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Analog Last update: 9th Jun 2021

Top Stories

Victor Peng to be the CEO of Xilinx and Brian Crutcher for TI

Analog semiconductor expert Maxim names new sales head for Greater China and rest of Asia

MPS files a lawsuit against Intersil

Analog to acquire Linear, and the Softbank to acquire ARM

Intersil appoints Sunny Gupta as Senior VP

Freescale+NXP and the variable

Intersil acquires Great Wall Semiconductor

Consistent growth for TI from Analog ICs

Winners of TI Innovation challenge and ADI's Anveshana in India

Freescale and NXP merge to form 9th biggest semiconductor company in the world

Intersil appoints two senior executives

Analog IC market lead in growth over logic and others

AMS Dialog merger deal not worked

TI promotes Brian Crutcher to executive VP, Steve Anderson to lead Analog

STMicroelectronics hosts IEEE workshop on advanced analog design

Analog IC market research 2013 update by IC insights

ADI sold its microphone business to InvenSense

Fairchild names x-TI Chris Allexandre as SVP, global sales

Bing Xie appointed as VP of TI's worldwide sales and marketing

Maxim to acquire Volterra Semiconductor

Growth in analog and embedded sales gets TI 8% quarterly growth

TI narrows its 2nd Q 2013 outlook to US$2.99 -3.11 B

Shipments of touch screen panels in 2013 to rise by 34%, as per IHS

ADI reports 6% q-o-q sequential revenue growth in its fiscal 2nd Q 2013

Researchers find a way to build effective filtering circuit on-chip at low cost

Vincent Roche is the new CEO of ADI

Intersil appoints Mark Downing as Senior VP, strategy and business development

TI strengthens analog and embedded while its 1Q 2013 revenue down by 3.15% q-o-q

Toshiba's analog IC focus in 2013

Accellera completes SystemC Analog/Mixed-Signal 2.0 extensions

ST Microelectronics to focus on sensor, analog, discrete power and embedded

TI trims employee-size to align its biz more on non-mobile tech

Analog’s Jerry Fishman continues as CEO; Vincent Roche promoted as President

IDT acquires Alvand Tech and ADC/DAC product-line from NXP

TSMC and ADI collaborate on new analog process to make precision Ics

Intersil partners with Micross Components for precision analog IC offerings

Murata completes purchase of Renesas's high-power amp biz

RFHIC licenses doherty amplifier patents from Cree

Skyworks and AnalogicTech amend their merger agreement

ST extends radiation hardened analog devices for aerospace

Linear's high-speed ADCs now falls under less stringent U.S Export regulations

Moortec employs Synopsys' tools to tape out its analog IP

Analog Devices acquires Lyric Semiconductor

Fairchild to launch devices for mobile audio

Class D amplifiers preferred by premium audio system makers for Automotives

U.S. antitrust review ends for TI acquisition of National Semiconductor

Innofidei's Chip-set is designed using Cosmic's linear regulator IP

Semiconductor vendor ranking in 2010; the movers and shakers as per IHS iSuppli

Fairchild Semiconductor reported 1Q 2011 sales of $413 million, up 4% sequentially

The missing blocks TI fills by acquiring National Semiconductor

TI acquiring National Semiconductor is not a smart move

Japan tremors and tsunami will pass through the global semiconductor industry

National Semiconductor reports sales of $343.9 million for its 3Q 2011

Panasonic packs precision analog and motion sensor electronics in 2x2 mm chip

NXP Semiconductor invests into tech of high business differentiating potential

ST registers 6.6% quarterly revenue growth in 4Q 2010

Analog IC startup Icsense' revenue and profit grow by 30%

Strategy Analytics's tech predictions for 2011

NXP terms its latest business divestment as another milestone

Inphi shipped 100 Million+ analog semiconductor chips for Giga bit speed applications

Copper replace gold as on-chip interconnects in high-end analog semiconductor chips

Fairchild Semiconductor Increases Focus on Mobile Handset Market

Hisense awards Fairchild Semiconductor as core supplier

ADI's ADCs power NI's eye movement based user interface for gaming apps

Fairchild Semiconductor expands strategic partnership with Sichuan Changhong Electric Co

