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Date: 27-06-15

EDA company Synopsys listed as 5th biggest software vendor in India

IDC has reported India's software market grew by 10% in second half of 2014, compared to same period a year back.

The top vendors as per IDC are Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, IBM and Synopsys having more than 60% of the total market. Except Synopsys, all the other above said companies are more into application software or business software, whereas the Synopsys is the only pure design software automation company which has got into this list of top five, and so naturally is number one vendor of EDA software in India.

This indicates the amount of VLSI design happening in India, at a recent event called SNUG organised by Synopsys, it was easily few thousand attendees (around housefull 3000), and if this is compared to another event by leading test and measurement vendor Tektronix happened on the same day, which was more related to broader hardware/physical system design, the crowd is not more than 500 (lot of seats were vacant). Again an indicator that tells, its clearly the software part of the electronics which is doing good in India rather than hardware.

Much of the EDA software from Synopsys and also much of the test and measurement tools from Tektronix costs few tens of thousands of dollars.

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