IESA VS 2024: Roads are laid and paved well leading to India semiconductor fab

Date: 27/01/2024
At the recently concluded India electronics and semiconductor Association (IESA) vision Summit 2024, there was a visible increase in focus on India semiconductor product and design companies and they are more present. India is clearly a VLSI design talent center for the world where 20% of VLSI design talent is located in India, this gives a base to build a naturally progressing semiconductor IP and product businesses in India.

Government of India is highly focused in enabling semiconductor design and manufacturing eco in India. The effort and the resources allocated by government in achieving the India semiconductor mission is lot more better than previous attempts. One example is massive amount upto US$ 50 billion is available from the government for semiconductor fab establishment in India. Not only investment, government is leaving no area uncovered which is important for growth of India semiconductor industry. Government is working in partnership with semiconductor technology powers such as US, Europe and Japan in achieving mutually beneficial goals.

S. Krishnan, Secretary, Minister of Electronics & Information Technology while addressing the gathering adviced Indian entrepreneurship to grow more in the product and IP segment. Indian companies should aim to grow as big companies rather than selling of their businesses once they achieve significant revenue growth.

iesa vs 2024

Although officially there is no news on India semiconductor fab, the roads leading to fab are not only laid and also paved well, indicating semiconductor fab may come any time earlier rather than later. Based on various keynotes and expert comments, we could also make-out business activities in India's OSAT/semiconductor packaging sector has already taken off and to see more action in 2024.

At this year's event you could witness most of the present trends of semiconductor industry. There were quite a good interesting and thought-provoking panel discussions, where they have discussed challenges Indian companies face and how to overcome them. With this brief write-up on the event, we will try to go deep on key subjects discussed and write separate articles.

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Author: Srinivasa Reddy N
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