA platform compliant with PCI Express version 2.0

Altera releases Quartus II software version 8.1

New version of FPGA family from Actel at price of below $1

ECP2M family development kit for fast PCI express design

ATMEL's new family of FPGAs for space applications

A new member is added to the SPEAr family of Customizable processor

Altera releases Quartus II design software version 7.0

FPGA development kit for PCI Express and PlanAhead 9.1 software from Xilinx

Virtex -4 FPGA development platform from Xilinx

Lattice releases ispLEVER 6.1 service pack 1

Atmel’s new 1.8V Low Power CPLD  with 32kbits of onchip EEPROM.

I/O Optimized Spartan 3A FPGA family from Xilinx for video applications.

Stratix III FPGA family from Altera has rich features

Mathstar  releases to market, the 2nd generation of  Field Programmable Object Arrays (FPOA).

Altera’s new FPGA based Audio/video kit provides support for triple rate Serial Digital Interface (SDI) and 3gbps SMPTE 424M standard.

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