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Memory Last update: 15th Jun 2021

Top Stories  

SK Hynix buying memory biz of Intel

STT and TEL collaborating on "SRAM and DRAM replacing MRAM"

X-CEO of Sandisk is appointed as CEO and President of Micron

Global Mobile DRAM revenue grew 20% in 4Q 2016, as per DRAMeXchange

Micron completes acquisition of Inotera Memories

JEDEC approves 2016 SPD enhancement for DDR4/DDR4E and LPDDR3/LPDDR4

Three U.S. Patents related to memory storage granted to StorTrends

Non-volatile memory tech breakthrough by Micron and Intel

NAND Flash life enhanced using FPGA

8 percent q-o-q fall in Micron's fiscal 3Q 2015 revenue

JEDEC to update solid state drive standard subcommittee

Cypress offers higher bid to acquire ISSI

Imec and sureCore collaborate on SRAM Design IP

India based memory semiconductor fab is more essential

Spansion and XMC joins hands on 3D NAND flash

DRAM bit growth falls, as per study by IC Insights

2014 looks to be a good year for flash memory

Samsung memory chip fab in China starts full production

Toshiba Starts 15nm NAND flash chip volume production

ISSI and Spansion sign patent license agreement

Spansion and Macronix fight over patent violation in flash memory manufacturing

eMemory and SMIC expand non-volatile memory partnership

Adesto presents a paper at IEDM on its NV memory withstanding 200 Deg C

DRAM supply eases

Date storage growth by unit of Zettabytes, Video is the major factor

Fire accident at SK Hynix fab causes DRAM price hike

TrendForce: Market penetration of USB 3.0 Flash drive is only 10%

Spansion Files Patent Complaints Against Macronix

SPA, a new association for storage tech launched

SanDisk invests in Tegile Systems

DRAM market is achieving profit stability by controlling production

Seagate invests in eASIC

Sony and Panasonic partner to develop 300 GB optical discs by 2015

Toshiba to add 4th fab to make advanced NAND flash memory chips

Hard disk-drive use in video-surveillance to grow by 23% in 2013, says IHS

Toshiba presents new MROM tech at VLSI design event in Japan

SK Hynix and Rambus sign five-year patent license agreement

ITC determines GSI does not infringe four SRAM patents by Cypress

Microchip's subsidiary SST to acquire Novocell Semiconductor

Imec and GLOBALFOUNDRIES collaborate in developing STT-MRAM

TrendForce: NAND Flash revenues fell by 2.1% in 1Q13

Samsung starts production of 4 Gb LPDDR3 Mobile DRAM using 20nm node

Flash memory maker Spansion to buy analog and MCU biz of Fujitsu

NAND flash sales in 2013 pushed by smartphones, tablets and SSDs

DRAM makers cutting production to prevent price-decline

TSMC's 55 nm process to shrink flash memory by 80% SRAM by 70%

Spansion and XMC expand partnership to include 32nm flash production

Toshiba develops low-power technology for embedded SRAM

Micron amends Inotera Memories JV with Nanya

2013: Stable growth for NAND flash memory is forecasted

High speed CompactFlash memory cards from Toshiba for digital cameras

Standard for NAND flash device interface interoperability by JEDEC and ONFI

Toshiba develops STT-MRAM chip outperforming SRAM in power consumption

Smartphones to consume more flash mem chips than feature phones

Micron and AgigA Tech collaborate on NVDIMM

Imec and Nantero to make non-silicon memory using carbon nanotubes

Windows 8 not to trigger DRAM demand like its predecessors

Chipmakers cut commodity DRAM and increase mobile and server DRAM

Server and mobile DRAM production ratio to account >40% in 2012: TrendForce

7.5%-11% rise in 2H Sept mainstream NAND Flash contract prices: TrendForce

Micron captures 20% share in NAND flash market for the 1st time: IHS

DRAM usage in smartphones to surge by 50% in 2012: IHS

Rambus signs 6-year patent license agreement with Fujitsu

Cypress Semiconductor finally wins in acquiring Ramtron

Kilopass ups eNVM memory capacity by 4x to 32Mb

Kilopass expands XPM NVM IP on 180nm Dongbu HiTek BCD process

DRAM price decline forcing vendors to cut production

Mobile DRAM estimated to grow at 10% in 2012

Rambus tests its memory arch using GLOBALFOUNDRIES 28nm SLP

SSDs yet to shake up HDD use in PC and notebook market

Cypress Semiconductor not giving up Ramtron, rises the offer

NOR flash memory market: Spansion, Samsung and Micron are key players in mobile

ROHM to manufacture FRAM powered chips for Ramtron

Intel's 2nd Q 2012 revenue readings

DRAMeXchange: LPDDR3 shipments to constitute 20% of total mobile DRAM in 2H2013

Infineon uses Spansion flash memory chips to store graphic data in MCUs kits

Short-term NAND Flash market recovery by reducing 3-5% contract price: TrendForce