New programmable analog architecture from Advanced Linear

ST's MEMS, MCU & Analog: Ingredients for 100s of innovative product ideas

Databeans: ADI is number one vendor of ADC and DAC ICs with 46% market share

Semiconductor industry sales forecast for 2010: SIA; 28.4%, Gartner; 27%

Analog Devices is into super growth mode

Microsemi completes acquisition of White Electronic Designs

AudioCodes Acquires NSC

Robust market demand for semiconductor devices in 2010

Latest semiconductor market stats from SIA and IDC

The market growth to continue for semiconductor industry in remaining quarters of 2010

TI to install Qimonda's fab assets to speed up its analog fab expansion

Analog Devices expands its facility in Bangalore

Maxim acquires Teridian to gain market share in e-meter semiconductor market

Socle's System-on-Chips are designed with Cosmic Circuits' Analog IP cores

Widex employs Mentor's analog/mixed-signal simulators to its wireless chips

Newark to sell, support and stock austriamicrosystems' Analog ICs

Enel selects ST Micro chips for its electronic power meters

Semiconductor industry is cautiously optimistic on next phase of growth

Slight increase in quarterly revenues of Analog Devices in 2Q09

austriamicrosystems' MEMS microphone analog IC records 1billion shipments

Intersil gained a key noise killing technology by acquiring California based Quellan

ADI's AD9042 ADCs to convert analog signals inside Hadron Collider

NEC develops new ADC architecture for better signal accuracy and smaller-size

AMS and Fraunhofer partnering to develop magnetic encoder ICs

Components from Analog Devices and Infineon connect to form automotive safety systems

Altera and National shake hands to route video signal inside the car

Fairchild Semiconductor shutting two of its six Fabs

Infineon get a business contract from Bosch in power semiconductor domain

National Semiconductor enhance smart solar energy capabilities by buying Act Solar

Fairchild Semiconductor's podcast teaches PFC basics and applications

Interview with Mr. Apoorva Awasthy of TI on new low power ADC driver ICs from TI

Microchip to conduct hands-on workshop on latest motor-control solutions

Dr. Biswadip (Bobby) Mitra is named as president and managing director of TI India

Analog Devices acquire technology to strengthen power line communication capabilities

Its market boom for green semiconductor products

National Semiconductor's new technology can help solar PVs to manage the shade better

Analog devices post 28% revenue drop in its fiscal first Q 2009 compared to previous Q

Q4 2008 revenues freeze semiconductor industry to a dope less silicon

TI buys CICLON Semiconductor to power its power supply IC business

DC/DC converter specialist Advanced Analogic's revenues for 4Q08 down by 26.8%

Analog Devices filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Hittite Microwave

Kenet select Richardson Electronics to sell its ADC ICs

Micrel and Cyan partner to jointly develop industrial RF modules

Drop by drop collection of very low voltage with energy harvesting technology

TI appoints Kent Novak as senior VP and GM for DLP products

Free updated SPICE models and evaluation board for analog circuit design from ADI

Analog's 4Q revenue grow due to Wireless comm market growth

TSMC incorporates Magma's Titan AM into its analog design environment

Simon Yu is appointed as VP and MD for National Semiconductor Asia Pacific Region

State-of-art analog design research center coming up in Dallas

Wipro-NewLogic and IN2FAB launch analog IC design porting services

Maxim integrated products to acquire Mobilygen

ON Semiconductor and Catalyst Semiconductor merging process completed

Broadcom acquired digital TV business from AMD

Debiotech and ST micro successfully develop a prototype of automatic insulin pump

Catalyst Semiconductor proves small analog companies can perform well

Fairchild and Zilker Labs partner to manufacture digital power products

Vitesse's storage semiconductor unit is sold to Maxim

Tesla Semiconductor, a new analog semiconductor R & D venture in Bangalore

Indian Institute of Science is the leadership-university partner of Texas Instruments

Seiko Epson to manufacture mixed signal ICs For Maxim Integrated Products

National Semiconductor has acquired Xignal Technologies

Analog Devices and Legend Silicon together open a design lab in Shanghai

Fairchild Semi to buy System General of Taiwan.

