Heterogenous SoC design: Chiplet architecture design: Use open-source EDA tool-chain RapidChiplet

Date: 19/02/2024
With the Moore's Law slowing and no-more offering lowering of cost per transistor designing, chip industry is migrating to heterogenous integration of separate silicon pieces on a silicon interposer. A new chiplet architectures has emerged as a promising solution. Offering heterogeneity, modularity, and cost-effectiveness, chiplets present a viable alternative. However, the vast design space of chiplet architectures poses significant exploration challenges. To address this, a team of researchers Patrick Iff, Benigna Bruggmann, Maciej Besta, Luca Benini, and Torsten Hoefler have developed an open-source EDA toolchain called RapidChiplet designed for rapid design space exploration of chiplet architectures. This toolchain provides fast estimates for critical metrics, enabling designers to efficiently navigate the complexities of chiplet design.

chiplet 3D IC

Pic above: Traffic types and paths within each type.
Source: arxiv

RapidChiplet utilizes a unified input format to estimate various metrics, including area, power consumption, thermal stability, manufacturing cost, latency, and throughput of inter-chiplet interconnects. This streamlined approach facilitates comprehensive analysis within a single framework.

Leveraging advanced algorithms, RapidChiplet delivers rapid computation of design metrics, with estimations generated in milliseconds. This unparalleled speed allows for the evaluation of hundreds of thousands of designs, enabling efficient exploration of the expansive chiplet design space.

RapidChiplet offers insights into seven key metrics critical for chiplet architecture design, including area requirements, power consumption, thermal properties, manufacturing cost, latency, and throughput of inter-chiplet interconnects. By encompassing diverse aspects of chiplet design, RapidChiplet empowers designers to make informed decisions.

RapidChiplet represents a significant advancement in chiplet architecture design, offering a comprehensive and efficient toolchain for exploration and analysis. By providing rapid estimations for essential metrics, RapidChiplet enables designers to navigate the complex design space with agility and confidence. With its open-source nature and robust functionality, RapidChiplet stands poised to accelerate innovation in chiplet-based systems, facilitating the development of next-generation semiconductor solutions.

For more details read the paper titled

RapidChiplet: A Toolchain for Rapid Design Space Exploration of Chiplet Architectures


Website & code: https://github.com/spcl/rapidchiplet