Rank no.3 and 4 join to overtake rank no.2 in DRAM market

ARM, HP, and SK hynix join Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium

DRAM pricing is strangely stable due to Elpida bankruptcy: IHS

Javelin selects Kilopass’ XPM memory IP Core for MIPI RFFE digital interface

Ronald Black replaces Harold Hughes as Rambus’ President and CEO

Ramtron finds Cypress offer is under value

Alliance Memory signs distribution agreement with Transfer Multisort Elektronik

19nm node flash memory chips and cards available from Toshiba and Sandisk

Revenue for mobile memory to reach $14.9 billion in 2012

6-9% dip in mainstream NAND Flash contract price in 2HMay, reports TrendForce

DFI 3.1 specification released; Supports LPDDR3 memory for smartphones and tablets

Elpida overtakes Micron in Q12012 DRAM market ranking

Elpida story and balanced sup/demand to enable 2012 DRAM market, as per IHS

Samsung hold a huge 70% share in Mobile DRAM market as per TrendForce

Common implementation of NVM IP cores by Kilopass for the 130/110nm nodes

TrendForce: Micron offers JPY$300 billion to Elpida, three major DRAM players emerge

Toshiba lauds NAND Flash memory achievement

Over 1 billion hard disk drives sold with Marvell chips inside by Western Digital

Alliance Memory appoints Jan Ornjager as the regional manager, Nordic

IHS iSuppli: Desktops set to adopt 2.5-Inch Hard Disc Drives (HDD)

Imec to present resistive RAM papers at 2012 VLSI Technology Symposium

DDR3 memory related paper from Rambus wins DesignCon-2012 award

Kilopass NVM IP employed in SoC IC from SICMICRO

TrendForce presents possible DRAM market impact due to Elpida's situation

FPGA-RLDRAM inteface is demonstrated

MediaTek to use Rambus patented tech

Toshiba to acquire 3.5 Inch HDD machinery and IP from Western Digital

Elpida filed for bankruptcy protection

$8.5M research initiative for generating quantum memories

Everspin records 300 percent growth of its MRAM shipments in 2011

Samsung starts volume production of stacked memory chips for smartphones

Broadcom licenses Rambus patents

Panasonic, Samsung, SanDisk, Sony and Toshiba collaborate on SD Card security

Non-Volatile DIMM memory can save the desktop computers from using UPS

Walton to purchase from Elpida 7,500 preferred shares in Elpida subsidiary EBS

AMD branded DRAM memory modules available now in N.America

Toshiba develops tech for embedded SRAM to operate from wide Vcc of 0.5V to 1.0V

Inphi's iMB enabled LRDIMM modules validated by Intel

DRAMeXchange reports 19.4% fall in DRAM revenue on q-o-q basis

IDT's low-power dual-port memory in Samsung GALAXY Tab

NAND flash: 2xnm-node chips to gradually replace 3xnm-node chips

Tablets are seen as fast growing market for DRAM makers

Invensas uses IDT's DDR3 register in its xFD memory stacking technology

Elpida Memory filed a lawsuit against Nanya Technology for patent infringement

JEDEC advances DDR4 Standard with reduced power usage

IDT and Dell to present NVMe specs at the flash memory summit on Aug 9-11

Elpida sampling 2Gb DDR3 SDRAM made using 25nm process

Georgia researchers develop memory devices based on piezoelectric nanowires

Toshiba opens new 300mm fab in Japan to make 24nm NAND flash chips

Hynix and Toshiba collaborate to develop NV memory; MRAM

Imec brings down the leakage current in DRAM at lower EOT of 0.4nm

imec stacks DRAM over logic chip and connects them by TSV and micro conducting bumps

IBM researchers mitigate the problem of short-term drift in multi-bit PCM memory

Elpida makes 0.8mm DRAM package by using PoP tech

DRAMeXchange forecasts the weaker shipment momentum of NAND flash

JEDEC publishes e-MMC standard update v4.5

Elpida employs HKMG tech to make 2Gb LPDDR2 DRAM

DRAMeXchange: DRAM contract price fell by 2.74%

Mobile memory market is forecasted to grow by 25.7% to reach $16.4 billion in 2011

