TOPPAN to develop and construct a mass production line for FC-BGAs

Date: 06/12/2023
Japan based TOPPAN has announced that on November 28 it entered into a sale and purchase agreement with OLED developer and manufacturer JOLED for the land and buildings at the JOLED Nomi Site in Nomi, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. TOPPAN plans to use the site to develop next-gen tech and construct a mass production line for Flip Chip Ball Grid Arrays (FC-BGAs) that meet demand for high-speed transmission and chiplet use.


TOPPAN said it is currently expanding FC-BGA production capacity at its Niigata Plant in Japan, but room for future expansion at the plant is limited in the face of fierce demand. The company has therefore been considering how to secure a new production base and identified the JOLED Nomi Site as a location that meets the requirements for next-generation semiconductor package manufacturing processes.


·Assets acquired: Land and buildings of the JOLED Nomi Site
·Location: Nomi, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan
·Site area: 99,612.14 m2
·Building area: 100,683.40 m2
·Date of sale and purchase agreement: November 28, 2023

TOPPAN also said it will push forward with development of next-generation semiconductor package technologies and the construction of a mass production line expected to go live in 2027 or thereafter. TOPPAN will use digital twin,3 factory automation, and AI technologies to target the smooth launch of a state-of-the-art facility that reduces manpower needs and drives high production efficiency.