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Date: 03-03-13

0.4mm pitch board-to-board connector from TE for slim elctronics systems

TE Connectivity (TE) has launched a novel 0.4mm fine pitch board-to-board (BtB) connector featuring a stack height of 0.6mm to meet increased demand for thinner and smaller consumer electronics devices. TE targets this product for designing slimmer and sleeker smart phones, mobile devices, tablets and portable game and music players.

“We’re thrilled to offer this solution to our customers," said Katsuya Unesa, product manager of internal interconnect solutions, TE Consumer Devices. "Overall, TE aims to facilitate an easier and more cost-effective assembly process for our customers. This latest product addition will allow for a lower profile product design as well as better connector mating performance."

Key features and benefits of the 0.4mm fine pitch BtB connector include:
· Low-profile architecture and space-saving dimensions, one of the smallest on the market, help enlarge customer design capabilities
· Contact lock structure and dual contact points provide improved mating reliability
· Ni-barrier on the receptacle contacts prevents solder wicking and thus improving the assembly process
· An enlarged pick and place area helps save cost on the production lines by reducing the need for tooling changeovers

TE has strengthened manufacturing processes for the 0.4mm fine pitch BtB connector to ensure quality control and fast, high-volume production capacity expansion.

Samples of the product to be available in February, 2013. For more information on TE's fine-pitch BtB connector series visit www.te.com/products/finepitchboardtoboard-PR.

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