Open-Silicon to tech-support Micron hybrid memory cube technology

Super fast growth of tablet is driving DRAM market

Embedded NOR flash memory market in 2011 is set to grow 8 percent to 3.96 billion units

DRAM Module shipment to grow by 10.8% in 2011, predicts IHS iSuppli

Elpida, PTI, and UMC partner on 3D fabrication of semiconductor devices at 28nm

DRAMeXchange: Price increase momentum of DDR3 due to Japanese quake weakening

MRAM demand drives Everspin sales expansion

Inphi's memory buffer validated by Intel

Silicon oxide based memory chip to be tested in space for radiation

DRAMeXchange: Supply of NAND flash not affected by the Japan's quake

Spansion GL-S NOR Flash Memory enters production

Ramtron selects KYEC for assembling and testing of its F-RAM chips

Spansion and SMIC expand foundry agreement

DRAMeXchange forecasts overall notebook shipment to up by 6.5% in 2011

Rambus to acquire Cryptography Research for $342.5M

DRAMeXchange predicts DDR3 2GB contract price of US$20 in short term

Worldwide DRAM revenue declined by 4.0% in 1st Q 2011

Elpida Memory to commence mass production of its 30nm process DRAM in May

Semiconductor vendor ranking in 2010; the movers and shakers as per IHS iSuppli

Rexchip successful in pilot run of Elpida's 30nm 2Gb DDR3 DRAM

Notebook/netbook shipment slowing from 30% Y/Y growth in 2010 to 27% in 2011

Sidense 1T-OTP available in ON Semiconductor 180 nm process

Rambus renews patent license agreement with Toshiba

Japan tremors and tsunami will pass through the global semiconductor industry

Vimicro PC-CAM Processors uses Kilopass' NVM memory IP core

JEDEC publishes standards for flash memory based UFS

Tablets and smartphones enable fast growth in NAND flash consumption

Eric A. Balzer is appointed as CEO of Ramtron

Rambus achieves differential memory signaling of 20Gpbs

Powerchip to become 100% semiconductor foundry service provider

Hynix Semiconductor reported a sequential quarterly revenue drop of 0.5 trillion Won in 4Q10

Researchers develop single memory chip for system and content storage

Change in management positions at Ramtron

Sidense Memory IP Qualified in 180nm, 130nm and 65nm GLOBALFOUNDRIES Processes

Hard Disk Drive market is still not affected by SSD due to cost factor

iSuppli forecasts a fall of 11.8% in worldwide DRAM revenue in 2011

Lithography based semiconductor chip making after 15nm is less certain

Strategy Analytics's tech predictions for 2011

Rambus renews its patents license agreement with Renesas

Toshiba slims its chip manufacturing resources to become fablite

JEDEC's Flash memory standards UFS is under fast progress of implementation

Magnetic hard disk drive growth less affected by solid state memory drives

Soitec buys Altatech Semiconductor's wafer inspection system

Rambus sues Broadcom, Freescale, LSI, MediaTek, NVIDIA, and ST for patent infringement

Elpida sampling 2Gb DDR3 SDRAM for consumer devices

SanDisk, Sony and Nikon co-develop new specs for media storage in memory cards

Graphics DRAM heading downwards, forecasts iSuppli

NAND type flash memory revenue to grow by 38% to reach $18.7 billion in 2010

Elpida is shipping samples of its 32-Gigabyte LRDIMM

Record booking for single transistor per cell ROM tech expert Sidense

ZTE selects Cypress's SRAM devices for its Ethernet switches

Samsung starts mass producing 40nm-class 8GB DDR3 Module for portable apps

ATMI and Ovonyx progress towards commercialization of PCM devices

Hynix joins hands with HP to develop memristor semiconductor devices

Toshiba starts mass production of its 24nm, NAND flash memory

Sidense granted anti-fuse memory cell patent by USPTO

Intel and Micron to jointly develop 3bpc NAND flash memory chip on 25nm process technology

Rambus grants NVIDIA patent license for certain memory controllers

Plastic computer memory device demo using spintronics tech

Ramtron starts commercial sampling of its MaxArias Wireless Memory

Hynix begins mass production of its 64Gb NAND flash using 20nm process

IC Insights: DRAM vendors to rank up as total semiconductor sales to top $204B in 2010

Elpida to make new NAND flash based on Spansion's MirrorBit charge-trapping tech

Samsung and Toshiba join hands to develop DDR NAND flash memory with 400Mbps interface

