SOI Industry Consortium Joins SEMI

Date: 19/01/2021
SOI Industry Consortium has joined SEMI as a Strategic Association Partner effective January 1, 2021. Objective is to connect members of both the semiconductor industry associations, where SEMI to deepen its materials technology focus and helps connect members with key players in SOI to collaborate and pursue new technology and business opportunities. The SOI Industry Consortium to also accelerate SEMI’s engagement in end-market applications such as 5G, IoT, automotive/mobility and medtech.

“SOI technology is a vital enabler of low-power, high performance semiconductor devices,” said Ajit Manocha, president and CEO of SEMI. “The SOI Industry Consortium brings to SEMI top-notch technology expertise and critical ecosystem connections while providing platforms and events that will foster collaboration and innovation across the SEMI membership. We welcome SOI Industry Consortium members as we continue to broaden our scope at SEMI to serve the full global electronics product design and manufacturing supply chain.”

“The integration of the SOI Industry Consortium with SEMI’s global reach, breadth of technology communities and industry-leading events will enable us to extend our technology expertise into new communities and harness the electronics industry’s collective power to develop new solutions,” said Carlos Mazure, chairman and executive director of the SOI Industry Consortium. “SOI Industry Consortium members will be better positioned to more effectively engage with the entire electronics manufacturing and design ecosystem while delivering innovative solutions to critical end-market applications SEMI now addresses.”

SOI Industry Consortium members can now access SEMI’s technology communities, smart initiatives across mobility, data/AI, medtech and manufacturing, and other strategic initiatives in areas such as advocacy, international standards, industry statistics, trade and regulations, and environment, health and safety (EHS).

“SOI technology enables novel low-power optimization techniques for rapidly growing edge processing applications demanding the highest levels of power efficiency,” said Ron Martino, senior vice president and general manager, NXP Semiconductors Edge Processing Business Line and member of the SOI Industry Consortium board. “Leveraging SEMI’s broad industry presence will further strengthen the ecosystem for technologies such as fully depleted SOI and RF SOI which will continue to play an important role in expanding local computing and data gathering devices."

"As a firm promoter and practitioner of FD-SOI technology, VeriSilicon has been committed to facilitating the establishment and development of the FD-SOI ecosystem,” said Wayne Dai, founder, chairman, president and CEO of VeriSilicon, and board member of SOI Industry Consortium. “We co-founded and co-sponsored the Shanghai FD-SOI Forum for seven consecutive years, and now the FD-SOI technology has been gradually adopted in the Internet of Things, automotive electronics, medical electronics, consumer electronics and other fields. After the integration with SEMI, we believe that FD-SOI technology will gain more room and resources for its further development, and will be better positioned to extend its technical advantages to a wider range of end-market applications."

All SOI Industry Consortium member companies to join SEMI’s global membership while retaining the SOI Consortium’s distinct self-governed community within SEMI, stated in the release.

Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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