Three semiconductor business sell-offs as 2024 begin, all headed by Indians

Date: 12/01/2024
Indian headed VLSI design services companies are known for selling off their businesses to bigger companies. 2024 started with two big announcements.

Cadence has acquired Invecas for an undisclosed sum. Invecas, founded by Dasaradha Gude has big chip development teams in Hyderabad and Bangalore designing advanced deep node chips.

Another VLSI design services company Insemi to be acquired by Bangalore based Infosys for Rupees 280 Crore (approximate $34 million). Infosys for first time buying a semiconductor design services company in its recent history. Insemi is founded by Arup Dash and Shreekanth Sampigethaya.

In the semiconductor devices area, Renesas to acquire GaN device maker Transphorm for US$339 Million. Transphorm is founded by Dr. Primit Parikh and Dr. Umesh Mishra.