Rambus granted its 1,000th Patent

Toshiba starts builiding Fab 5 facility for making NAND flash chips

PCT to sell Microchip's serial NOR-flash products

Semiconductor industry sales forecast for 2010: SIA; 28.4%, Gartner; 27%

Sidense says no Kilopass patent infringement

Microchip sells its NAND flash memory property to Greenliant

Infineon and Elpida settle legal dispute over patent infringement

Robust market demand for semiconductor devices in 2010

Latest semiconductor market stats from SIA and IDC

The market growth to continue for semiconductor industry in remaining quarters of 2010

Video surveillance storage market is forecasted to grow over $5.6 billion by 2013

DRAM market growth momentum continuing

Samsung shipping 20nm NAND flash memory chips

Synopsys DDR memory IP supports Six DDR Standards in single PHY

Capacitor-less below 1V operating ZRAM chips made using bulk silicon can replace DRAM

Flash memory market to grow for another 10 years

Ramtron granted with US patent for it's Ferroelectric RAM

64 GB SDXC card from SanDisk for HD video recording apps

55 nm Embedded Flash process tech from ST Micro for making automotive MCU chips

Samsung begins volume production of 4Gb DDR3 DRAM chips at 40nm node

Fujitsu and University of Toronto developed reliable read-method for MRAM

2 Gb DDR3 DRAM chip jointly developed by Micron and Nanya

Intel and Micron's 25-nanometer NAND flash tech for consumer electronic gadgets

LSI and Seagate collaborate on solid-state storage tech

OTP memory IP from Sidense drives Audium's power amplifier chip

Samsung and Rambus settle their patent related disputes and claims

Merry times for Hynix Semi with its 4th quarter 2009 revenues rose

Future Electronics to sell and stock Ramtron chips

Year 2009 is not that bad for memory chip makers and 2010 going to be even better

40nm 2-Gigabit DDR3 SDRAM volume production shipment from Elpida

65nm XS Version 1-Gigabit DDR3 SDRAM from Elpida

Elpida receives "2009 Global Warming Prevention Activity Award"

Hynix Semiconductor's 2Gb DDR3 DRAM devices Validated by Intel

DRAM test lab opened in Munich Germany

Over a billion SoCs integrate flash memory interface IP components from Arasan Chip Systems

Agilent and Nexus deliver DDR3 memory bus debug solutions

Semiconductor industry's fast recovery in 3rd Q 09 is due to processor and DRAM demand

Indilinx, Cavium and Narinet collaborated to bring SSD into networking storage systems

Intel and Numonyx achieve stacking of PCM arrays to increase memory capacity

MagnaChip offers 0.11um, 30V process technology with small SRAM cell size

Logic Devices is sampling its first DDR2 DRAM modules

Elpida memory completes the development of the 40nm 2-gigabit DDR3SDRAM

Samsung producing 512-Megabit nonvolatile memory PRAM

Semiconductor industry is cautiously optimistic on next phase of growth

IBM's on-chip DRAM prototype technology achievements

Moser Baer is quickly gaining share in USB flash memory market

DDR3 based threaded module prototype for multicore computing

Ramtron settles product defect claim of its memory product

SPMT's abridged technology specifications for mobile devices

LSI retained its top position in Host Bus RAID Controller market with further growth

Ramtron secures $6 million credit from Silicon Valley Bank

8.5 GB DVD media launched by the Moser Baer

Toshiba is shipping 43nm NAND flash in volumes to laptop OEMs

IDT powered by Tundra's expertise is allying with Micron to develop PCIe SSDs

FRAM chips from Ramtron are selected for high-rel SSD

Rambus unfolds DRAM innovations beyond DDR3

New industry consortium to promote serial interfaced DRAMs

Transistor-less semiconductor memory denser and faster than NAND

Joint development of NAND flash memory controllers by Hynix, Numonyx and Phison

Toshiba to make single chip flash memory of 32 Gb capacity using 32nm process

Rambus buys Inapac patents related to System-in-Package solutions

Samsung producing NAND flash chips in 40-nm process technology

Hynix agree to compensate Rambus for using its technology in SDR and DDR SDRAM

Q4 2008 revenues freeze semiconductor industry to a dope less silicon

Ramtron to make its FRAM chips using IBM foundry

Toshiba achieves 3-bit-per-cell 32Gb record in NAND Flash capacity

Taiwan's DRAM vendor Powerchip semiconductor posts 1.603 billion NT$ revenue for Jan-09

