Sony expands semiconductor fab in Thailand

Date: 09/04/2024
Sony Semiconductor has commenced operations at its new fab located within Sony Device Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (SDT) in February 2024. The opening ceremony, attended by top executives from Sony Semiconductor Solutions Group led by Terushi Shimizu, President and CEO of Sony Semiconductor Solutions and Yoshihiro Yamaguchi, President of Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing, SDT Managing Director Takeshi Matsuda. It was witnessed by guests including Japanís Ambassador to Thailand, Mr. Masato Otaka, Mr. Wirat Tatsaringkansakul, BOI Deputy Secretary General and other VIPs.

SDT to serve as a production hub for assembling image sensors and laser diodes, focusing on automotive applications and display devices.

With the launch of the new semiconductor fab, SDT plans to create approximately 2,000 new jobs, contributing to local employment and fostering growth in Thailand's semiconductor industry.
SDT said it has committed to operating on 100% renewable energy since fiscal year 2021. The new facility, Building 4, integrates energy-efficient technologies such as controlled air conditioning and recycling systems. Future plans include covering the roof with solar panels by the end of 2024.

The completion of Building 4 allows Sony to expand its product lineup, catering to the growing demand in the semiconductor market.
As an overseas manufacturing site of Sony Semiconductor Solutions Group, SDT plays a vital role in Sony's sustainable business development and societal contributions.