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Date: 01-07-14

Grayhill expands line of 3K Series keypads

Leading electomechanical precision switch maker Grayhill has added a new 6 button keypad with a 2X3 key configuration to the 3K Series CAN-bus keypads. This addition to the 3K Series enhances Grayhill’s capabilities in developing custom dashboards and control panels to meet the unique price, performance and aesthetic requirements of each customer. With a compact format and sealed design, it is ideal for off-highway vehicles exposed to harsh weather conditions, dirt and vibration.

The standard sizes now include 2x3, 2x4, 4x2, 4x3, 4x5 and 3x5 key configurations. These configurations are available with standard keytop legends, although custom legends can be created to fit the needs of particular applications.

The 3K Keypad replaces rows of rocker and toggle switches with a single integrated electronic device. For easy vehicle integration, these keypads communicate on CAN-bus using the J1939 or CAN-open protocol. The communication protocol enables real-time control of function indicator illumination and legend brightness.

Field proven, these keypads are specified to perform in extreme temperatures where exposure to sunlight, driving rain and snow are common. Further, 3K Series keypads are built and tested to withstand the vibration and shock that is expected off-road.

Source: Grayhill

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