Free designer guide on Instrumentation Amplifiers from Analog Devices   

Shanghai based AP Semiconductor is agreed to merge with Analogic Tech


New Products

Latest advanced wireless battery management solutions from TI

Photodiode and analog front end integrated SpO2 sensor for wearables

ADI continues to push the boundary of analog front end chips in def/aero

ADCs support lesser signal chain power

Analog Front-End analyzes power supply pollution

Analog Front End IC for ECG

14-Bit 125MHz digital-to-analog converter from Datel

Analog IC for interfacing electrochemical gas sensor

4ch Power Amplifier IC for car audio prevents speaker burnout

32-bit ADCs from TI offers high-resolution at low noise and offset drift

Analog front end for multiple sensor interfacing to MCUs or FPGAs

Wide dynamic range supporting sensor interface front end amplifier

Hard macro IP for Phase-Locked Loop functions in SoC design

50% reduction in the entire analog design flow, claims Pulsic

45W × 4ch audio power amplifier chip for car audio, operates down to 6V

Zero-drift Op Amps from ST

16-bit, 310 MSPS dual ADC can detect and isolate weak signals

64GSPS ADC and DAC semiconductor ip cores for 32nm

4 GSPS speed capable 12-bit ADC

3.5Wrms rated class D audio amplifier for Ultra books and tablets

Low noise rail to rail op amp

Replacement Op Amp ICs for ADI's AD8051, AD8052 and AD8054

ICsense designs ASIC for world's first MEMS speaker

Chip from TI senses inductance and converts to digital data

Maxim's digital isolator based ref design eliminates optocouplers

Precision and low-output noise rad-hard voltage references

ADC, processor IP, DSP software from synopsis for developing sensor interface

28 nm enhanced ADC, DAC, PLL IP from Synopsys for SOC design

Rad-hardened precision 40V 19MHz op-amp offer best SET performance

Quad 16-bit 1.5 Gsps DAC with 750 Msps i/p data rate with JESD204B interface

Analog front end reference design for medical electronics

Demonstration circuit by ADI for a loop powered HART

DAC from ADI with relative accuracy of ±2-LSB INL, 2-ppm/°C 2.5-V reference

Wideband Fractional-N PLL with Integrated VCO

8-bit 1000 MSPS ADC and a track-and-hold amplifier in a chip

Intersil launches low-noise 24-bit ADCs for electronic weighing scales

500kHz gain bandwidth product op-amps from Holtek support rail-to-rail i/p and o/p

Low power analog comparators from Touchstone Semiconductor

3.2W class-D audio amplifier IC from Nuvoton for consumer devices

ADI brings analog circuit design lab on your study table

Not-so-expensive sensor-interface op-amp from ADI for process control sys

TS881 comparator IC from ST can operate down to 1.1 V

Differential amplifiers for high-speed ADCs offer high OIP, low noise and distortion

3.2W Class-D power amplifier with 12dB of fixed gain for mobile devices

Class-D amp IC from NXP for cars support high-ohmic speakers

CMOS Op Amps from NJRC with operating current of 290 nano-Amps

AFE for digital x-ray packs precision

NV Digital potentiometers with resistance tolerance of +/-1%

TI delivers first ultrasonic analog front end with digital demodulator

14-bit, 250-MSPS, dual channel A/D converter from Analog features JESD204B

ST’s advanced CMOS manufacturing process delivers 16V op-amps for sensor electronics

3-channel A/D converter for energy meter design works with shunt resistor

Digital i/p class D amplifiers from Maxim feature higher clock jitter tolerance

14 and 16-bit DACs for single/multicarrier RF and IF synthesis

AFE for ECG signal conditioning in wearable health devices

10-bit, 8-channel ADC converts 65 MSPS at SNR of 61.6 dB

Full-bridge DMOS PWM motor driver IC from Allegro for automotives

Light detect IC for dark sensing consumes only nano Amps of current

Chip with amplifier and driver to connect directly to ADC input

14-bit ADC consumes 122 mW/channel at 125 MSPS and takes less space

NI Multisim Component Evaluator for simulation of linear circuits using ADI ICs

0.58V reference, 0.65µW voltage detector with dual o/ps from Touchstone

Analog input, class-D audio amplifiers from TI for soundbars and LCD TVs

3.5/2.5 GSPS direct digital synthesizers from ADI for frequency-agile wireless applications

TI’s detection and configuration switch IC automatically detects headset type

JESD204A-compatible 16-Bit, 1.25-GSPS, DAC IC from ADI for FPGA designs

Video amplifiers with short-to-battery protection from ADI for automotive applications

1.2µW Op amp, comparator and reference IC in a single chip from Touchstone

Maxim’s RF DAC delivers SDR transmitter solution supporting “Any-G to 4G”cellular standards

ICsense releases 1.8mA, 2.8 ps rms jitter fully integrated clean-up PLL

SAR analog to digital converter from TI with SPICE model

ADI releases 4-channel, 16-bit, 125-MSPS ADC for medical and communication sys

ADI introduces smaller packaged quad 12/14/16 bit DAC with improved DC performance

