Worldwide silicon semiconductor wafer revenue down by 10.9% in 2023

Date: 08/02/2024
Semiconductor manufacturing related industry body SEMI reported global silicon wafer shipments in 2023 decreased 14.3% to 12,602 million square inches while wafer revenue contracted 10.9% to $12.3 billion over the same period.

SEMI said "The decline, a sharp departure from the previous three years of consecutive growth, stemmed from a slowdown in end-demand, coupled with a broad-based inventory correction. Softening memory and logic sector demand led to a decline in orders for 12-inch wafers, while weakening foundry and analog uptake accounted for a drop in shipments of 8-inch wafers."

"Shipments of 12-inch polished and epi wafers contracted 13% and 5% in 2023, respectively,” said Lee Chungwei, Chairman of SEMI SMG and Vice President and Chief Auditor at GlobalWafers. “Total shipments of all wafer sizes slipped 9% in the second half of 2023 relative to the first half of the year.”
semi wafer shipments in 2023