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Date: 03-03-13

8-bit OTP dual slope A/D type MCU for body fat measurement

Holtek has unveiled new 8-bit OTP dual slope A/D type MCUs, the HT45R2K-C/B/A suitable for Body Fat Measurements, touch-key functions and other peripheral functions.

The devices contain 16K/8K/4K of OTP Program Memory, 256 bytes of Data Memory, two 16-bit timers and one 8-bit timer together with a buzzer output. They include up to 22 I/O pins as well as external wake up and touch key interrupt functions. The internal LCD driver circuit can also drive LCD panels of up to 192 pixels. Central to the device is its dual slope A/D converter, a function which is widely used in measuring systems and which includes an amplifier, voltage follower, integrator, comparator, charge-pump and 3.3V output regulator. In addition, the devices include a four-key touch switch function and an external vibration sensor amplifier circuit.

Also featured are internal Watchdog, Low Voltage Detect and Low Voltage Reset functions to protect against low system voltages and noisy electrical environments.

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