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Murata commercialized the 150℃ XRCGA_F_A series automotive crystal unit

1 Amp limited 8 channel switch senses overload, cuts-off and restart automatically

Schottky diode embedded SiC-MOSFET for traction and DC power applications

ULP RF ranging sensors for automotives to detect passenger movement

Smiths launches new EMI flange on its high speed NXS Connectors

Renesas unveils new microcontroller groups for motion control applications

Murata's new MLCCs with extended creepage distance for EV electronics

1.45 × 2.0mm size photorelay with high speed turn-on time for semicon testers

Flexible sheets from TDK solves magnetic interference problems in NFC

STM adds new MPU processor STM32MP2 with NPU AI for Industrial apps

Exclusive application-specific analog IC to flag over-temperature in electronics

RISC V friendly smallest GPU VLSI IP for consumer electronics SoCs

Samsung starts mass production of 16 GB DDR5 DRAM using advanced 12 nm process

ECG analyzing open-source AI model HeartKit from Ambiq for health care dev.

Wireless charging coils from Belfuse

Lattice packs more flash and hard IP and secures its new MachXO5T-NX FPGA

AMD Ryzen Z1 chips power exclusive Windows 11 gaming device

3D NAND process leveraging 3DX-DRAM offer 28 Gb with 230 layers

Silicon Interfaces enhances Functional Safety ISO 26262-Compliant ASIL C Services Solution for Automotive

AI chip monitors vibrations and aid in preventive maintenance of equipments

World’s first HI of QD Lasers on Tower's SiPho Foundry Platform PH18

Bourns offering planar transformers handling power upto 70 watts

ROHM Industry’s Smallest Class* of Short-Wavelength Infrared (SWIR) Devices Ideal for New Sensing Applications in Portable and Wearable Devices

Infineon enables next-generation automotive E/E architectures with industry’s first LPDDR Flash memory

Marvell Launches Industry's First 1.6 Tbps PAM4 Electro-Optics Platform for Cloud AI/ML and Data Center Networks

TDK releases GYPRO 4300 high stability digital MEMS gyro for dynamic applications

Agile Analog, the analog IP innovators, has extended its range of data conversion IP

XMOS launches the XVF3800: high-performance voice processor for collaboration applications

TDK offers very compact snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitors with 85 percent increased ripple current capability

Latest Wire Wound Chip Common Mode Choke Coils from Murata Exhibit Wideband Impedance Capabilities

Chip Resistors Offering High Reliability for Automotive Applications

XJTAG Makes Boundary Scan Project Creation Easier & Faster

Vishay Intertechnology Enhances Anti-Surge Thick Film Power Resistor in 0805 Case Size With Higher 0.5 W Power Rating

TDK offers very compact snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitors with 85 percent increased ripple current capability

Compact Size 4 Form A and 4 Form A 1 Form B 40A Power Relay for Energy Management Applications!

Good-Ark Semiconductor Low Capacitance DFN0603 ESD Protection Diodes

u-blox announces its first tri-radio stand-alone module featuring dual-band Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth LE and Thread

Digi Expands IoT Solutions for Medical, Smart Energy and Industrial Sectors with Newest Addition to the MP1 Family of System-On-Modules

Murata’s New Multi-Protocol Wireless Module Enables Simultaneous Use of Wi-Fi 6 and Matter

Compact Size 4 Form A and 4 Form A 1 Form B 40A Power Relay for Energy Management Applications!

New Bluetooth LE Module delivers industry’s lowest power consumption for IoT applications

TDK offers a wide range of inductors for Industrial Single Pair Ethernet (SPE)

PREMO releases Cutting-Edge Inductive Couplers for Electric Vehicle Sniffing

ROHM’s New 4ch/6ch LED Drivers for LCD Backlights: Contribution to Lower Power Consumption in Medium to Large Automotive Displays

ePower Stage Ics Boost Power Density and Simplify Design Across Power Budgets

ADLINK Unveils the New Intelligent Autonomous Mobile Robot for Complex Manufacturing Challenges.

pSemi Announces Industry-leading 5G mmWave Switch Reaches Volume Production

TLE/TDC Series POSCAP Conductive Polymer Tantalum Solid Capacitors

New microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics expand STM32U5 series, raising performance and energy efficiency for IoT and embedded applications

