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Date: 07-11-13

Everlight: Nichia’s YAG patents in China are only partially valid

In response to Nichia Corporation’s (Nichia) press release on November 7th regarding Chinese Patent Nos. ZL97196762.8 and ZL03159595.2 (YAG patents), Everlight Electronics has stated in its release "Nichia’s YAG patents are only partially valid after claim amendments during the invalidity proceedings. Such narrower scopes of patent claims consequently have no effect on Everlight Electronics Co. Ltd.’s (“Everlight”) product portfolio."

Everlight said "Nichia lost both civil and administrative actions it filed in Taiwan in 2011 with final judgments. Everlight strives to develop diverse products and currently holds more than 1600 patents. Everlight will strengthen its patent portfolio in order to protect the rights of its clients and shareholders."

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