IISc in collaboration with Synopsys launched a semiconductor learning program

Date: 03/02/2024
Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in partnership with leading chip-design EDA software leader Synopsys launched a program called India Semiconductor Workforce Development Program (ISWDP). ISWDP is tailored to bridge the process technology and device design skill gap in the swiftly expanding semiconductor sector. The course is offered in four stages/levels such as as Level-1, Level-2, Advance and Custom.

Semiconductor training IISC India

Covering foundations, ISWDP take the participants on deep-dive path into the nuances of device/technology development skills, and offering a hands-on approach through a microelectronics lab experience. Beyond the core curriculum, the program provides an unparalleled practical experience, offering students/industry professionals the chance to implement projects using state-of-the-art research tools, and even opportunities for industry interactions.

For individuals aspiring to build a career in semiconductors, the ISWDP is a golden ticket. It offers an avenue to delve deep into semiconductor technology, equipping participants with both foundational and advanced knowledge. The program's association with giants like IISc and Synopsys ensures that students receive unparalleled learning, combining academic rigor with industry relevance. Whether you're a fresh graduate or an industry professional, the program offers something for everyone, ensuring a clear path to leadership in the semiconductor domain.

The timing of this course is perfect for those who want put their career growth on higher ramp. Globally as well as in India, semiconductor are poised to grow faster than its recent history, where the global semiconductor market is forecasted to reach 1 Trillion US$ before 2030. And Indian semiconductor growth curve is more steeper than global growth, where the market-growth and job-opportunities are surging.

India is on the mission to become a global leader in semiconductor manufacturing. This customized program plans to equip a majority of the stakeholders with the required design skills to either join this workforce or acquire skills to train/guide/manage the next generation of semiconductor engineers. There is also a global shortage of semiconductor professionals to work in the upcoming Fabs worldwide. However, while a significant demand exists, not everyone can be trained at a physical fab location or in an in-person mode. This is where training through the semiconductor process/device design tools, in online mode, as covered in this program, will help. This program is IISc's effort to address the local and global demand.

The first batch/cohort is set to commence on March 1st, 2024. To enroll for this course visit: https://iswdp.registeryourseat.in/index.php