LTIMindtree Joins IBM Quantum Network

Date: 05/03/2024
IBM is leading in creating quantum computing Eco. IBM is collaborating with IT and technology companies across the world where they are part of its IBM quantum network. Latest to join this IBM quantum network is India based leading IT and technology service provider LTIMindtree. LTIMindtree is the first Indian Global System Integrator (GSI) to join the IBM Quantum Network.

LTIMindtree said it will also collaborate with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, which is also an IBM Quantum Innovation Center, on joint quantum research and workforce development.

Scott Crowder, Vice President of IBM Quantum Adoption and Business Development, said, “We are excited to welcome LTIMindtree into the IBM Quantum Network and to help them explore the benefits of quantum computing, both for their internal teams and in solutions for their clients. We are also looking forward to providing technology support for LTIMindtree’s joint research and educational engagements with IIT-Madras, our first IBM Quantum Innovation Center in India.”

As part of the IBM Quantum Network, LTIMindtree expands on its platinum partner status with IBM and joins a global community of Fortune 500 companies, top universities, research labs, and startups. LTIMindtree to have access to IBM resources, including IBM’s global fleet of quantum computing systems over the cloud, software, and associated expertise. This move is a strategic step toward LTIMindtree helping their customers benefit from the transformative value of quantum computing technologies.

Aan Chauhan, Chief Technology Officer, LTIMindtree, said, “We are thrilled to embark on this journey with IBM and IIT Madras, India. These collaborations are more than an innovation milestone; they’re an important step towards a future where quantum computing could help solve more complex problems faster and more efficiently. Importantly, it positions us to expedite our customers’ journey towards realizing the immense value of quantum computing, readying them to leverage these advanced technologies for transformative solutions.”

LTIMindtree’s plans across these collaborations are to establish a series of long-term projects, including applied research toward business and societal problems, quantum computing workshops, and research grants. These initiatives aim to nurture a new generation of quantum computing professionals and researchers at LTIMindtree, creating a sustainable and innovative ecosystem.

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LTIMindtree has also listed Quantumxchange and DWAVE as its industry partners in the quantum space. In the video it highlights its strength of having skilled workforce of research engineers, highly qualified Ph.D. level research leaders and quantum native developers.

LTIMindtree writes in its page " With the help of Quantum mechanical properties, Quantum Machine Learning (QML) can aid in better risk analysis, fraud analysis, etc. Leveraging the unique properties of quantum mechanics, Quantum Machine Learning (QML) can enhance the accuracy and depth of risk and fraud analysis, among other applications, by processing and interpreting data in ways that are fundamentally beyond the reach of classical computing techniques. Post-quantum cryptography (PQC) is another arm that represents a significant leap in securing data transmission."