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Date: 03-03-13

Intel Atom based rugged medical computer from Adlink

ADLINK Technology has unveiled its new TOPAZ line of IEC/EN-60601-1 certified medical computers TPZ-1300. The TPZ-1300 withstands up to 5G vibration and 100G shock meeting the needs of telemedicine applications including telecardiology, telepathology, and nursing workstation use. In a mobile nursing workstation, for example, care providers can view electronic medical records (EMR), medication data, and administrative documentation, as well as enter data and connect to data centers. ADLINK’s TPZ-1300, feature I/O connectivity, wireless support, and a compact profile of 8.26" W x 6.69" D x 2.08" H (210 x 170 x 53 mm) supports flexible deployment in carts or other mobile medical setups.

The TPZ-1300 is equipped with the Atom D2550/N2600 processor and offer six USB ports, 3 GbE ports, 4 COM ports, one mini PCI-E slot, and 4 digital inputs and outputs to optimize communication and control between multiple devices.

"In response to the rapid development of computing hardware and wireless popularity in the healthcare IT field, ADLINK is pleased to introduce our Topaz line of precision medical computers, delivering integrated application-ready platforms with simple, quick, and reliable medical computing solutions." Said Kenny Chang, Product Director for I/O platforms at ADLINK Technology “ADLINK, as an associate partner with the Intel Intelligent System Alliance, can provide medical computers to sustain extended product availability with long component life support. What’s more, ADLINK is able to provide the off-the-shelf digital imaging solutions fully compatible with our Topaz expandable computer line, advantaging all medical imaging solutions."

The TPZ-1300 supports Windows 7, Windows 7 Embedded, Windows XP, Windows XP Embedded, and WinCE 7.0 Operating Systems

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