Fairview Microwave Launches New Low-PIM, In-Building DAS Antennas

Renesas Introduces New Gate Driver IC for IGBTs and SiC MOSFETs Driving EV Inverters

Renesas Announces Its First Wi-Fi Development Kit with Support for New Matter Protocol

Magnachip Introduces 8th-Gen 150V MXT MOSFET for Light Electric Vehicles

STMicroelectronics enhances digital power combination controller for overload stability and regulation

Industry’s Highest Rated Power Shunt Resistors in the 0508 Size: Contributes to Greater Miniaturization from ROHM

Pasternack Announces Expansion of 40 GHz Fixed RF Attenuators

Rockwell Automation Introduces Intelligent Edge Management Solution FactoryTalk Edge

OpenLight Announces Process Design Kit Availability with Industry's First Unified Electronic and Photonic Design Platform

Infineon achieves ISO/SAE 21434 process certification

New Magnetics Line Enhances Taoglas’ Connectivity Portfolio

Infineon introduces the industry’s first wide voltage range hot-swap controller with a programmable digital SOA control for data centers

ADLINK Launches Image Sensor Integrated NVIDIA Jetson Nano AI Camera Dev Kit for Easy, Rapid AI Vision Prototyping

MDT Introduces AMR Angle Sensor Series at SPS and Electronica

Infineon’s REAL3™ ToF imager enables advanced obstacle avoidance and smart navigation in DREAME’s new vacuum cleaning robot W10 Pro

Honeywell introduces HONEYWELL FORGE PERFORMANCE+ for Industries and expanded cpabilities across offerings

Fairview Microwave Releases Line of 12G SDI Interconnects

Pasternack Launches New Line of Waveguide Frequency Multipliers

Silicon IP cores optimized for metaverse and other AR/VR glasses

A new processor from Renesas RZ/V has built-in vision AI accelerator

Wi-Fi 7 SoC from MaxLinear for gateways, Wi-Fi routers

Epson shrinks its already small SPXO crystal oscillator further 54% smaller

Toradex announced BSP layers and reference images for Yocto Project 6.0.0

ADI and Keysight jointly providing design and test for phased array tech

High-efficiency PWM controllers for flyback AC/DC converters

Offline AC-DC primary-side PWM controllers for flyback converters

Gain blocks for wireless range of 1.4 to 7.1 GHz covering 4G/5G

TDK offers clip-on NTC sensors for heat pumps in e-mobility

Professional embedded software for STM32 MCUs on GitHub for free

IP67-rated waterproof tactile switch for rugged applications

AEC-Q100 qualified automotive op-amps for signal conditioning

Cloud-based software enables centralised firmware/BIOS mgmt of computers

New PFC boost controllers from STMicro saves a lot of external circuitry

Arbitrary wave generator capable of 256 GS/ S and 80 GHz BW

Achronix buys IP and expertise from Accolade to strengthen its SmartNIC solution

MaxLinear SoC chips enable network independent home gateway

BAW filter powered range-enhancing Wi-Fi FEM for smart home and IoT

Neural and AI image signal processing VLSI IP to support computer vision

Qorvo offering a broad and complete 1.8 GHz DOCSIS 4.0 chips

STMicro's lowlight image sensor saves one LED in driver monitoring system

High current fast acting battery fuse for energy storage rack

20Gbps redrivers for USB4 Gen3, Thunderbolt 4.0 and DisplayPort 2.0 in personal computers

Smart optocoupler monitors VCE and VDS of the switching transistor

Switching transformers for EV and industrial offers high dielectric strength

8.65-60 V and 2.4A industrial grade fast responding solid-state load switch

Global wearable band shipments of 41.7 million units in Q2 2022 up by 2%

SiC MOSFET power modules in full bridge and T-type topology

SIA: Global semiconductor revenues down by 2.3% in July 2022

L-band GaN-on-SiC power amp deliver 60% up in power efficiency and 70% smaller in size

Space-saving, high current 20-80 A SMT automotive power inductor is AEC-Q200 Compliant

