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Date: 26-10-16

Biz card size board from Fujitsu compliant with Linaro's 96Boards specs

Fujitsu is offering business card size CPU board powered by Socionext ARM processor MB86S71. This business card size board is compliant with Linaro’s 96Boards specifications and runs Linux as an operating system. Fujitsu suggests this board named F-Cue as an excellent platform to develop embedded systems for set of applications which can be immediately used from field testing to commercial operations. Another interesting feature of this board is Fujitsu Electronics can customize F-Cue for smaller size and other various types of applications. Fujitsu to display this product at the Fujitsu Group booth at the Embedded Technology 2016 conference going to be held during 16-18 of November. Fujitsu says this board can make use of resources from the 96Boards community, such as various types of software made public by Linaro, and extension boards aimed at 96Boards. By connecting to extension boards which are also sold separately by Fujitsu Electronics, the engineers can easily add PCI Express and Ethernet interfaces to this board. Dimension of this board is 54 mm x 85 mm. What make this board quite a high processing performance and low power utilizing is it uses ARM big.LITTLE architecture using Cortex-A15 for big and Cortex-A7 for little. The other features include in standby mode it consumes lesser power, it supports DDR retention mode. it is also capable of advanced graphics processing with its GPU (Mali-T624). Fujitsu Provides Linux BSP which includes (Linux kernel, U-boot, device drivers) so that application development can be made in short time-frame. Middleware libraries, such as OpenGL and OpenCL, are also available. Fujitsu also assures to give flexible support for its customers in various situations, from application development to extension boards, also to system building and operations, if somebody wants to produce this boards at mass volumes that’s also possible.

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