Littelfuse and Yuwell Medical to work together on new innovative medical products

Date: 26/11/2023
Discrete electronics component manufacturer Littelfuse is collaborating strategically with Yuwell Medical Group in developing advanced, reliable, and efficient healthcare solutions.

Shanghai, China headquartered Yuwell Group owns brands such as Yuwell and Esaote from Italy. It has 10 R&D centers and 7 manufacturing centers in Germany, Italy, Beijing, etc., and has established 56 Subsidiaries around the world.

Littelfuse and Yuwell Medical will work together to design breakthrough innovation in medical technologies. “We are excited to embark on this effort to combine the unique strengths of Littelfuse and Yuwell to meet the ever-changing needs of the Medical market,” said Chad Marak, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Semiconductor Products, Littelfuse. “Combining years of design and market experience, I am confident we will deliver safer, more convenient, and more effective medical products.”

The teams will focus on driving innovation in research and development, jointly seeking out forward-looking and disruptive solutions, accelerating the pace of development, and meeting the market demand for high-quality, high-efficiency products.

“The alliance between our companies will bring more innovative technology breakthroughs and value to the global medical industry,” said Dr. Jack, President of Innovation, Yuwell. “I am excited to have the potential to make an even greater contribution to global human health.”

New Source: Littelfuse