BMW to implement ADIs EB 10BASE-T1S Ethernet for its ambient lighting system design

Date: 13/03/2024
BMW Group in its goal to move in the direction of software-defined vehicle adopted ADI's EB technology, a 10BASE-T1S Ethernet for ambient lighting system design in the vehicles of the BMW Group in the future to the Edge bus technology. Ethernet connectivity in shaping the future of automotive design and meeting the demands of

The BMW Group emerges as a frontrunner among original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) by embracing ADI's EB technology for the implementation of automotive Ethernet connectivity, particularly in the design of ambient lighting systems for future BMW vehicles.

Through close collaboration since 2018, ADI and the BMW Group have streamlined the integration of Ethernet to the Edge, leveraging ADI's 10BASE-T1S EB technology to eliminate microcontrollers and centralize software tasks. This approach not only simplifies implementation but also reduces software development and qualification efforts.

Addressing the growing importance of in-cabin experience, the partnership introduces a software-defined lighting system enabled by 10BASE-T1S with EB technology. This innovation offers improved flexibility, ease of upgrade, and synchronization with other vehicle applications, meeting the evolving expectations of drivers and passengers.

As the automotive industry moves towards standardization with an Open Standard implementation, ADI and BMW reaffirm their commitment to driving innovation and shaping the future of automotive connectivity.


While working alongside ADI on 10BASE-T1S EB, we joined efforts on a number of key considerations, from simplifying implementation, to cost analysis and design support. The relationship with ADI has enabled us to move more quickly to market with a solution of a zonal architecture for software-defined vehicles, the BMW Group stated.

We continue to deeply engage with the BMW Group to understand their next-generation needs and bring further optimized products to aid next-generation architectures, as well as bring continued cooperation on standardization," said Yasmine King, Vice President, Automotive Cabin Experience at ADI. 10BASE-T1S EB is a great new addition to our automotive connectivity and networking portfolio, innovated to drive success across different use cases, with the flexibility and scalability to support zonal, domain and hybrid architectures.