SST revenues for 4Q08 were $58.4 million compared with $92.4 million in 3Q

Rexchip earns TOSHMS certification

Detailed study of possibility of a $20 Laptop computer

John Kispert is the new CEO and Director of Spansion

Innovation in DRAM focuses on package and speed

California Federal District Court halts Rambus patent infringement case Against Micron

New security technology for 2.5-inch encrypted hard disk drives

Chang-Soo Choi is now the President and CEO of Samsung Electronics America

Intel's another legend Craig Barrett to Retire in May

Technology to transfer data from DRAM chips to processor @ 1 terabyte per second

Vanguard International Semiconductor reports 2008 revenue of NT$16,120 million

Qimonda is shipping Rambus XDR DRAM in volumes to PlayStation3 gaming systems

Spansion has planned to sell its business or get merged with other similar company

Micron works with Sun Micro to achieve one million write cycles in NAND flash

Smallest Fin-FET SRAM cell with high-k/Metal gate material

Hitachi GST and Intel to jointly develop Solid State Drives (SSD)

NAND Flash to be mass-produced at 34 nm by Intel and Micron

DRAM vendors Powerchip and Elpida engaged in close talks for a possible merger

Rambus complaints on NVIDIA to International Trade Commission over patent infringement

UMC to make SRAM chips at 28nm node

Samsung steps back from acquiring SanDisk

Z-RAM memory technology breakthrough by Innovative Silicon

Synopsys and Ovonyx team-up in developing simulation models for Phase-change RAM

India's automotive electronic growth opportunities

ISSI opens sales office in Chennai

Hynix and Toshiba to cross license patents and products

Texas Instruments to make 4 MB FRAMs for ATMEL

Renesas and Powerchip agree for a joint venture to design memory devices

Intel ships in volumes it's 1GB, monolithic NOR flash memory chips to mobile phone makers

ST Micro gets one NAND license from Samsung

Drag and drop solution announced by Altera and Northwest logic for  667-Mbps DDR2 SDRAM interface in Stratix II FPGAs 

Samsung’s new flash memory development has extended maximum memory capacity of NAND flash memories to 256 MB and a scaling down to 20 nano meters

Samsung semiconductor is anticipating to mass produce Phase change Random Access Memory (PRAM) by 2008


