Braodcom claims volume leadership in VCSEL, EML and CWL optical components in AI market

Date: 14/03/2024
Broadcom is extensively using silicon photonics in its chips and also claims it has achieved several major accomplishments extending its market leadership with an expanded portfolio of optical interconnect solutions for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) applications basically enabling terabit connectivity in AI infrastructure.

Expanded Portfolio: Broadcom has introduced a range of groundbreaking optical components, including the production release of 200G per lane (200G/lane) electro-absorption modulated laser (EML) and the industry's first 200G/lane vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL). Additionally, the company has demonstrated continuous wave (CW) lasers with high efficiency and linearity for silicon photonics (SiPh) modulation at 200G.

High-Speed Interconnects: VCSEL and EML technologies are pivotal in enabling high-speed interconnects for AI and ML systems. Broadcom's latest offerings build upon the success of its 100G/lane VCSEL and EML chips, providing unparalleled bandwidth and interconnect density for next-generation AI networks. These technologies pave the way for seamless integration as end users transition to 1.6T optical transceivers, facilitating terabit connectivity.

Showcase at OFC 2024: Broadcom will showcase its cutting-edge products and technologies at the Optical Fiber Communication (OFC) 2024 exhibition in San Diego, California. Demonstrations include the 200G VCSEL technology, 200G EML products, SiPh modulation with CW lasers, and 100G VCSELs for emerging applications such as server interconnect and PCIe interconnect.