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Date: 20-09-14

Small-cell test system from Anritsu for volume manufacturers

Telecom test equipment maker Anritsu has developed small cell manufacturing test solution that also supports technologies such as cellular, WLAN 802.11ac, Bluetooth, and location-based services (LBS).

MT8870A is optimized for high-volume manufacturing environments and is a cost saving alternative to spectrum analyzers and signal generators traditionally used in small cell production applications.
MT8870A allows semiconductor chipset and device manufacturers to standardize on a single solution to validate products that integrate numerous features.

Anritsu says With the Intel Transcede T2xxx and T3xxx product families for residential to enterprise segments and enterprise to Pico and Metro segments respectively, the MT8870A has the flexibility to increase the speed of the test and manufacturing process with dual-mode capable devices that support concurrent 3G and LTE operation.

"The small cell market is experiencing tremendous growth and the expectation is that deployments will continue to rise for the next five years. Anritsu recognized this market development and the dynamics it has created for device and chipset manufacturers. We are now able to offer a solution that effectively addresses the test complexities and market constraints associated with manufacturing small cells," said Pete Alexander, PhD, Vice President and General Manager of Anritsu Company.

Anritsu claims MT8870A occupies a footprint that is 50-75% smaller than test solutions with similar measurement capability.

MT8870A feature continuous frequency coverage from 10 MHz to 6 GHz and 160 MHz bandwidth. Four RF test ports per TRx module allow the MT8870A to support up to 16 RF connections or four 4x4 true MIMO devices.

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