High fidelity Class-D amplifier technology in CSR's audio solutions

5mW fully differential amplifier from Linear Tech for driving 16/18 bit ADCs

Quad 14-bit, 125Msps µmodule ADC from Linear with integrated signal conditioning

Energy measurement analog front end from Microchip with two 24-bit ADCs

Linear's LTC2389-18 ADC with 18-bit and 2.5Msps no latency SAR

Voltage comparator IC with propagation delay of 200ns and consume 30uA

2mmx2mm measuring ADC Driver with 250 micro Amps quiescent current

AFE IC from ADI measure one voltage and up to six current channels

Multiplexer and switch ICs from Maxim support both below and above 5V signals

Automotive 16-bit delta-sigma ADC packs ref, PGA, mux and oscillator

500 MSPS capable 14-Bit ADCs with on-chip JESD204B interface

40V low power, high ESD quad amplifiers for industrial apps

Signal conditioner ICs from TI for high speed networking

Analog frond end chips from TI for femtocell boasts speed and processing power

High performace PLL chip-set from Hittite microwave

High performance op amp ICs from ST take less space

Voltage comparators from ST with propagation delay of 8ns and consume 470 micro amps

24-bit, 16-channel audio DAC chip provides 118dB SNR at 32 kHz to 192 kHz

LP digital potentiometers with max ±8% resistance tolerance

8 High speed ADCs in single chip for medical imaging systems

1mA consuming op-amps with 205 MHz BW and 560 V/us slew rate

TI claims its new 500-MSPS DACs priced $10 each are least expensive

Resistive touch screen controller ICs with pinch and stretch recognition

Wideband differential amplifier consumes power of 115mW, noise <10nV/vHz

2mmx2mm measuring 1.8V SPST analog switches from Vishay

2.7V-16 V single-supply and ± 2.7V-±8 V dual-supply range CMOS analog switch and multiplexers

TSM9938F and TSM9634F current-sense amps can replace MAX9938F and MAX9634F

Radiation hardened low noise precision rail-to-rail Op Amps

18 GHz PLL frequency synthesizer for wireless apps

4 new rail-to-rail high-speed amps feature 1 nV/vHz noise and 120-V/µs-slew rate

36V, single-supply, low-noise opamp for automotive apps

190 uA quiescent current, 14 nV/rtHz at 1 kHz noise, 1.8V to 5.5V voltage range op-amps

Dual-channel, programmable, 6-pole low-pass filters and VGAs in a single chip

Single and dual-channel 14-bit high-speed A/D converters to multimode digital receivers

High precision, 0.1 mA of power consuming dual 16-, 14- and 12-bit DACs

Free demo boards with 0.8V, 0.6µA opamps, ultra low-power voltage monitor ICs

True RMS-to-DC converter with 100 µV to 3 V dynamic ranges

12-bit, 1 MSPS, bipolar, 4- and 8-channel SAR ADCs for industrial PLCs

Zero-drift arch, 36V, 2MHz bandwidth dual-channel opamp

200 mA & 1.6 A active bias controllers for Class-A amplifiers

Single and dual comparators form Fairchild Semiconductor consume <10 micro Amps

National Semiconductor expands its analog frontend chips for precision sensors

Six channel analog front end IC for three-phase energy metering

16-bit delta-sigma ADC packs PGA, reference, temp sensor and multiplexer

14-bit ADC ADS4246 from TI uses 332 mW total power at 160 MSPS

Isolated amp and delta sigma modulator from TI for power electronics apps

Temperature-to-voltage converter with built-in series resistance cancellation

Instrumentation amp with high CMRR of 100 dB while consuming 75 uA

Current sense amp with dual comparators and a precision 400mV voltage reference

Analog startup Touchstone Semiconductor launches precision comparator ICs

Ultra-low noise, low-power low-distortion instrumentation amplifier from ADI

Temperature Switch IC to keep devices within a normal operating temp range

High performance differential RF/IF amplifier for driving high-speed ADC

PLL with Integrated VCO can generate an RF frequency between 35 MHz to 4400 MHz

New intrusion motion sensing IC from Zilog for security apps

600mA o/p current, 30V buck switching regulator MCP16301 from Microchip

Analog front end IC from ADI for automotive radars

Quad channel 16-bit ADC from TI delivers SNR of 84.6 dBFS

7mmx 7mm DAC from ADI deliver data rate of 1.2 GSPS at low-noise of -164 dBm/Hz

High-speed serial interface for ADC and DACs by NXP

25-W digital audio power amp for driving stereo bridge-tied speakers

Low power 12bit ADC consumes 660 MW at 500 MSPS

Anobit licenses Analog IP from Cosmic Circuits for designing memory controllers

FE module for wireless mobile devices combine Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios

