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Date: 20-12-14

Cypress' SRAM, FRAM, PSoC, Touch and Spansion' MCU, Flash in single platter

After acquiring microcontroller business from Fujitsu, Spansion is not really growing faster even after it gained the capability to offer both NOR Flash memory and microcontroller chips; both important IC chips in embedded systems and emerging IoT market.

Cypress semiconductor, though a broader range of chip supplier, but still has few missing blocks for the embedded systems market. Cypress leads in sales of SRAM, FRAM, interface(touch) and MCU kind of a device called the PSoC, but is not into NOR Flash memory and ARM Cortex processor core-based microcontroller chips market (Though PSoC has ARM Cortex core but is not a plain MCU chip).

Now with the merger plan of Spansion with Cypress, the combined biz can offer a better mix of semiconductor ICs for the embedded system market. There are still some important missing blocks such as sensor, precision analog, power IC and RF/wireless chips making the combination not really that powerful enough compared to some of the other broad range semiconductor chip vendors. Still the sales from the combined business of Cypress and Spansion supposed to be better than individual companies.

Spansion stand to gain more from this merger than the Cypress Semiconductor.

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