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Date: 01-05-13

Bluetooth remote control kit from TI built upon ZigBee RF4CE tech

Texas Instruments is offering a new Bluetooth low energy advanced remote control kit built upon TI's ZigBee RF4CE technology. TI's CC253x ZigBee technology and the CC254x Bluetooth low energy SoC are pin-to-pin and SoC digital domain compatible. Research and development time used to port IR database, sensor fusion algorithms, drivers and other IP can be reused between the two technologies. Additionally, the BLE-Stack 1.3.1 release contains the advanced remote sample application software in addition to general enhancements to the stack software.

"Expanding our remote control portfolio to incorporate Bluetooth low energy complements the investment manufacturers have already made with our RF4CE platform, and creates adjacent market opportunities that encourage the growth of new applications and services for consumers," said Stig Torud, product manager, Wireless Connectivity Solutions, TI. "We are excited to work with the market leaders in remote control technology to bring Bluetooth low energy-based remotes to market."

Other features:
• Gerbers and bill of materials available
• FCC and ETSI certified
• Best-in-class link budget at adjacent/alternate channel rejection
• Six-axis sensor – accelerometer and gyroscope
• Sensor fusion software from Movea and Hillcrest Labs
• Certified HID over GATT profile
• Supports multiple styles including pointing-, gesture- and keyboard-like remotes
• Connect directly to a Bluetooth Smart Ready devices

Availability: To demonstrate the technology and jumpstart customers' development, TI's CC2541 remote control development kit is released now and can be ordered on the TI eStore.

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