Precision op amp from ADI offers zero drift and lowest voltage noise in the industry

Analog AFE IC from TI for ECG/EEG packs full of functions and performance

Analog switch array IC packs four 320V bidirectional relays for telecom apps

Digitally controlled IF VGA with low noise figure of less than 3.0 dB

10/12 bit 250 MSPS ADC and 14-bit 400 MSPS DAC VLSI IP from Synopsys

High-fidelity class AB audio amplifier ICs delivering 100dB Signal to Noise Ratio

16 bit, 1.25-GSPS DAC consumes 250 mW per channel

Clean out the clock jitter using National Semiconductor's LMK04800 ICs

ADCs with independently controlled voltage references

New energy-measurement system on chip (SoC) from Maxim

High IF sampling 14-bit, 170Msps, 210Msps and 250Msps ADCs

Current sense amplifier ICs with zero drift

High temperature withstanding instrumentation amplifier IC from ADI

Precision digital temperature sensors with registers and Serial EEPROM

2 channel, simultaneous-sampling SAR ADCs for power electronics apps

2.5-GSPS 14-bit DAC for designing wireless and cable apps

200 mA CMOS LDO in WCSP4 Package takes only 0.63 mm2 mounting area

National Semiconductor packs class D, class G amplifier and ALC in a small size chip

Analog IC design kit from TI for Indian EE students

Precision 24-bit ADC from Nuvoton for measuring instruments

New portfolio of 14-bit ADC IP-cores from Cosmic Circuits

Audio chip from ST can deliver quality audio even from damaged speakers

8-Channel analog multiplexer for mil/aerospace applications

Class-G headphone amplifier with an integrated DAC and power rails

Current sense amplifiers with ADC and op amp/comparator

TI brings to market new OPA opamp members for high-impedance sensor measurement

GPS LNAs from Maxim offer low 0.75dB noise figuret

Configurable analog front end ICs enable simple and configurable sensor circuit design

3.2 Watts audio class D amplifier measures 1 square mm in footprint

New 14/16 bit DACs consume less than 80µA quiescent current

Cosmic Circuits unveil 30 ADC IP cores in the speed range of 200 KSPS to 20 MSPS

The 4mm˛ size ADC converter chip with dual channels

Maxim's new ADC driver integrate gain resistors to reduce parasitics

Amplifier from ADI for apps where signals are interfaced to single-supply ADCs

3-channel, 200V driver IC from IR for class D audio applications

12-bit, 8-channel DAC from TI for multi-channel, high-density applications

Fully programmable radio SoC chip from Analog Devices

Precision op amps from Maxim with Vcc up to 36V

2-channel, 2MSPS, SAR ADCs from TI for portable data acquisition

TI unveils three families of 36-V single, dual and quad op amp

Op Amps from Microchip with a gain-bandwidth of 1.2 MHz for high-rel applications

ADI's energy metering IC with theft protection

14-bit ADCs from ADI drives dc to 1.35-GHz signals consuming 115 mW of power

Differential amplifier from Linear drives DC to 100MHz signals

New energy metering chip from NXP for non-billing electricity metering applications

24-bit ADC from Maxim offers 23.9-bit effective resolution

Analog front end chips from TI enable blood flow velocity display in ultrasound images

Intersil unveils first member of its 40V JFET-input precision op amps

16-bit ADC from ADI offer sample rates of 250 MSPS

Maxim's precision OP AMP for low-side current sensing in power modules

Digital monitor IC from Linear monitors system temp, voltages and currents via I2C interface

Noise-free power amps from ST for vehicles with auto engine start/stop

16-bit 1Msps serial SAR ADC from Linear Technology

Dual port Class H VDSL line driver amplifier from Analog Devices

Linear battery charger from Maxim with automatic USB enumeration

Op Amp from TI drives 16 bit ADCs with very low distortion

High voltage zero-drift bi-directional current sense amplifier from Analog Devices

1 microsecond to 33.6 seconds pulse generator IC from Linear Tech

New SDI cable equilizer from National Semiconductor for longer reach of broadcast video signals

