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Date: 03-03-13

Oticon deploys multi-voltage, <1 Volt Vdd LP designs using Synopsys' Galaxy and Lynx

Synopsys has announced that Oticon has standardized on Synopsys' Galaxy Implementation Platform and Lynx Design System for low power implementation. Synopsys says the advanced capabilities and extensive support for IEEE-1801 Unified Power Format (UPF) in the Synopsys solution enabled Oticon to meet an aggressive 400 microwatt power budget while operating well below one volt for its next-generation multi-core DSP-based IC.

"Using Synopsys' low power implementation solution and Lynx Design System enabled us to deploy advanced techniques such as multi-voltage and low Vdd for low power designs," said Mogens Balsby, senior director of silicon engines at Oticon. "With the combination of tools and Lynx, we were able to customize the flow, target a new technology node, move to production and tape out in eight months to stay ahead of the project schedule."

"Portable medical devices such as the advanced hearing aids that Oticon manufactures have very tight power budgets," said Bijan Kiani, vice president of product marketing for design and manufacturing products at Synopsys. "Having successfully developed and deployed low power innovation for more than 15 years, Synopsys continues to deliver new low power technologies that help companies like Oticon achieve their design goals."

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