New Products

ISO26262 ASIL Grade D safety certified secure flash memory device

Micron ready to mass produce UFS multichip package with LPDDR5 DRAM

AI demands a different procesor unit, not the present CPU, GPU and FPGA turbo

256 Kbit FRAM with SPI interface operates up to temp of up to 125°C

Cypress electron-locking flash memory tech gets mass produced at UMC

China based Shannon launches first 12.8TB PCIe SSD

A new method by Fujitsu enables 2x response writing speed in flash storage

Craving for memory, here is 256 GB MicroSD card from Samsung

1Mb no-battery serial SPI nvSRAM from Cypress and Anvo-Systems

256Gb 3-D NAND chip from Toshiba is available from September in samples

AEC-Q100-qualified 2Mbit EEPROM for engine monitoring and safety applications

CSP packaged 1-Mbit Serial FRAM for wearable electronic devices

SSD controllers for TLC and 3-D NAND flash

Non volatile memory for medical device withstands harsh gamma radiation

Synchronous SRAM with on-chip error-correcting code

Industrial-Plus Serial EEPROM operate at temperatures to 105°C

128GB eMMC5.0 flash storage for mainstream smart phones and tablets

3D NAND flash enables affordable 10 TB SSDs

e2v inc releases the highest density MRAM device

Auto-qualified serial EEPROMs from ST in tiny 2x 3mm WFDFPN8 package

Samsung begin volume production of 8-Gb LPDDR4 Mobile DRAM

FRAM chip integrated with binary counter save 94% energy

Automotive grade NOR flash memory withstand up to 125°C

Serial flash from Microchip with fast erase time of 35 ms

Samsung starts production of 3-bit 3D V-NAND flash memory for SSDs

20nm 6Gb LPDDR3 Mobile DRAM chip from Samsung in mass production

Pin to pin compatible nonvolatile FRAM for your battery integrated SRAM

Adesto launches CBRAM tech NVRAM for medical systems

Monolithic 8Gb DDR3 SDRAM chip by Micron

1 Tera byte SSD using 3D NAND chips

Wider temp withstanding automotive NOR flash chips from Spansion

2.0 x 2.2 x 0.3 mm FRAM integrated MCU chips for space constraint applications

Low power non-volatile memory IP for ID/tag chip design

4-Mbit FRAM from Fujitsu as a replacement for SRAM

Micron's Hybrid Memory Cube in supercomputer prototype

SATA 3 Gbps Compliant half slim type SSDs

19nm JEDEC compliant eMMC 5.0 NAND flash memory modules

Compliance analyzers for DDR4, DDR3 and DDR3L DRAM interface specs

Not a memory chip, it's a memory cube

Adesto shipped 1 billion DataFlash products

Fingerprint protected USB thumb drives from Moser Baer

Panasonic makes microcomputer based on its ReRAM nonvolatile memory tech

Micron sampling 16nm made 128Gb NAND flash chip

Samsung's flash memory drives read 5GB data in six minutes

32K I2C and SPI EEPROMs offer up to 4 million erase/write cycles

Toshiba to mass produce 2bit/cell 64Gb NAND flash using 19nm process

1st specs on Hybrid Memory Cube agreed

1/2 Mb FRAM memory ICs from Fujitsu guarantee 10 trillion r/ws

Toshiba sampling 64 GB embedded NAND flash memory module

New memory arch R+ LPDDR3 from Rambus supports 3200 Mbps speed

960GB M500 SSD from Micron at a launch price of within $600

960GB M500 SSD from Micron at a launch price of within $600

FRAM for medical equipment a better alternative compared to EEPROM

Kilopass XPM IP available for IBM 65nm LPE process

4MB flash memory chip operates in the temp range of -55 to 210 Deg C

NAND type flash memory controllers with support for 3 Gbps SATA

FRAM from Fujitsu: 2.7V to 5.5 volts Vcc, 1012 times read/write, and 256Kb storage

High speed hybrid storage drives from Toshiba for notebooks and PCs

FRAM-based chip from Fujitsu for RFID tags

Serial EEPROM with MAC/EUI node for internet of things applications

DDR3 register for memory modules consume low power

10,500RPM speed, 900GB, 2.5-inch disk drives from Toshiba transfer 286MB/s

16 GB DDR4 DRAM R-DIMM modules for servers

16M/64M Non-volatile MRAMs from Aeroflex in flatpack package

1Mb SPI / 8-bit parallel bus SRAM for use as MCU RAM

Resistive-RAM based on HfO2 demonstrate nanometer scaling

Voice recognition chip packs audio-processor and high-speed memory

Low power DDR3 register from Inphi for memory module applications

LPDDR3 standard for low power memory devices published by JEDEC

20nm LPDDR2 DRAM chips are under production at Samsung

Availability of the fully functional DDR4 DRAM from Micron

SSD drive with ruggedized SATA connector for defense and high-rel apps

6Gb/s SATA controller IC for solid state memory storage

TI's Wolverine MCU embeds FRAM to cut power consumption

NVM IP from Kilopass gets qualified on TowerJazz 130nm CMOS process

Elpida Memory Develops Resistance RAM Prototype

Memory IP platform for SoC designers supports different interfaces

2 Mb serial FRAM chip from Ramtron

Toshiba to launch SLC NAND flash memory embedded ECC

Elpida samples 4Gb DDR3 mobile DRAM

Small sized power ICs for SSDs and hybrid disk-drives

10x10nm² measuring RRAM cell from Imec can replace NAND flash

Low power register for DDR3 memory modules from IDT

Ramtron samples 64Kb 20MHz bus-speed serial SPI FRAM chips

Elpida makes 4-Gigabit DDR3 SDRAM using 25nm process

Dual-interface EEPROM allows wireless access of data via NFC and RFID

Low power embedded flash controller for Smartphones and Tablet Computers

ONFI-3.0 compliant Universal Flash Controller IP core

New evaluation system for AGIGARAM DDR3 Non-Volatile DIMM unveiled

New 128/64/32Mb SRAM chips from Cypress offer 32-bit I/O config with 55-ns access time

256/128/64Kb FRAM chips with SPI interface from Fujitsu

New NAND flash memory wafer and package test solutions from Advantest

Ramtron sampling IBM made 64-Kb serial F-RAM chip

Kilopass expanding its OTP NVM on SMIC's 55 nm logic CMOS process

2-Mb serial EEPROM in SO8N package for storing large size code

Memory chips transit from a zero-power state to a 5+ Gb/s data transfer rate in 5 ns