Multistate, dual-channel, digital IF/RF VGA from Maxim

New single/dual/quad rail to rail SiGe operational amplifiers from Linear tech

New tiny WLAN power amplifier from Microsemi for cellular handsets

12-/10-bit mixed signal front ends from ADI for wireless and portable radio equipment

Class G and class H head phone amplifiers from austriamicrosystems

Measure RMS power in wirless sys using Linear's new LTC5587

Linear RMS RF power detector from National Semiconductor for 3G and 4G mobile handsets

16- and 12-bit DACs from Linear with full scale O/Ps of 2.5V and 4.096V

12-Bit 500MSPS ADC from Intersil draw 5 times less power than others

Class D amplifiers with anticlipping circuitry and voltage limiting from Maxim

Dual 16-bit 105 MSPS ADC from ADI for data acquisition systems

80 MSP 14-bit ADCs with JESD204A serial interface from ADI

Tiny op amp with quiescent current of 45 micro amps

New device from ST integrates multiple functions on a single microphone interface chip

12-bit SAR ADC from TI uses only 5 microwatts to smartly scan 4 ADC channels

24-bit DAC with integrated stereo line driver from Cirrus for home audio applications

Multichannel DAC with dynamic power control from ADI

11-bit, 200 MSPS low power ADCs from TI delivers up to 65 MHz of signal bandwidth

Security manager from Maxim draws only 1.5µA in standby mode

New Xtrinsic series of sensing solutions from Freescale

Low-power tiny comparator from ST for portable devices

ADI introduces new HDMI 1.4 transmit IC for portable multimedia designs

12-/10-/8-bit ADCs from Maxim consumes max. power of only 9.9mW

16-channel, bidirectional level translators from Maxim offers ±15kV ESD protection

10GHz RMS detector with 57dB dynamic range provides accurate RF signal measurement

RMS Power detector to measure frequencies in the range of 450 MHz to 6000 MHz

2.2W Class D boosted speaker amplifier for battery operated portable devices

1200MHz to 2000MHz dual downconverting mixer from Maxim

2x100W class-D power amplifiers from ST deliver audiophile sound quality

2W Class-D audio amp with integrated boost converter from TI for louder audio

5-GHz differential amplifier from ADI to drive ADC signals

16-bit DAC from ADI for remote industrial applications

3 new low capacitance multi-line RC EMI filters by AOS

4 new thermocouple amplifiers from ADI for K and J type thermocouples

ST is ready with 32nm high-K metal tech for ASIC chips

New PLLs from Peregrine Semiconductor operate in 50 MHz to 3.5 GHz range

New PLL synthesizer ICs and enhanced design software from Analog Devices

Maxim's semiconductor chip-guide and a website for medical electronics market

High-speed op-amp from National Semiconductor for low noise application

Two new class-D amplifiers from TI to enhance audio performance

Precision isolation amplifiers for industrial and renewable energy applications

Analog front-end IC for narrowband OFDM powerline communication

RF prescalers by Analog Devices consume low power

New codecs and DACs from TI to enhance audio quality in eBooks

8/10 bit DACs with single and dual-channel from Microchip

Low noise JFET input op amps by TI

Free op amp selection tool for filter design from Intersil

Zero drift instrumentation amplifiers from National Semiconductor for ultimate precision

Analog front-end chip for EEG and ECG medical equipments from TI

Quad 16- and 12-bit DAC with internal reference and SPI interface

Automotive-grade current-sense amplifiers with switches

Power ICs embedded with MOSFETs from NEC for controlling automotive lamps

ADI's quad-channel digital isolators are automotive qualified

ADI's popular low-noise op-amp ADA4898 now available in dual-channel

New 1.4V operational amplifiers from Holtek with quiescent current of 0.6 micro amps

7- and 8-bit, non-volatile, quad digital potentiometers from Microchip

Low voltage comparator from ST Micro for portable devices

1.7V digital potentiometers from Maxim for power-sensitive applications

Low-power, 500-kSPS, 16-bit ADCs from TI

3.2-W noise-filter integrated Class-D audio power amplifier IC for music portables

Fairchild Semiconductor's 4-channel video filter for STB and DVD markets

16-bit, 1Msps SAR ADC from Linear with 94dB SNR, ±4.096V input range

All-in-one motor controller IC for single-coil low-power brushless DC fans and motors

