SensiML and Silicon Technology collaborates to improve Edge AI

Date: 16/10/2023
SensiML Corp and Silicon Technology have partnered to integrate SensiML's AI solutions with sensor-driven intelligence into products for Japanese OEM customers. Silicon Technology's engineers will help local customers evaluate and implement SensiML's toolkit.

SensiML's software creates efficient machine learning code that easily integrates with application firmware on microcontrollers, which span from 8bit to 32bit. By embedding intelligence into sensors and microcontrollers, SensiML empowers OEMs to develop intelligent, efficient, and reactive IoT devices with reduced power consumption and high real-time performance.

Japanese OEM customers can efficiently assess and adopt SensiML toolkit through the expertise of Silicon Technology's application engineers. This collaboration grants Japanese OEMs the opportunity to leverage SensiML's cutting-edge AI technology.

Some capabilities of SensiML are:
Voice keyword spotting
Acoustic event detection
Motion and gesture recognition
Predictive maintenance
Anomaly detection

The applications of these capabilities are:
Smart home devices
Industrial automation systems
Wearable technologies

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Silicon Technology to expand our state-of-the-art edge AI technology support in the Japanese market," said Chris Rogers, CEO of SensiML. "By combining our expertise, we can provide customers with unrivaled solutions for embedded AI."

"SensiML's AI technology is a game-changer for embedded systems," said Michitaka Murakami, General Manager, Marketing & Sales Division of Silicon Technology. "We are excited to partner with SensiML to help Japanese OEM customers to seamlessly integrate edge AI capabilities into their products, unlocking new levels of performance, efficiency, and intelligence."

SensiML teams up with Silicon Technology to democratize machine learning for IoT makers. By collaborating with local experts, SensiML aims to boost innovation and speed up the use of edge AI solutions in Japan.

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