In collaboration with India's VVDN Tech BrainChip starts selling its Akida Edge AI Box

Date: 22/02/2024
BrainChip has announced that it has re-opened its product shopping portal and is accepting pre-orders of its recently announced Akida Edge AI Box built in collaboration with India based VVDN Technologies.

BrainChip’s Edge AI Box is a portable computing device, where it computes close to the sensor and without needing Cloud connectivity. It does AI processing for vision, voice and other sensors, where it minimizes exposure of sensitive data and enhances security and privacy.

The compact and light Akida Edge AI Box is designed to meet the demands of applications such as retail and security, Smart City, automotive, transportation and industrial. It is powerer by quad-core CPU platform with Akida AI accelerators to provide a huge boost in AI performance. The Akida NSoC enables efficient event-based processing and spiking neural network (SNN) inference, allowing for real-time analysis of sensory data with low power consumption. This enables applications such as object detection, anomaly detection, and predictive maintenance at the edge.

It is priced starting at $799 and can be pre-ordered by visiting The device features built in ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity, HD display support, extensible storage, and USB interfaces. BrainChip and VVDN are finalizing the set of AI applications that will run out of the box. With the ability to personalize and learn on device, the box can be customized per application and per user without the need for cloud support, enhancing privacy and security, says Brainchip.

“The Akida Edge AI Box is ideally suited to provide the low latency and high throughput processing with ultra-low power consumption – a necessity for the next generation of smart Edge devices,” said Sean Hehir, CEO of BrainChip. “We are excited to officially launch pre- orders of the Akida Edge AI Box and bring this groundbreaking technology to market to empower customers in developing and deploying intelligent, secure and customized devices and services for multi-sensor environments in real time.”

Source: Akida