Andes partner with MetaSilicon, Spacetouch and MachineWare to advance its RISC-V arch

Date: 12/03/2024
RISC-V IP vendor Andes Technology is partnering with chip companies MetaSilicon and Spacetouch in the areas automotive imaging and audio processing respectively. Leveraging the power of RISC-V architecture, these companies have developed advanced processors and chips that set new standards in performance, safety, and efficiency for automotive applications.

MetaSilicon's automotive-grade CMOS image sensor series utilizing RISC-V IP SoC, powered by AndesCore N25F-SE processor. These sensors are designed for high-quality imaging in smart car vision applications, meeting ISO26262 functional safety standards and achieving ASIL-B level compliance. Featuring HDR technology, they offer superior dynamic range, sensitivity, and color reproduction, addressing the requirements of ADAS decision-making.

AndesCore N25F-SE Processor is a 32-bit RISC-V CPU core with full compliance to ISO 26262 ASIL-B safety standards. The processor's efficient design, configurable options, and rich features make it an ideal CPU solution for automotive-grade chips. Combined with MetaSilicon's advanced imaging technologies, it enables fast and reliable development of automotive image sensor chips.

Spacetouch SPV60 Series AI Audio Processors powered by AndesCore D25F processor, these chips feature a heterogeneous multi-core architecture optimized for audio processing. With powerful computing capabilities, including AI acceleration and DSP/SIMD extensions, they deliver high-performance audio processing while maintaining low power consumption. The chips support a wide range of algorithms and peripherals, making them suitable for intelligent voice, smart headphones, and professional audio applications.

By employing RISC-V architecture and advanced simulation solutions, these companies have developed innovative products that address the evolving needs of automotive imaging and audio processing.

Andes Technology also announced its partnership with MachineWare GmbH to integrate its AX45MPV multi-core RISC-V vector processor into MachineWare's SIM-V high-performance simulation solution

MachineWare's SIM-V Solution is a high-performance simulation solution tailored for RISC-V-based systems and software applications. SIM-V offers a fast Instruction Set Simulator (ISS) with support for all RISC-V standard extensions. It allows developers to integrate custom instructions and IP models into full system simulation environments, facilitating efficient development, testing, and software verification. The Vector Processing Unit (VPU) implements RISC-V Vector Extension (RVV) version 1.0, supporting configurations up to 1024-bit vector width. The AX45MPV excels in tasks involving large data arrays, including computer vision, digital signal processing, and scientific computing.

“We are delighted to join forces with Andes to support the AX45MPV processor in SIM-V,” said Lukas Jünger, Managing Director at MachineWare. “The incorporation of the AX45MPV model enables our common customers to develop RISC-V Linux and AI software stacks and verify their functionality in minutes. This will eliminate bugs and elevate software quality all the while making the overall development process more efficient.”

“Andes’ collaboration with MachineWare is consistent with our continuous effort to broaden RISC-V ecosystem for easy adoption of high-performance simulation tools,” said Samuel Chiang, deputy marketing director of Andes Technology. “We are excited to come together with MachineWare to drive the expansion of the RISC-V ecosystem. And we believe RISC-V’s instruction set architecture will increase innovation and has the potential to transform the AI market.”

“The N25F-SE provides a safety package, which includes a safety manual, safety analysis report and a development interface outline. The N25F-SE and its safety package are effective, high-performance and flexible automotive solutions. They can significantly reduce the time required to design automotive grade SoCs and to comply with the ISO 26262 standard”, said Dr. Charlie Su, President and CTO of Andes Technology. “We are very pleased that N25F-SE’s IP and safety package efficiently support MetaSilicon shorten the development time for its two automotive-grade chips. We also look forward to more cooperation between the two companies in the future to create more innovative products.”

Jianhua Zheng, CTO of MetaSilicon said, “Among the various sensors used in automotive ADAS applications, visual image processing is particularly important. Once the image is not accurate and timely enough, it will directly lead to errors in the judgment of the back-end algorithm, so HDR performance requirements are extremely high. MetaSilicon’s LOFIC+DCG HDR technology can achieve an ultra-high dynamic range of 140dB+ to meet practical application needs in the automotive ADAS field. We are honored to work closely with Andes Technology on two high-performance chips, using the world’s first ISO 26262 certified RISC-V core N25F-SE that meets the functional safety standards. As a result, we can shorten the product development time and achieve functional safety goals.”

“With the longstanding cooperation between Spacetouch and Andes Technology, our SoCs are equipped with AndesCore processors that offer powerful performance with multiple optional features to us.” Hu Yingzhe, CEO of Spacetouch, remarked. “The combination of the D25F RISC-V processor and Spacetouch’s heterogeneous multi-core AI audio processor IC brings more innovation and possibilities to the fields of audio processing, embedded systems and mobile devices. With the processor IP and technical support provided by Andes Technology, the two companies have a good basis to form more successful cooperation in the future. “

“Andes’ D25F with DSP/SIMD extensions offers efficient performance and flexible configurations, making it an ideal choice for high-performance embedded controllers.” Andes Technology Chairman and CEO, Frankwell Lin said. “We are very excited that Spacetouch launched this new generation edge-side AI audio processor chips in collaboration with Andes. They continue to work with us to develop successful products, while also providing helpful feedback on our processors and development tools. We look forward to Spacetouch delivering more AndesCore embedded products and competitive solutions to the market in the fields of smart home, traditional home appliances, and consumer electronics.”