BOS to use Tenstorrent IP to create advanced automotive semiconductors

Date: 25/10/2023
South Korea automotive semiconductor chip developer BOS partner RISC V powered processor expert Tenstorrent to develop advanced automotive SoC semiconductors for automobile and automobile parts manufacturers.

BOS Semiconductors to license Tenstorrent's AI Tensix core technology for integration into their line of automotive SoCs. The Tensix cores are an essential component of Tenstorrent's AI accelerator chips, which are specifically designed to handle high-performance workloads required for complex features necessary for future mobility. By combining BOS Semiconductors' expertise in automotive SoC design with Tenstorrent's cutting-edge AI technology, the two companies can establish a strong foundation for securing a leadership position in the market and work together to build upon this success.

"The automotive industry is facing more technical challenges and innovations than ever before," said Jim Keller, CEO of Tenstorrent. “Jaehong Park and BOS Semiconductors have a great vision for a line of SoCs based on our technology that will be ideal for meeting this moment.”

BOS Semiconductors CEO Jaehong Park said, "Through our collaboration with Tenstorrent, we expect to develop low-power and high-performance automotive SoC semiconductors that improve processing speed, accuracy, and power efficiency. This will enable us to compete successfully in the automotive semiconductor market that is rapidly evolving around new technologies such as connected vehicles and autonomous driving.”