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Date: 11-10-17

EDA firm POLYTEDA focuses on Asia VLSI market

POLYTEDA, an Ukraine based EDA software company offering cloud-ready tool for physical verification of integrated circuits, is setting its eye on the Asian market.

POLYTEDA is Golden Sponsor of  3rd ISSE National Conference on Complex Engineering Systems of National Importance in Chandigarh, India on October 13-14. POLYTEDA is supporting its customers in India through its partner Cadre Design Systems.

POLYTEDA offers VLSI chip design physical verification tools. The officially qualified technology nodes includes:

- UMC 180nm (RF, PDs, EDS)
- UMC 65nm (SP, LP)
- UMC 40nm (LP)
- IHP SG13S/SG13G2
- IHP SG25 H3/Н4
- TowerJazz 180nm TS18SL/PM/RF
- AMS S35 (via AWR-NI, OEM)
- Silanna (via AWR-NI, OEM), G025 (250nm), F05 (500nm)
- LFoundry (via AWR-NI, OEM) LF150
- MOSIS SCMOS (600-180nm)

Its flagship tool PowerDRC/LVS is an efficient and innovative cloud-ready tool for physical verification of integrated circuits covering principal DRC and LVS tasks both in single- and multi-CPU modes. Apart from a yearly license subscription, it is also available in cloud as PVCLOUD at http://polyteda-cloud.com/service/pvcloud utilizing uniquely affordable pay-per-use pricing. POLYTEDA  announced its PowerDRC/LVS 2.3.1 release.

POLYTEDA is partnering with  China based Cogenda to bring the advanced PV solution to the Chinese market. The relationship will combine the sales and marketing support of POLYTEDA flagship physical verification tool PowerDRC/LVS. Cogenda to distribute POLYTEDA products within the semiconductor market of China and be the official Chinese representative of POLYTEDA UKRAINE LLC.

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