IDT delivers single-chip enterprise-class flash controller with native PCIe

Freescale licenses memory controllers and serial links from Rambus

Micron sampling its Next-Gen RLDRAM Memory

Ramtron starts shipping IBM made FRAM chips

NAND flash controller IP supports ONFI 3.0

32GB capacity SSD drives in BGA package with SATA AND PATA interface

NAND flash memory compatible high-speed SATA controller from TDK

Embedded multi-time programmable NVM in 40nm

Intel and Micron's new 20nm process produce 8GB flash chip measuring 118mm2

Cadence DDR4 IP offerings: PHY IP; controller IP; memory models; verification IP; tools and methodologies

Toshiba introduces new embedded-NAND flash memory with ECC function in 24nm

Kilopass makes testchip of its 2T antifuse using TSMC 28nm HKMG process

Sidense' OTP NV memory meet the assessment requirements of TSMC's IP9000

Elpida develops 4-Gb DDR2 Mobile DRAM

2Gb DDR4 DRAM from Hynix Semiconductor is twice faster than DDR3

Semiconductor IP startup Uniquify granted patent related to DDR2/DDR3 timing

Flash memory controller for smartphones for 2/3 bit-per-cell NAND flash

JEDEC-compliant memory buffer for DDR3 LRDIMMl

High-rel EEPROM IP blocks designed to withstand temperature up to 170 Deg C

128 KB automotive grade FRAM chips from RAMTRON drop-in replace EEPROMs

Samsung applies TSV tech to 3D stack multiple DDR3 DRAMs

4Gb LPDDR2 DRAM with speed of 1,066 Mbps from Samsung

Toshiba introduces 256 GB solid state disk drives

NV SRAM module from Maxim with embedded RTC and battery in a PowerCap package

Registering clock driver for DDR3 DRAM module apps

2GB DDR3 SDRAM from Elpida made using 30nm process

INNOVENTIONS offers memory tester for DDR3 DRAM

USB 3.0 to NAND flash controller chip from VIA

Isolation Memory Buffer from Inphi for data center servers and cloud computing

USB 3.0 SATA RAID storage devices from Fujitsu

8GB and 16GB NAND Flash memory from Samsung for Smartphone applications

Elpida and Spansion introduces charge trapping 1.8V, 4-Gigabit SLC NAND Flash Memory

New USB 3.0 compliant SATA bridge ICs from Fujitsu

Stamp size 64GB memory drive in BGA package from Sandisk

New 2Gigabit DDR2 mobile RAM from Elpida using 40nm process

New DDR3 memory controller interface for consumer electronics from Rambus

Samsung starts production of 2GB DDR3 DRAM

1.8V Serial Flash memory chip from Microchip for low power electronic devices

32GB memory module from Samsung for server applications

ProMOS successfully produce 1Gb DDR3 DRAM using Elpida's 63nm technology

Intel introduces its SSD products to improve computing experience

SD cards from Toshiba integrates Wi-Fi functionality to digital still cameras

128GB embedded NAND flash memory module from Toshiba for portable electronics

Ramtron serial 1-Mbit F-RAM is automotive qualified

Samsung launches multi chip packaged PRAM devices for mobile phones

2-Gb LP DDR2 DRAM from Micron for ultra-portable computers

Power controller for DDR memory chips from Exar

Intel's new SATA Solid-State Drive (SSD) at $125 for dual drive computers

Integrated serial presence detect EEPROM memory and temperature-monitoring IC

Inphi samples JEDEC-compatible memory buffer to support more memory modules

Embedded DRAM Buffer ICs from NEC Electronics for mobile graphics apps

2-terabyte hard disk drive from Samsung Electronics for desktop systems

30 nanometer, 2Gb green DDR3 DRAM for handheld embedded devices

Integrated NV memory, gamma-correction reference systems with MTP memory

Hynix Semiconductor develops 2Gb DDR2 DRAM for mobile electronic devices

128GB, 32nm Multi-Level Cell NAND-flash-based SSDs from Toshiba

SD 3.0 / eMMC 4.4 Card Controller IP targeting HD multi-media content on handheld devices

