Andes and Spacetouch jointly working in introducing RISC-V powered AI Audio Processor

Date: 13/02/2024
Andes Technology and Spacetouch Technology are working in partnership in making available the next-gen on-device AI audio processors. The partnership resulted into introduction of the SPV60 series, featuring the AndesCore D25F as the edge-side audio processor. This partnership marks a milestone in the integration of traditional and intelligent audio technologies, ushering in a new era of audio processing capabilities.

AndesCore D25F: Based on the AndeStar V5 architecture, the D25F is a 32-bit RISC-V CPU IP core with P-extension (DSP/SIMD extension). Offering a comprehensive set of features including DSP library, NN Library, cache options, memory protection, and customizable instructions through ACE, the D25F delivers unparalleled efficiency and performance in the embedded controller market.

SPV60 Series Architecture: The SPV60 series adopts a CPU + NPU + Udsp heterogeneous multi-core architecture, optimizing audio processing tasks with diverse processors. Featuring the D25F core, Spacetouch’s Udsp, and AI NPU, this architecture enables efficient handling of various audio tasks while prioritizing performance and power efficiency.

Performance and Efficiency: With a CPU frequency exceeding 400MHz, NPU computing power of 100GOPs, and specialized Udsp for parallel acceleration, the SPV60 series offers exceptional performance in audio processing. Moreover, it incorporates high-performance audio converters, peripheral interfaces, and AI algorithms for noise reduction, echo cancellation, and speech recognition, ensuring both quality and functionality.

“With the longstanding cooperation between Spacetouch and Andes Technology, our SoCs are equipped with AndesCore™ processors that offer powerful performance with multiple optional features to us.” Hu Yingzhe, CEO of Spacetouch, remarked. “The combination of the D25F RISC-V processor and Spacetouch’s heterogeneous multi-core AI audio processor IC brings more innovation and possibilities to the fields of audio processing, embedded systems and mobile devices. With the processor IP and technical support provided by Andes Technology, the two companies have a good basis to form more successful cooperation in the future. “

“Andes’ D25F with DSP/SIMD extensions offers efficient performance and flexible configurations, making it an ideal choice for high-performance embedded controllers.” Andes Technology Chairman and CEO, Frankwell Lin said. “We are very excited that Spacetouch launched this new generation edge-side AI audio processor chips in collaboration with Andes. They continue to work with us to develop successful products, while also providing helpful feedback on our processors and development tools. We look forward to Spacetouch delivering more AndesCore™ embedded products and competitive solutions to the market in the fields of smart home, traditional home appliances, and consumer electronics.”

Source: Andes