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Date: 29-08-13

Entegris and Imec creating solutions for handling very thin wafers

Entegris and imec are working together in creating solution to handle different types of semiconductor wafers to assemble them into 3 dimensionally packaged device. 3-D IC manufacturing requires thinner semiconductor wafers which need to be bonded to carrier substrates. Handling such thin wafers in automated production process is difficult, where there are many chances of thin wafers breaking down and the edges getting damaged resulting in particle generation. Entegris is specialised in material handling and contamination control.

“We are excited to work with the imec team, which is a key research center leading technology innovation for the semiconductor industry,” said Bertrand Loy, president and CEO of Entegris. “Our current collaboration is aimed at leveraging our wafer handling expertise and technology to reduce contamination and breakage by applying full automation to the handling of thin wafers during 3D wafer production. This project builds on our previously completed work with imec to develop dispense and filtration methods to reduce bubble and defect formation during the dispense of material that is used to temporarily bond 3D wafers to carrier substrates,” said Loy.

”This collaboration with Entegris aims at developing a solution toward fully automated handling of multiple types of 3D IC wafers,” stated Eric Beyne, Director of imec’s 3D integration research program. “Such a general solution would imply a significant reduction of the development cost, which is key to the realization of a scalable and manufacturable 3D IC technology.”

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