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Date: 30-04-14

ARM-Cortex-M0 based PSoC 4

Cypress Semiconductor has introduced ARM-Cortex-M0 based PSoC 4 device integrating programmable digital and analog peripherals, for functions such as Timers, Counters, Pulse Width Modulators (PWMs), I2C and Comparators for consumer and industrial applications. These devices available in 3 x 3 x 0.6 mm sized package.

“The PSoC 4000 family is the world’s lowest cost ARM-Cortex-M0 system-on-chip with the right mix of performance, power and peripherals to make migration to 32-bit a no-brainer,” said John Weil, Senior Director of PSoC Marketing and Applications for Cypress’s Programmable Systems Division. “There is no simpler way to design your next-generation product with this robust core and the added value of a sophisticated capacitive sensing solution.”

The PSoC 4000 devices enable touch user interface designs with up to 16 CapSense I/Os that can be used to implement buttons, sliders and proximity sensors. Operating from 1.71V to 5.5V, the PSoC devices are ideal for a wide range of regulated and unregulated battery applications, including single coin cell battery operation.

The PSoC 4000 family is currently sampling with production expected in May 2014. Parts will be available in 8-pin SOIC, 16-pin QFN, 16-pin SOIC or 24-pin QFN packages from Cypress and its authorized distributors, with some parts available for only $0.29 each at quantities of 1,000 units.

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