Qorvo acquired Beamforming RF IC vendor Anokiwave, founded by Nitin Jain

Date: 19/02/2024
Qorvo acquired Boston, MA based Anokiwave, a company supplying chips for intelligent active array antennas for D&A, SATCOM and 5G applications. Anoki, is the word inspired by the Hindi language meaning extraordinary and unique. An Indian born Nitin Jain was Anokiwave's Chief Technology Officer, and Founder and Chairman of the Board.

The Anokiwave team will join Qorvo's High Performance Analog (HPA) segment and will continue to develop beamformers and IF-RF solutions for defense phased array and AESA radar, electronic warfare, satellite communications and 5G applications.

Philip Chesley, president of Qorvo's High Performance Analog segment, said, "Anokiwave's high-frequency beamforming and intermediate frequency (IF) to RF conversion Ics are a strong complement to Qorvo's RF front end portfolio. The combination of our unique capabilities will enable us to supply highly integrated complete solutions and SiPs for defense, aerospace and network infrastructure applications."

Nitin Jain said, "The Anokiwave team is thrilled to join Qorvo and continue to expand our high-performance portfolio with speed and scale. Anokiwave's innovative portfolio of active antenna Ics, combined with Qorvo's complementary products, global scale and significant market reach, will create exciting new opportunities to deliver customers superior levels of performance, efficiency and integration."

Anokiwave said in its website it powers the 5G link with the industry’s most complete portfolio of Silicon mmW Ics shipping in volume for use in deployed radios that enable intelligent, scalable 5G antenna arrays.
Anokiwave designs beamformer IC for aerospace and defense markets.

In 2022 Anokiwave has made available its highest performing and low-cost millimeter-wave silicon Ics for India’s 26 GHz 5G radios.