Aliro, new communication protocol for digital door locks with smart phone, wearables as key

Date: 12/12/2023
Digital smart locks though not popular, were in need of standard to enable them to be locked/unlocked by smart phones and wearables and such personal mobile devices to replace some proprietary standards. The leading technology companies in the mobile device space such as Allegion, Apple, ASSA ABLOY, Google, Infineon, Kastle Systems, Last Lock, NXP Semiconductors, Qualcomm, Samsung, and STMicroelectronics have joined together in creating a new protocol for digital smart locks called Aliro through an industry standards alliance called The Connectivity Standards Alliance.

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Aliro supports interoperability between mobile devices, wearables, and access control readers. Below are some of the key features/principles shared by The Connectivity Standards Alliance:
Simplicity – Lower barrier to implementation by reducing complexity for integration and streamlining troubleshooting.
Flexibility – Supports different types of installations or architectures, offering convenient access to both common and individual entry points.
Security – Foundation to implement state-of-the-art secured and trusted mobile access solutions.
Interoperability – Standardized communication protocol enables manufacturer-independent devices and readers to work together at the door.

“As we’ve seen with the introduction of Matter, it’s been proven that global collaboration around a shared mission along open standards is the best way to achieve broader adoption of new technology,” explains Connectivity Standards Alliance President and CEO Tobin Richardson. “The Alliance and its members are now using that same model to unlock the potential of digital access experience, with the creation of a new standard and credential that makes adoption easier for mobile device and access control reader companies.”

“This collaboration aims to raise the bar for an interoperable, consistent, secured, and streamlined mobile access experience at the door or place of entry,” said Lisa Corte, Aliro Working Group Marketing Chair and Vice President Of Strategic Alliances at ASSA ABLOY Group. “With a team of industry leaders, thousands of engineering hours, and broad support from diverse member companies, our goal is to make a big impact when it comes to transforming the way people unlock openings using their smartphones and wearables. I applaud this group for the ongoing effort and collaboration as we develop the Aliro specification.”

Here are some more details shared by Connectivity Standards Alliance:
Aliro aims to reduce the complexity of partner integrations and acts as an arbiter for certification of interoperability for mobile devices and access card readers. It is designed to reduce the high cost of R&D and simplify the integration process. The certified hardware then makes it easier for system owners and installers to select the best hardware and software for their needs, streamline installation, and support a wide variety of consumer smartphones and wearables. Aliro will also make management and maintenance of access control systems easier, eliminating the need to troubleshoot across multiple providers of hardware.

The Aliro communication protocol will act as the heart of the standard, supporting a wide range of transmission technologies, and facilitating adoption by user devices and access readers, across varied access control use cases. It promises to deliver a comprehensive point-to-point application layer. The standard will include definitions for Near Field Communication (NFC), Bluetooth® Low-Energy (LE), and Ultra-Wideband (UWB) experiences, as well as asymmetric cryptography and credential data.

Aliro looks to create an environment where access control and mobile device manufacturers work together, eliminating barriers to innovation and adoption. By establishing interoperable, simple, and secured solutions that can be adopted by mobile device and access control hardware makers, Aliro will speed adoption of the use of a mobile device as a key, and the installation, operation, and use of supported digital access card readers. It will have a lasting impact on the way people access their homes, corporate offices and facilities, warehouses, hotel rooms, healthcare and university facilities, and more.

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The Connectivity Standards Alliance Board of Directors is comprised of executives from Allegion, Amazon, Apple, ASSA ABLOY, Comcast, Espressif, Eve by ABB, Fortune Brands, Google, Haier, Huawei, IKEA, Infineon Technologies AG, The Kroger Co., LEEDARSON, Legrand, LG Electronics, Lutron Electronics, Midea, Nordic Semiconductor, NXP Semiconductors, OPPO, Resideo Technologies, Samsung Electronics, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Signify (Philips Hue and WiZ), Silicon Labs, Somfy, STMicroelectronics, Tuya, Verizon, and Wulian.