SK hynix shared its roadmap for sustainable semiconductor production by recycling materials

Date: 07/02/2024
In commitment to sustainable semiconductor production, world's leading semiconductor memory chipmaker SK hynix has announced initiatives to incorporate recycled and renewable materials into its production processes. SK hynix says it is the first company to outline a comprehensive mid- to long-term plan for sustainable material utilization.


Under the newly established roadmap, SK hynix sets ambitious targets to increase the proportion of recycled materials in its products. By 2025, the company aims to elevate the usage of recycled materials to 25%, with a further target of exceeding 30% by 2030 based on weight. To achieve this, SK hynix will initially focus on essential metals like copper, tin, and gold, which are integral to semiconductor production. These metals, constituting a significant portion of finished memory products, pose challenges for substitution with alternative materials, making them ideal candidates for recycling.

In addition to metal materials, SK hynix plans to transition to using recycled plastic for packaging, further promoting resource circularity across its production chain. The company has developed a robust implementation system to realize the goals outlined in the roadmap. This includes stringent certification procedures and quality evaluations for recycled materials procured directly by SK hynix. Moreover, the company will collaborate with its suppliers to ensure the adoption of sustainable practices, encouraging them to obtain validation from reputable external organizations like ISO 14021.

SK hynix aims to lead the way towards a more sustainable future for the semiconductor industry. “In order to achieve Net Zero, or Carbon Neutrality, establishing a circular economy system centered on resource recycling has become an important task for countries and companies around the world,” SK hynix said. “In line with this trend, we have decided to preemptively establish and faithfully implement the goal of increasing the use of recycled materials in stages.”

“As a company that takes ESG management seriously, we intend to actively participate in the establishment of a global circular economy,” said Junho Song, Vice President and Head of Advanced Quality & Analysis, of SK hynix. “While implementing this roadmap, we will work together with all stakeholders in the semiconductor supply chain, including customers and suppliers, to achieve practical results.”