2Gb GDDR5 DRAM from Hynix Semiconductor based on 40nm tech

High-density 64GB embedded NAND flash memory device from Toshiba

New SSD memory from Micron targeting notebook and desktop computers

Samsung's new 30nm-class 32Gb MLC NAND flash memory chips

Mid-range and enterprise disk storage systems from Fujitsu

Elpida sampling 32-bit I/O 2-Gigabit DDR2 SDRAM

LSI storage devices inside Cray's supercomputer

Memory device packs 4Gb NAND flash and 2Gb DDR DRAM

256Mbit Serial Flash from Macronix for high storage space apps

34nm MLC NAND flash memory from Micron for enterprise storage with 6x endurance

A 65-nm, 144-Mbit monolithic SRAM from Cypress Semiconductor

PWM controllers from IR for DDR3 memory modules

New 54nm 1Gb DDR3 from Hynix Semiconductor consumes 30% less power

New Magnetoresistive RAM devices from e2v for defense, avionic apps

New serial nvSRAMs from Cypress Semiconductor in the range of 16Kb to 8Mb

New MaxArias RF-enabled wireless memory devices from Ramtron

High speed/density battery-free non-volatile RAM from AGIGA

Elpida developed 2Gb DDR2 Mobile DRAM

SanDisk's Extreme Pro CompactFlash memory cards with Read/Write speed of 90MB/s

Eight-layer through Silicon Via based multi-layer 8-gigabit DRAM from Elpida

16-Kilobit F-RAM memory to meet AEC-Q100 grade 1 automotive standards

Moorestown Platform now supports 4Gb Mobile DDR SDRAM from Hynix

3 bit-per-cell 34nm NAND flash technology jointly by Intel and Micron

SC70 packaged op amp consumes little power of 0.55 microwatt

Intel's 34-Nanometer NAND flash SSDs

Vertical-Mount, SMT DDR2 DIMM socket with low lead coplanarity from Fujitsu

New 256 Kb F-RAM devices with SPI and I2C serial interfaces from Ramtron

New high speed SRAM family from Renesas targeting switches and routers

STMicro packs 512-Kb of storage capacity in EEPROM of size 2 x 3mm

New 8-Megabit F-RAM from Atmel pin-compatible with SRAM

SAMSUNG develops SATA SSD in mini-card size for netbook computers

Micron's new low power DDR3 memory module for portable computers

eMMC4.4 standard based NAND flash memory devices from Micron

Spansion unveiled new 32-128 Mb flash memory with SPI interface

FCRAM ICs withstanding 125 Deg C temperature with DDR SDRAM interface

Hynix developed mobile 1Gb DDR2 DRAM using 54nm process technology

Serial FRAM in 512 Kb and 1 Mb capacities; alternative choice for NOR flash

Microchip specializes its EEPROM by offering in smallest packages

SAMSUNG started shipping 16GB DDR3 DRAM memory modules for servers

Hynix Semiconductor validates MetaRAM based 8GB DDR3 RDIMM

Block-abstracted 8GB and 16GB NAND flash memory for media players

Less space consuming SD Card interface IC for cell phones

New SSD memory controllers support external DRAM interfaces

New EEPROM chips operating at 1.5 Volts for both read and write operations

1.2Gb and 2.5Gb DDR1 integrated memory modules for hi-reliability apps

Flash memory controller for SSD, and CFCs

New NAND flash, DRAM, and software from Micron to kick-start the growth

DSCC approved 32Mb & 64Mb hermetic flash memory modules

First validated 40-nanometer class DRAM

Samsung releases 4Gb DDR3 DRAM chip amid the weak memory market

256-Kilobit serial F-RAM with I2C interface

Serial SRAM with SPI interface for embedded system applications

1-Gigabit XDR DRAM works at speed of 7.2 GHz

Long-wire ZIF probe tips for DDR, GDDR memory validation

4-Megabit F-RAM memory in FBGA package

512GB solid state drive using 43nm Multi-Level Cell NAND

1Gb+ serial NAND flash memory for embedded applications

Hynix is first in achieving 2Gb capacity in single package Mobile DRAMs

7Gbps, 1Gb GDDR5 Graphics DRAM

512-Kilobit Serial F-RAM with high-speed read/write performance

16 Gb monolithic flash memories manufactured using 43nm technology

Atmel's Low Power 1.8V 8-Megabit Serial Flash

NAND flash chip of 32 Gigabit in TSOP package

Hynix 512MB mobile DDR SDRAM works at 185 MHz

Samsung's new 8GB NAND is shipping in samples to mobile-phone makers

ST Micro Automotive grade NOR flash available up to 32 Mbit capacity

10MHz, 32Kbit SPI serial EEPROM from Microchip

Samsung develops 1GB low power DDR memory for cellphones

SST releases new 16MB 1.8V flash memory.

Serial flash memory with 16M capacity and each sector of 4K bytes.

Ramtron’s FM3130 is with 64KB of FRAM and real time clock/calender

FRAM of 512KB with SPI in 8 pin TDFN package with a max price tag of $7.62

Micron leads the market by releasing 1Gbit DDR3 RAM  

Blue ray discs of mammoth 50 GB capacity available from TDK

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