IESA Vision Summit 2024: Top semiconductor business leadership assembled at the event

Date: 24/01/2024
India's popular semiconductor event IESA Vision Summit has just started by first visionary keynote titled "India's Role in the Global Explosion of Generative AI" from Sid Seth CEO, d-Matrix.

This year event themed ‘Design-Led Manufacturing - Leveraging the Semiconductor Ecosystem’ has interesting keynotes, panel discussions on India specific as well as global semiconductor trends and opportunities.

Today's other early morning-session keynote include:

"Symphony: India, Semiconductors, AI & Chiplets" by Mr. Mohit Gupta SVP & GM, Custom Silicon & IP, Alphawave Semi

"System Convergence for a world that Anticipates and Automates" Mr. Lars Reger Chief Technology Officer, NXP Semiconductors and Mr. Hitesh Garg
Vice President and India Managing Director, NXP Semiconductors.