Mitsubishi to ship samples of tunable laser-diode chip for 400Gbps optical n/ws

Toshiba launches significantly better 3rd gen SiC 1200V/650V MOSFETs

C&K offering its AYZ, PCM & JS slide switches with goldplated contacts

High-rel ease-of-use connectors for rail and embedded applications

Industrial grade aluminium electrolytic capacitors for long-lasting high-rel electronics systems

Space-saving stepper motor driver IC for printers and such applications

Qorvo' new RF GaN-on-SiC pallet for avionics and radar applications

TDK Qi compliant planar wireless power coil offering multiple benefits

Automotive power module for electric vehicle: market, product and features

Silicon photonics chip and DSP coupled without external driver

New 5G, low-PIM, in-building DAS antennas

Make in India PCB: Highly reliable aerospace-grade PCB

Make in India Electronic Component: Automotive-grade power resistor as current sensor

Make in India smartphone component: Tactile switch with side press

Make in India semiconductor device: Automotive grade TVS to protect data lines

20 A rated ferrite bead to suppress noise over DC power lines in Evs

Ultralow current tiny electromechanical switch for medical and IOT devices

Automotive complaint 40V, 600mA sync buck converter IC from diodes

TouchGFX 4.20 enables STMicro' MCUs with high graphics performance

Embedded eco-system from STMicroelectronics for building asset tracking systems

BorgWarner gains fast charging expertise by acquiring Rhombus Energy

STL supports India's 5G push by launching suite of optical products

700MHz TV band 50W Silicon RF power MOSFET module for 2-way Radio

Large size weatherproof polycarbonate NEMA enclosures

Triad Satellite RF electronic products for LEOs lasted over 16 years

Vincotech new booster for solar inverters feature low inductance

Amphenol to sell Eaxtron' electric vehicle battery connector

USB4 ESD devices protects USB4 and HDMI 2.1 interfaces

Top 5 automotive hall efffect sensors for modern ADAS and EV cars

MaxLinear' new modem SoC for high capacity less costing backhaul n/ws

PCI Express 5.0 supporting interface chips from Diodes

Outdoor illuminated Keyswitch for motor bikes

ST's new chip ST-ONE pairs with GaN FET to save power

Micron is sampling industrial grade 1.5 TB microSD card

STMicro ML design software to support its smart sensors

Programmable digital attenuator for RF and microwave applications

Sensor and analog IC for humidity and temperature

Addon driver safety system for Forklift vehicles

YAGEO’s low equivalent series inductance MLCC capacitors

Ambarella’s CV2FS automotive AI perception SoC ASIL C certified

Low profile, AEC-Q200 qualified DC-Link metallized polypropylene film capacitor

1.6 watt capable NFC reader Ics from STMicro drive antenna directly

AEC-Q100 automotive qualified current sensors for your electric vehicle design

Top 5 low power MCUs - secure high processor performance per watt

Space saving 24 x 26 x 2.6 mm LTE Cat 4 wireless module

Bidirectional TVS for automotive handle high surge of 3 kW at 10/1000 μs

Top-4 TVS diodes for high-speed signal line protection

Top-5 tiny thumnail size SOM embedded computer modules

Tiny automotive 170 MHz crystal oscillators with CMOS output from Epson

Analog signal chain: top 10 latest Op Amps for your system design

Wireless power and wearable supporting tiny 25mA Li -ion charger IC

PCIe 3.0 packet switch IC support 32 lanes of SERDES

Murata's IoT wireless module deliver Wi-Fi 6 and Bt 5.3 in small size

13.9 mm2 GaN FET deliver power density of 1472 W/in3

Low power ARM Cortex A7 MPU for AI image and audio/speech processing

Short travel, high tactile ratio, long life tactile switch

Space saving GaN FET power Ics for fast charging in smartphones

High-rel MEMS pressure sensor also measures two temperatures for IIoT

Vishay's high-rel thin film wraparound chip resistors feature power density

STMicro’ 200mA low-noise LDO operate with low Vin of 1.1V

DuPont's GreenTape LTCC based AiP can replace PCB antennas for 5G

Tactile switch can be switched on/off 5 million times

Schottky rectifiers feature highest ever current density of 800A/cm2

Opto Diode launched infrared emitter and also a detector

Hall-effect switches for brake fluid, seat-belt and brake light sensing

Tiny AI Chip mimics like adding brain to the sensor

Flexible automotive 3-phase gate driver from ST with lots of safety features

Hot cake Infineon' XENSIV PAS CO2 sensor shows leadtime of 53 weeks

A new Bluetooth antenna board from u‑blox for indoor positioning

Radiation tolerant ultra-narrow linewidth laser for LEO satellite applications

Lattice Semi updated its mVision solution stack

Silicon Carbide MOSFETs from ROHM selected by Lucid

Dual-MOSFETS for driving motors in base stations

New 0402 anti-surge pulse power resistors from KOA Speer for automotive electronics designs

