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Date: 02-03-17

Always on IOT cameras and sensors for smart factory by combining CRI and Hitachi High-Tech tech

In an effort to built infrastructure for smart factory, where production in the overseas factories can be remotely monitored through IOT connected cameras and sensors, CRI and Hitachi High-Tech are jointly building core systems for smart factory by using CRI's image and video technologies for remote monitoring  of the production plant. CRI's using its experience in the gaming and entertainment  fields  and offering advanced  video technologies  for  processing  video data  from hundreds of  IOT  technology enabled cameras  placed in a production  plant.  The sensors and cameras  together  helps  in monitoring  production plant  effectively  from a remote  place.

Hitachi High-Tech' s manufacturing  experience is combined with CRI  video technologies in offering smart factory as a service. These both Japan-based companies are offering  Japanese and other manufacturers  this technology  to monitor their  offshore  manufacturing plants  from anywhere.   Video compression technology called DietCode  from CRI compress  the original video to half to one-third the size without reducing the video quality. This technology is basically helps to save the storage, computing resources and the bandwidth required to transmit the data over the Internet. This technology supports management of video library where hundreds of cameras keep storing the data from multiple sources. It supports simultaneous viewing of multiple videos and access the videos by time and date.  The sensors and cameras are so integrated that when any incident or any abnormal event is recorded can be played back by linking the video to sensor data.

By using CRI' s browser-based web video middleware solution LiveAct PRO, factory supervisors can watch video on their mobile/smart Phones, tablet computers or any such Internet connected video display devices.

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