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Date: 14-11-16

Cross platform connections help grow India IoT biz

There is no popular Indian IoT product yet in the international and local market. But what can be learned after attending IOT Next event in Bangalore is there is significant tech expert in this domain in India. Large number of new companies formed focusing only on IoT market. IoT is only a technology but seen as big enabler.

The new companies are into agriculture/farming, health, smarthome. There is lot of enthusiasm and confidence among the startups. The question is can they compete on the global scale to emerge as successful product companies. There are higher chances of success than failure due to the today's youth's ability to adopt to changes faster than the previous generation entrepreneurs.

What is really required is connecting the multiple domains of the industry to each other and work like a team. Example, A electronics engineer can develop a farming device but connecting emotionally and technically to a agriculture scientist is important and more important is connecting to farmer, if not all, a progressing farmer.

A automotive designer may not find the local IoT developer that easily since they both meet at common platform is a lesser possibility. Medicos meeting IoT engineer is also not that frequent. Its not that they don't meet at all. For large scale success cross platform interaction is essential. That connection is very important in the Indian context of IoT development.

To connect different professionals we are bringing out new content to connect platforms.

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