Wirepas Massive available on Silicon Labs BG21 and BG22 modules and SoCs

Flagship Devices from The Top Two OEMs Driving Shipments of 5G mmWave Smartphones to 128 Million in 2021

AEC-Q100 Grade 2 qualified dual power rail I2C Bus GPIO expanders

EMCORE's new Quartz MEMS Tactical Grade IMU replaces legacy ring Laser gyro

AEC-Q100 compliant ultra small DC DC converter for automotive applications

Intel new processors for the diverse and growing PC market in 2021

Latest advanced wireless battery management solutions from TI

Stacked-die DMS chip packs 1.1 trillion ops/sec processing power

GaN MMIC amplifier delivers up to 100 W in a 7 x 7 mm QFN package

LEON5FT and NOEL-V processor available for PolarFire FPGA

MEMS accelerometer from TDK deliver precision in tough environment

View and share your Tek scope' waveform on the cloud

Gen2 Lattice Mach-NX FPGA for cyber security in range of systems

40 A capable flat helical winded inductors for DC-DC converters

Single wafer drying equipment from TEL uses supercritical fluid

Antennas for heavy duty harsh environment applications

Flexible PMICs can be configured easily for broad applications

SuperGaN 650 V FET with on-res of 15 milli-ohms for EV

DC/DC modules can source 100s Amperes to AI accelerator boards

Teledyne's ARM Cortex based space processor withstands100krad dose

Open FPGA stack from Intel for hardware accelerators

ISO26262 ASIL Grade D safety certified secure flash memory device

Extremely narrow beam capable LiDAR for use in autonomous sys

Micron ready to mass produce UFS multichip package with LPDDR5 DRAM

BLE, Zigbee and OpenThread integrated LP MCUs for large scale IoT

2.2 Amp rated single coil fan and pump driver chip for home appliances

Photodiode and analog front end integrated SpO2 sensor for wearables

4K graphics controller for in-vehicle remote display applications

AI demands a different procesor unit, not the present CPU, GPU and FPGA turbo

Digital temperature sensor from ams with higher accuracy for cold storage

POLYTEDA released latest version of PowerDRC/LVS

ADI continues to push the boundary of analog front end chips in def/aero

Hitachi launches Lumada Software Stack for IIOT

Automotive reference design system for ADAS

Open-Silicon completed silicon validation of its HBM2 IP subsystem in TSMC's 16nm

Cypress added iCloud support to its IoT Development Platform

Corelis adds new queued transaction capabilities to I2C Bus Analyzers

Neural AI processor in a USB stick offers 100 Gflops performance

ESD-Clamping Diodes from STMicroelectronics meets size and performance requirements

Sundance unveils PC/104 embedded module of 40 GFLOPS DSP processor performance

Rearview image video pocessor IC from Intersil does not freeze video and delay is no more than 0.5S after rev gear

Samsung heading to become no. 1 chip vendor amid investing hugely in giga semiconductor and OLED fabs

Abhi Y. Talwalkar appointed to AMD' Board of Directors

Facial recognition-based biometric authentication expands to ATMs

Apple's preference of Samsung's AMOLED for its iPhone 8 drives the market

CoEs in karnataka for learning skills in Industry 4.0, solar and automation

256 Kbit FRAM with SPI interface operates up to temp of up to 125°C

Renesas RZ/G1E based SMARC module for mutiple embedded applications

STM32 MCU kit for connecting to Amazon cloud

200-mm GaN-on-Si wafers using std CMOS equipment achieved by X-FAB and Exagan

VCO integrated 53.125 MHz-13.6 GHz RF synthesizers with improved noise performance

