The Key hardware ingredients to develop IOT Embedded system/unit

Date: 07/11/2023
When the software and network protocols both wired and wireless support remote smartphones app based control of electronic hardware and integrated system, equipment, tools and consumer gadgets, there is innumerable opportunity to develop products for every electric-powered operated application all the way from your simple home appliance to industrial controls.

IOT Embedded

In the trillion dollar global market opportunity, you can find highly crowded suppliers in most of the segments yet there are areas where you still find some market opportunity to serve where you can compete on cost, performance ,reliability and better customer support.

Let's look into basic hardware requirements to develop such a product.

Typical IoT based embedded board / system contain , a MCU/processor/SoC, wired and wireless/RF interface, sensor and analog signal chain, power electronics, and some additional control circuitry. Through this Internet/network connecting embedded board, you can switch on/off an external system by using electromechanical switch, power transistor, thyristor, or a solid state relay. You can control motor speed and power.You can control linear and circular motion by using specialized motors such as stepper motors and many such electomechanical motion control components.

Keeping aside the mechanical engineering part, let's look into what's the electronics hardware requirements for designers of IoT embedded boards.

IOT Embedded

The key ingredients of an embedded code include


2)Wired network chip(ethernet & USB)

3)wireless network chip support Bluetooth, WiFi, Zigbee, and any other such wireless interfaces.

4)DC/DC Converters, LDO, MOSFETs and associated passive components.

5)Surge protection and noise suppressors devices

6)Control circuit for current/voltage amplification level translation etc..

7)Analog signal chain: Sensor and pre-amplifiers, ADCs and DACs

8)Passive components such as capacitor resistor, inductor

9)Printed Circuit board

10)Mechanical accessories, enclosures & assemblies

11)Switches, wires, connectors and indicators

Selection criteria of ingredients:

Electronic systems are designed to last long & work reliably. Typically the end application is classified into:






Each requires different type of components related to operating temperature range, higher withstanding of humidity, dust & voltage /power fluctuation, harsh weather conditions, and physical strength to withstand physical drops, shocks, vibrations, handling and wearing.

Letís look at various vendors available for these products in each category:

In the MCU domain you have extreme low power devices to high performance processor integrated MCUs which can run latest Linux versions as effeciently as notebook processors. There are more than 20 vendors to select from wide global supply base. There are also ready to use embedded board and system on modules from 10s of vendors to save you from embedded board design.

We have covered all that in a 50 page report with selection methodology for each application requirement.

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