New piezoelectric energy harvesting power supply from Linear

40V, 1MHz synchronous step-down DC-DC controller from Maxim

LIN 2.1 transceiver IC for automotive apps

8-channel, 16-bit simultaneous-sampling ADCs from Maxim

SoundTerminal processor/power-amplifier IC from ST for home audio/video apps

USB host charger identification analog switch for notebook/netbook apps

Low power, high speed 14-bit ADCs from TI for defense and wireless apps

Mini USB interface analog IC enables a single connection for mobile external accessories

8-/10-/12-bit ADCs offering flexibility in resolution selection

12-bit, 1-GSPS Analog-to-digital converter from TI with 2.1 GHz input bandwidth

New 16-bit ADCs from ADI expands its low-power data converter portfolio

New simultaneous sampling ADCs from TI for power protection and motor control apps

New 10-bit 2.5 Gsps ADC from e2v for RF sampling apps

Dual channel analog front-end chip from Microchip for metering apps

High-speed sample-and-hold IC from Maxim for GPON optical line terminal systems

Dual-channel, 1.2-GSPS 16-bit DAC supporting complex modulation schemes

Industry's first pulse density modulated class-D audio amplifier from ADI

Single chip packs audio-DAC and line-driver functions for consumer electronics gadgets

Dual-channel, bipolar-input audio operational amplifier from TI

Miniature dual band power amplifier modules for mobile apps from Avago

New analog-input class-D amplifier IC for home-audio systems from ST

Quad-band polar EDGE power amplifier IC for 3G technology from Anadigics

Maxim's stereo class-D audio subsystem with DirectDrive headphone amplifier

New audio amplifier ICs for electronic, portable applications from Intersil

19-MHz, 36V precision JFET-input operational amplifier from Analog

Quad sink/source current DAC for DC-DC power-supply adjustments and tracking

Freescale's two-chip platform for electronic control solution

Class-D audio amplifier IC with speaker protection feature

New high-speed/ low-power difference amplifiers from Analog Devices

Integrated analog -output signal conditioners from Maxim

0.25-watt analog variable gain amplifier for cellular infrastructure applications

Dual channel, 16-bit, 160-MSPS, pipeline ADC offering best dynamic performance

ADI's new clock ICs replaces VCOs and any such costly oscillators

Operational amplifier with input bias current of 60 Pico ampere

Maxim's 1Gbps to 10.3Gbps quad linear equalizer for copper interconnects

Resistive touch screen controllers for large volume small formfactor embedded systems

140mW/channel quad 14-Bit, 125Msps ADCs from Linear

TI's new video amplifiers for low power consumption

New family of transimpedance amplifier for 10G, 40G and 100G optical ethernet

New analog video delay lines for video applications from Intersil

I˛C-controlled 7-bit current DAC

Low-power, high-performance, octal ultrasound front-end IC with programmable CWD

Smallest four channel ADuM744x digital isolators from Analog Devices

Cosmic Circuits tape out a chip with its ADC, DAC and voltage regulators cores

DAC with EEPROM to enable its configuration automatically on startup

New chip integrates 8-channel DAC and pre-amplifier for audio applications

Low power upstream amplifier for DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem

Linear's 16-bit octal DAC with voltage reference

16-Bit I2C ADC with precision voltage reference in small package

32-channel capable simultaneous-sampling 24-bit ADC

Low voltage digital controlled potentiometer with 1% resistance tolerance

Microchip stretches the precision capability of its operational amplifiers

On Semiconductor's digital potentiometers with I˛C- and SPI control interface

Maxim's new over voltage protectors with built in MOSFET

IC with dual hydrophone amplifier and ADC for use in marine streamer

ST brings minimum operating voltage of its operational amplifier down to 1.5 V

Single chip thermometer IC with RFID transceiver

200 kSPS, 8-channel, simultaneous sampling ADCs for power monitoring apps

4bit and 8bit voltage translators with automatic detection

New eight channel and single channel DACs with internal voltage reference

14-bit magnetic rotary encoder IC to convert rotational motion into electric signal

Analog Devices' new isolator IC is a replacement for opto-coupler in medical electronics

16 -bit delta sigma ADC of size 3mm X 3mm

New op amp from Intersil offers high-gain accuracy with zero drift

0.5mA to 200mA range current source devices

New low power ADCs from Analog Devices for high performance applications

Instrumentation amplifier for ultra-portable medical electronics equipments

Four channel class D audio amplifier driver IC

Quad digital to analog converter with built-in voltage reference

New 14-bit ADC from TI scales higher in bandwidth

Smart-Card interface IC at low price and low power consumption

Multifunction Audio IC with DSP, amplifier, driver, ADC, and DAC for smart phones

