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Date: 10-04-13

Industrial panel device from IEI supporting Windows Embedded 8

IEI Technology has introduced AFOLUX GEN II series of industrial panel devices featuring support for Windows Embedded 8. AFOLUX GEN II series feature projected capacitive multi-touch and resistive single touch screen options, LED dash system, integrated EM or Mifare RFID reader, and light fanless design to enhance system stability by the auto on/off fan. By supporting the new Windows Embedded 8 operating system, which features an intuitive user interface and succinct design, the AFOLUX GEN II series is ideally applied on wide-spreading industries such as industrial automation, digital signage, retail and hospitality industries.

The sleek flat-bezel design and is IP 64 compliant front panel protection resists water and dust invasion. LED light visual management of the AFOLUX GEN II series delivers different status notifications by setting the programmable RGB color of the LED bar surrounding the front panel. Each light section of the LED bar can be independently configured with different light patterns, colors and light duration by the software. The AFOLUX GEN II series provides convenience and efficiency in different situations through the LED dash system, such as to make the product line more manageable with the alert system and to review the medical list more conveniently.

IEI AFOLUX GEN II series features the light fanless system embedded with a smart sensor to test the ambient temperature and utilizing the IEI’s exclusive software system iCMC (IEI Cooling Management Console) to manage system thermal performance. When the environment temperature is lower than the default temperature setting, the fan will turn off, showing the advantage of quiet and dust free from fanless mode, and vice versa.
The AFOLUX GEN II series also includes IEI's One Key Recovery software for creating a full system backup
For more information visit http://www.ieiworld.com

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