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Date: 06-08-15

NFC evaluation board from ST for Wearables, IoT and ID apps

STMicroelectronics launched new CLOUD-ST25TA evaluation board based on its ST25TA02K chip for designing wearables, product identification, and smart-city applications for the Internet of Things (IoT). ST says "it contains everything that engineers need to start adding an NFC interface to any kind of electronic device, from Bluetooth audio products and wearable devices to NFC posters and business cards."

ST25TA02K chip from ST's ST25TA family covers range of NFC Forum Type 4 tag chips with EEPROM of memory size 512-bit up to 64-kbit with data retention times of up to 200 years and operate in the temperature range of -40°C to +85°C with endurance of 1 million erase-write cycles.

The targeted applications include Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth pairing, smart posters (e.g. storing URLs or triggering apps), Vcards containing contact details and ID photo, product identification, asset tracking, and a host of other consumer, industrial, and IoT applications.

Other key features of the ST25A family explained by ST includes:
Best-in-class RF performance that works effectively with ultra-small antennae, using a 50pF internal RF tunable capacitance.
Tiny UFDFPN5 (1.7 x 1.4 mm) package, making the devices ideal for wearables and other IoT applications where board space is at a premium.
Optional password protection to guarantee data security in the tag.
A 20-bit event counter that allows analytics to track the level of interest in the information contained in the tag.
A general-purpose output asserted every time an event occurs in the RF field. This output can be used as a wake-up signal for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and it does not require any external components.

ST25TA-CLOUD evaluation board is available now at a price of US$5.

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