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Date: 01-08-13

Console from Airtight help in restricting cell phones use inside a zone

There are many places where mobile devices are restricted. To restrict the entry of cellphone to an area you need a device to detect cellphone, there is a device and console set from Airtight Networks to do that. Airtight networks offers a console and a small receiver module to detect and report any 3G, 4G and CDMA voice and data communication activity. The receiver module can be plugged in directly into airtight C60 wireless sensor and it forwards cellular activity data to the Airtight management console.

"Because cellular operates on licensed frequencies that many government and private organizations cannot legally control even inside their own airspace, unauthorized mobile communications can compromise security and create a significant challenge for organizations that rely on "no-wireless" policies as part of their security strategy," said Dr. Hemant Chaskar, VP of technology and innovation at AirTight Networks. "However with reliable detection technology, cellular devices can be easily located and physically removed or disabled to ensure compliance. And by integrating our new cellular detection with our automated wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS), our customers can now maintain comprehensive 24/7 wireless security that combines tracking and reporting of cellular activity plus our industry leading WIPS for the unlicensed Wi-Fi bands."

The console send email alerts whenever an incursion is detected by providing details such as time duration and frequency band and physical location of this cellphone/mobile phone.

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