Advancing quantum processor development: Keysight and Q-CTRL join forces

Date: 18/03/2024
Keysight Technologies and Q-CTRL are strategically partnering to revolutionize quantum processor development, characterization, and key scientific demonstrations. Quantum computation offers exponential computational space with the addition of qubits to a processor. However, this exponential growth brings complexities in design, testing, and operation, slowing down the development cycle for quantum hardware developers.

To address these design challenges, Keysight and Q-CTRL are partnering to provide an integrated solution enabling quantum developers to effectively scale both quantum processor quantity and quality. The solution will integrate Q-CTRL's Boulder Opal hardware optimization and automation functionality into Keysight's Quantum Control System (QCS) providing enhanced capability in quantum processor characterization and optimization to rapidly decrease characterization time and improve device up-time.

To accelerate quantum development, the joint solution will:

Help navigate complexity Provide advanced AI/ML tools to navigate complex design and characterization spaces.

Automate device optimization Enable closed loop, autonomous agents to efficiently determine the relationship between Hamiltonian parameters and QCS hardware settings.

Accelerate the quantum design cycle Less time calibrating and characterizing a quantum processor means faster development cycles and more use case development time available.

Customizable experiments Allow users to program and optimize experiments specific to their quantum device.

Enhanced exploration -- Enable more avenues of exploration and innovation for quantum scientists and engineers.

The collaboration between Keysight and Q-CTRL marks a significant step forward in advancing quantum processor development. By integrating Q-CTRL's optimization capabilities into Keysight's Quantum Control System, the partnership aims to empower quantum developers to scale both the quantity and quality of quantum processors effectively. With a focus on enhancing user experience and capabilities, this collaboration promises to drive innovation and accelerate the realization of practical quantum technologies. Q-CTRL Boulder Opal delivers cloud-accelerated hardware design, AI-based automation, and quantum control optimization, giving professional teams everything they need to get ahead of the competition.

Alex Shih, Head of Product, Q-CTRL, said: "We are delighted to be working with Keysight to bring Q-CTRL's hardware characterization and optimization capabilities to their end users and empowering experimentalists and researchers to build and scale real quantum systems. We designed our products to be easily integrated and interoperable across hardware and software architectures, and we are proud to see this help activate the quantum ecosystem. To us, making quantum technology useful relies on not just developing new technologies, but supporting researchers to easily leverage them in building and scaling their quantum systems."

Eric T. Holland, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Quantum at Keysight, said: "Customer success is at the core of all that we do at Keysight. We are continually seeking feedback from our quantum users to drive our roadmap and spur innovation. This collaboration with Q-CTRL comes from such feedback and we are thrilled to begin our journey to improve the end-user experience and capabilities for our customers."