1200V SiC JBS diodes from ST for wide range of power electronics applications

New high resolution audio processor IC from Rohm

Anti-tampering switch series from C&K

Telit teaches IoT through its IoT University

Thermal imaging camera for electronics design

Telink adds security inside BLE chip; Releases updated SDK for Apple’s HomeKit

DuPont Performance Materials unveils 3D Printing Materials

Automotive door-zone controllers from STMicroelectronics integrate power-management and failsafe circuitry

Compact MIMO tech antenna and RF module for 5G base stations

Sondrel added two sales managers, one for Europe and other for Israel

Digital marketing expert Chris Cook named as CMO of Cypress Semiconductor

Semiconductor market 2017 spiked by DDR DRAM and flash memory chips

World's smallest crystal measures 1 x 0.8 MM for smart phones and wearables

EMCORE reveals 6.5 GHz bandwidth lasers for DAS applications

TI unveils integrated buck-boost DC/DC current controller

Renesas’ Synergy platform expands – Wi-Fi, MCUs and SQA documentation added

Kionix unveils a new 3-axis accelerometer

ADLINK announces new Machine Vision products including smart camera

ST releases tiny 2.6A brushed DC motor driver for IoT devices

Diodes Incorporated launches 1800W TVS for automotive applications

Toshiba adds more products to its line-up of new-gen transistor arrays

The new STM32L4 MCUs score 273 in EEMBC CoreMark

New JRC unveils FM IF demodulator with phase shifter-less for voice

QuickLogic releases Aurora software for evaluation of ArcticPro eFPGA IP

NXP unveils new S32K microcontroller platform for Automotive-grade software

Xilinx’s reVISION to expand vision-guided machine learning applications

Xilinx to showcase it’s high speed DCI solutions at OFC 2017

NXP’s new ARM Cortex-M4-based MCUs with embedded SRAM for Portable Devices

ON Semiconductor continues to progress in IoT through its new IDK

Intersil releases 1-chip Rad Hard 32-channel driver for Satellite applications

Silicon Motion extends BGA SSD solutions to support 3D NAND

Kyocera introduces 6.2" LCD display for Industrial and Medical Applications

Express Logic unveils industrial-grade IoT device-to-cloud connectivity platform

ams’ 3.5mm jack interface allows ANC headsets run battery-free

QuickLogic integrates “Alexa” voice trigger in its EOS S3 sensor platform

Pulse Electronics releases AEC-Q200 qualified current sense transformers

1310nm CW laser and laser arrays from NeoPhotonics are now available

Diodes introduces dual MOSFETS for Automotive applications

CAST’s new CAN FD transceiver daughter card available

ARM Cortex M0+ 32-bit microcontroller with built-in LCD driver for datalogging

Space saving DC/DC boost converter IC for wearables and consumer IOT

Chip antennas for the new Narrow Band IoT

Compact inverter for electric driven vehicles delivers 86 kVA/L of power for 2 motors

8-Bit microcontroller based SOC chip for drone, robot, and many more applications

Deep node VLSI: Tool automatically adds interconnect pipelines to close timing

A single platform with secure RToS, security element and microcontroller chip for your IOT

USB 3.0 Camera for machine vision applications

Tiny oscillator device packs both crystal and integrated circuit chip

Supercapacitors to power your IOT

NCI 2.0 Compliant NFC IC For IOT wearable and contactless payment devices

Smallest Bluetooth 5.0 IC chip from Swiss company EM Micro

Speech recognition enabled Smart Microphone responds to your voice commands

3 A continuous current from 4.5-14 V in 3x 3 mm PQFN packaged DC-DC regulator

IESA Vision Summit 2017: The perfect storm is forming

Rugged mil-grade Joystick with tactile feedback from Grayhill

NeoPhotonics sampling 400G CFP8 transceiver modules for data centre app

Small footprint accelerometer can be set for either low-power or low noise

Wolfspeed expands C3M SiC MOSFET Platform to 1200V

Support for 5G, Wi-Fi and wireline and mmWave in a single home gateway SoC

WVGA TFT-LCD modules from Mitsubishi for rugged applications

150 million+ TI made ADAS automotive chips assisting drivers on road

Cypress electron-locking flash memory tech gets mass produced at UMC