Ambiq shares four trends in IoT to watch in 2024

Date: 09/01/2024
Ambiq, a company which is into developing extreme low power consuming chips for battery-powered mobile and portable IoT endpoint devices has shared in its blog four trends to watch in IoT in year 2024.
The four trends it lists are: more open and flexible architecture, ultra low power consumption in AI capable edge devices, IoT cyber-security, and regulations.

Here are some of the key points:
Open-sourced architecture has become a winning solution. By allowing collaboration, improvements, and flexibility, developers can use open-source architectures to adapt to their applicationís specific needs.

Ultra-low-power SoCs will take center stage in the push for IoT-powered AI sustainability. The increasing availability of AI-enabled endpoint devices will only spur demand.

AI-capable hardware right on the endpoint could be an effective countermeasure to regain control over those assets or minimize the damage caused by hacks.

IoT regulatory compliance is becoming more of a necessity by the second. Governments may be warming up to IoT like never before, but they havenít thrown all caution to the wind.

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News Source: Ambiq