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Date: 02-07-14

Ericsson achieves 5G 5Gbps and Huawei 10Gbps 802.11ax WiFi

Telecommunication technology leader Ericsson has achieved 5G mobile/wireless data speed of 5Gbps in live, over-the-air demonstrations of its pretender 5G network technology. Ericsson said it had used innovative radio interface and advanced MIMO technology.

5G n/was expected to be seen commercially before 2020. If this is the achievement by Europe based telecom tech joint, comparatively newbie but extremely fast growing China based Huawei has also achieved data speed records in both wireless and wired fiber optic communication.

Huawei achieved a data rate of 10.53Gbps on 5GHz frequency bands in trial-test of its new 802.11ax WiFi (WLAN) wireless networking standard. This tech uses a mix of MIMO-OFDA, intelligence spectrum allocation, interference coordination and hybrid access, and this tech can hit the market during 2018. In the wired communication area, in Feb 2013, Huawei achieved 2 Tbit/s transmission capabilities over 3,325 km, or 2066.059 miles using optical fiber.

5G, 802.11ax WiFi and Terabit speed over fiber achievement going to cause a paradigm shift in computing. Using 5Gbps mobile data communications speed, not only video analytics but also language processing can be done for advanced text-free natural video and speech computing. The cloud can be fed with multiplexed real-time high-definition video and audio data without any delay.

So high-quality video supporting high-speed net connection available to ordinary citizens is no more a dream.

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