DSP based HD video IP camera reference design for security applications

Polyphase energy meter IC chipset eliminate use of current transformers

14-bit DACs performing direct digital synthesis for signals up to 3.6 GHz

Video filter amplifier for portable devices to link video to TV

Speakers-on-a-chip (SPoC) solutions for audio applications

Class-D audio amplifier IC for consumer audio applications

Check this new ADC from TI for high resolution, accuracy and linearity needs

Stereo amplifiers with 3D audio capabilities Deliver 2.8W per channel

16-Bit industrial DAC with high voltage and current outputs

High-speed amplifier targets 200Mbit/s Internet & HomePlug equipments

1 GHz FET operational-amplifier provides double bandwidth

LED driver with low dropout voltage, extends battery life

Low distortion differential RF/IF amplifiers to drive high-frequency ADCs

Software-compatible, multi-channel DACs for process-control applications

Three phase brushless DC motor driver with 3 A output current

Data acquisition chip for high slice CT scanners for improved image quality

Secure supervisor with integrated RTC and I2C interface

ADC drivers for applications of high resolution and precision

10-channel, level-shifter with built in op amp for LCD TVs and monitors

24-bit 192kHz DAC offers signal to noise ratio of 123dB

LED driver to drive up to fourty 120mA White LED lamps with color dimming

Low power, precision SAR ADC for high-density multi-channel applications

Current sense amplifier for precision monitoring of USB ports of battery operated electronics

High-speed op amp operating at 1 GHz for medical devices

New 8-bit, 130 MSPS ADCs from Maxim to consume less power

Tiny secure Digital (SD)/MultiMedia Card (MMC) level shifter

1.5A regulator delivers high efficiency light load for portable products

16-bit data-acquisition system with analog circuitry for sensor excitation

Load switches with low quiescent current of 1µA for biometric sensor modules

Level-translating ADC driver simplifies signal conditioning

Combined analog switch and audio amplifier IC offers space & cost saving

Digital amplifier supporting IIS digital audio signal input

High-speed 12-bit multi channel ADC

10-bit 2GSPS ADC and a 2.5 GHz fully differential amplifier

Low power audio codec for media players and such devices

Audio amplifier with fault detection for automotive instrument clusters

8-channel analog multiplexers for high-voltage systems

Six low power 12- and 14-bit ADCs with sampling rates up to 250 MSPS

Fully integrated frequency translator for in wireless communications

Cirrus Logic's new 24-bit DAC with on-chip line driver

New dual, 12-bit, 1.25Msps, simultaneous-sampling ADCs from MAXIM

12-bit contactless magnetic encoder IC AS5145 for automotive field

Maxim's current-sense amplifiers with wide input common-mode range

16-bit analog-to-digital converter with 200 MSPS Speed from TI

IR's 25W to 500W Class D audio power amplifier reference design

National Semiconductor's online tool for sensor signal path solutions

Industry's fastest two-bit auto direction detection translator from Fairchild

Op-amp with over-voltage protection from Analog Devices

High accuracy DAC featuring 18-bit monotonic performance from TI

New wide bandwidth DAC and amplifier development toolkit from TI

Smallest current-sense amplifier with high accuracy from MAXIM

New Stereo DAC with DSP function from AKM

Chipscale transformer based device from Analog Devices for data and power isolation

Intersil pack four instrumentation amps in single package

ST Micro's new op amp delivers low offset voltage over wide temperature

Linear's new 12/14 bit ADC simultaneously can take 6 inputs of 250 KSPS

New ADC drivers from Analog Devices to step up the performance of ADCs

Space saving software programmable DACs from Analog Devices

Analog Devices new Instrumentation Amplifier features better noise performance

Low power and precise voltage reference from Intersil

Maxim’s ADCs to accept 12V inputs and the range is programmable

Catalyst semiconductor adds 5 new 32-tap Digitally Programmable Potentiometers.

Microchip has launched 18 bit ADC in SOT-23 package

Low cost CS5530 Delta Sigma 24 bit ADC from Cirrus Logic

Toshiba's Three phase motor drivers for brushless DC motors

National Semiconductor's LM340X series can drive 1W to 5W rated LEDs for illumination applications

Linear"s LDOs can take I/P voltage of 4-80V and deliver O/P voltage of 1.2 to 60V @ 250mA.

32 x 32 cross point switch for high resolution QXGA display.

Linear’s LTC2910 monitors eight different voltages    ( +ve , –ve and Zero).

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